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 A Moment (during holiday break)

January 12, 2022
By keewebb GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
keewebb GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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That moment I saw his goofy little face reading my expression as I explain to him for the first time the idea of Christmas. This little boy being Cauldie of course, I pick him up everyday after school and cared for him all day everyday during the break. To the lack of my knowledge Cauldie is a little Jewish boy. His family wasn’t actively practicing any religion, and I of course talked to his mom about Christmas before, as it was Christmas break. She acted as of course they celebrate Christmas who doesn’t. I assumed they were just too busy to decorate or are those Christmas eve decorators. This moment began when I asked Cauldie “Are you ready for Santa to come and bring your present” trying to bring some holiday cheer to this kid who’s parents are barely home, he has no siblings, and two old cats who are scared to death of him, his mom just throws him in front of the TV most days, but this break I made it my mission to bring some holiday cheer to his life. He asked me “what is Santa” and I hesitantly explain “the guy in a red suit who rides reindeers to your roof, hoping down the chimney to spread Christmas cheer all about the house”. He then said the toddler question of the year “why” and I was lost, and I thought to myself has he not gotten the Santa talk. I then kind of wanted to explain well Christmas isn’t just Santa it is Jesus’ birthday too and then he asked who Jesus was and I didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know Christmas or Jesus at all, he does go to a Jewish preschool I thought and it all clicked, I was trying to explain Christmas to a Jewish boy.

The author's comments:

It is about Cauldie a little boy I watch and the explanation of Christmas.

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