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The Town Where Time Stood Still

January 12, 2022
By Jordyne2003 BRONZE, Fulshear, Texas
Jordyne2003 BRONZE, Fulshear, Texas
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“Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it.” - Mary Shelley

The town I live in was once quiet, with it a single stoplight. On rainy days, you could see the reflection of the lights on the puddles that were left behind. During the holiday season, it was easy to be captured by the Christmas tree that was placed in the center of the town. The Christmas parades that were held every year were quaint, yet filled with heart.

I remember watching the parade floats stroll by, each designed with their own personal flaws. Every person who was on a float was beaming with joy, I remember thinking they were so lucky to be viewing the parade at that angle, passing by the familiar townspeople. Every face was one to be recognized since most if not all of the town had been introduced to each other through a mutual friend. Time seemed to have stood still during those days. 

Extravagance wasn’t one of my town’s strengths, although in this simplicity the town stood united. Conflicts that took place seemed so minuscule in comparison to the events taking place in the world around us. Through every month, I gained a new appreciation for the small things as soon they seemed to dwindle away. 

A once quaint town soon was overtaken by the passage of time. The parades were overrun by people in neighboring towns, with these people came food trucks from the city that lacked the charm present before. The poorly paved roads were fixed as many outsiders took issue with them for the slight amount of time they came to visit. 

Driving through my neighborhood, many houses began to be built. A tree that my friends and I would roam around and pretend was ours was chopped down, in its place a house was built. While new friends were made, new conflicts rose as well. The once simple political scene began matches of who could scream the loudest. 

Yet stood still that single traffic light, but now on days it was down a crossing guard was needed to make sure everyone was safe. The local candy shop stood as well, yet their prices were raised. Eventually, new storefronts were built, claiming to capture the charm of the last. They wouldn’t remain there for long though, as amazon trucks began to run through the town providing more variety and options for those who lived here. A fulfillment center was built slightly nearby, about 20 miles away or so, no one seemed to take any issue with this fact, as it benefited most.

The charming school became overrun with students, many were encouraged to do online school and some were moved to temporary trailer classrooms. No longer were the days of stray cats roaming around. Now, these animals were in fear of cars passing by. 

Eventually, the once-beloved parades became a way of enticing outsiders into moving into the town. While its size was upgraded, the heart that was once found is nowhere to be seen. We no longer attended the parades, neither did many of the families we were friends with. After all, they were no longer for us, as they weren’t a celebration and gift to those who have stuck with the town through its ups and downs. 

The decor was similar in regard, they longer put up a tree, as outsiders tended to pour food or drink onto it. The food or drink likely being from the fast-food restaurants that were put in place only a few miles out. They replaced the endless fields of grass that the cattle once roamed. Rainy days seemed to hold less beauty, as the neon lights from the fast-food replaced the reflection of the traffic light. The town I live in is no longer quiet, with its many stoplights. 

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