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The day that I lost money

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“Oh my god! I cannot believe it! How could I lose my 200 baht during play the card game.” I shouted, and through cards which I had. I was so frustrated, because I lost 200 baht by just play card game with my family. “Today, I gain money. Hahahahaha.” My brother laughed and he skipped around like rabbit jumping around. I decided that I will not play game with bet money on.
On the Saturday night, I smelled curry rice from kitchen which made me hungry. I ate delicious curry rice that tasted little bit spicy. I enjoyed eating Saturday’s dinner. After dinner, I was playing computer as every day, when I do not have especially to do. Suddenly, my brother came to my room without knock and said, “Let’s play card game with us!” with smile on his face. I determined that I play card game with them, because I did have nothing to do and the card game seems to be fun. However, this was a bad decision that I made. I went to the living room where every my family was sitting on the rough floor which is covered by blanket and prepared for card game. Mother explained to me rule of card game, which is loser should pay 50 baht to winner. At that time, somehow I was sure that I will be first place. After few minutes, card game was begun.
I won first game, so I was very excited because I did not doubt my win and get money from other people at that time. Unfortunately, I began to lose game after the first game. I was very anxiety and I hold my rough and bit smelly 50 baht, because if I had lost, I must pay money to winner. I did not want to lose my 50 baht. The rich and poor game, if you became poorest even once, it is very hard to be richest. Therefore, when I became poorest in second game, kind of I gave up to become a richest. Even I cannot be richest and get money, if I am not poorest, I do not need to pay money. Thus, I want to be normal people, who is second or third place, but god betray me. I continue lost and finally I became a poorest. Therefore, I should pay for richest who was my brother. I was really upset because 50 baht is not cheap for me. Then I wanted get it back, so I decided continue this card game. However this was my second bad decision. I lost again and again and again. I could not win that Saturday. Finally I lost my 200 baht. “Oh my this is my terrible Saturday.” I said with sad.
From this experience, I learned that should not bet money. Even I bet money, I should quick when I start to get lose.

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