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The Parker pen

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I have many bad decisions. Some of them are very bad conduct. When I was 14 years old, I went to store for buying cheap pen with my friend. There were many pens in the store. Some of them were very nice, but they were also expensive. Among many pens, I saw a Parker pen. The pen was black and it had sharply the point like stitch. I had been wanted the kind of pen. At that time, the pen was expensive to my friend as well as me. I heard a sound which the pen called me. The sound is so sweat like eating chocolate.

Actually, we determined to steal the pen. The store didn’t have CCTV or mirror, so we though we can steal the pen. We didn’t have any plan, but we though out how to steal the pen. We decided we have to steal the pen as possible as fast. Our plan was simple. When I asked something to owner, my friend put them in his bag. We were successes. My friend brought two pens, so we shared each one. The taste was delicious. I also felt happy. I was likely to flying sky.

However, I felt something bad emotion soon, and I felt sorry to owner.
After 7 days later, my mother suddenly asked about the pen. At that time, I felt something hits my head. My mother saw the pen at my desk. My mother knew I don’t have money to buy it. When she asked about the pen, I told a lie. However, my mother noticed it was a lie because I cannot see her eyes exactly. So I had to pay money for the store owner, and I was punished to my father.

After the event, I never steal something. Now I don’t like the pen, and I don’t want to use expensive pen because the event was so bad memory. I concluded we have to honest in all situations. I also learned that stealing is a very foolish behavior.
Have you ever stolen something? Don’t do that anymore.

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