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To not regret

September 3, 2009
By Shiori Imasato BRONZE, Bkk, Other
Shiori Imasato BRONZE, Bkk, Other
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“He had gone.” My mother mumbled, and I realized that my dog, named Bitz, just died. I thought “is it my fault?” before tears filled in my eyes.

When I was 3rd grade student, my family had a Golden Retriever. His smooth golden hair was really long, streaming in the wind. He fastened his brighten eyes directly on me with calling on me something. Even though I had an animal allergy, he and I became intimate right away and played together. We were always together and trusted each other like Lassie and the boy.

However, after I entered a junior high school, he and I rarely played together. It occurred I became really busy with studying, playing with my friends and doing a lot of other things.

One day, I heard a shocking fact from my father. “Bitz fell down when we play with a ball,” he said. My mother was crying. My brothers were also almost crying. I remembered that Bitz always ran very fast like a cheetah and jumped on me like a lion. “But now he cannot run.” I could not say anything, and believe that was true.

As a few weeks passed, and still I didn’t take any actions for him. It was right before the final exam and I had to study. When I was studying, I heard something “woooo… woooo…..” I thought he was groaning. However, I didn’t go outside to see him and continued studying as pretending if I didn’t hear anything.

Then, he died. He was really cold like ice. If I was taking care of him, or went to see him soon at that time, he might not die easily. That was only one thing I could think about. I knew the reason for his death was heart disease, and it was his fate to die by heart trouble, but I couldn’t think in that way.

I spent some sleepless nights with such thoughts. I remembered happy days with him. In my mind, he was running behind me, and jumped at me. His voice, as if calling my name, vibrated around the world. He was eating dog food like he is eating a delicious stake. I could feel his soft brighten long hair with my hands smelling of floral soap. I wished to go back to the past, but of course it never came true. I regretted that I didn’t take care of him. I should go to see him even though I was busy with studying. I really regretted it.

From this experience, I have learned that even though you are busy, do what you think you should do immediately, or you will lose your precious thing.

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