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My Grandma

January 19, 2010
By JWATT SILVER, Houston, Texas
JWATT SILVER, Houston, Texas
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My grandma was so nice to me and loved me with all her heart. The sad thing is before she passed away I was greedy and I habitually took advantage of her and other people. But now after her death I am not as greedy as I once was and don’t use people, I just wish that I had learned this much earlier. I miss her so much and hate myself for that.

I wasn’t always this way. When I was about five I was starting kindergarten, my Dad had already been divorced with my Mom and was getting remarried to my stepmom Michelle. They made me the ring bearer even though I didn’t have a ring on the pillow. I was so nervous when I walked down the aisle, but when I saw grandma she waived at me and I wasn’t nervous anymore. There was always something about her that just made me and other people happy or at ease.

There is this one party that I had the most fun of my life at. And it wasn’t one that your friend invites you to and gives you gift bags with toys in it. No, this one was memorable because of the effort my Grandmother had put into it. It wasn’t your traditional Easter party with Easter egg hunts, there was that but more. She had gotten these huge inflatable bunnies for my cousins and me and we had what we called bunny fights. Those bunnies, the cake, the eggs and the candy in the eggs cost maybe twenty dollars. But it wasn’t a memorable party because of how much money she spent, but it was the time and effort that she put into it. She took the whole day before to set up this party for my cousins and I. She didn’t just decorate it in an hour she took a whole day to set up the party. This is just one of the many times that she had done something like this.

This is where I start to take advantage of her kindness. My Grandma had a piano at her house and I would always like to play it. Well, one day we were all outside and I wanted to go play on the piano. I ask my dad, “Dad can I go play the piano?” “No Jordan stay out here with us.” I didn’t like that answer. I then went and asked Grandma, knowing she would say yes. “Grandma can I go play on the piano?” “Yes you can.” So we then went inside and start playing. I knew she would say yes, and that is why I asked her. This is one of those things that you wish you could go back in time and change, and it kills you that you can’t it will always be in your mind. It’s kind of like when you get in a fight with a friend or a family member, and they get in a car wreck or something and they are gone and you can do nothing about it. And it may not seem that bad but it was bad enough for me to remember to this day. I just wish that I could redo it.

In the year 2006 Grandma was taken to the hospital for special care. She was diagnosed with leukemia. I didn’t know what that was; I just thought it was a kind of really bad cold. But what I didn’t understand was why was she bald. It was the leukemia. She was as white as snow, there was something about her that just didn’t seem right. My parents told me everything was going to be all right. But I wasn’t really paying attention to anything that was going on because I had a present. A big plastic case in the shape of with candy in it, that’s what I was interested in. That was the last time I that I saw her. All I could think of was how could this happen to me, why did you have to go and why did I

When my mom told me that Grandma had passed away I was devastated. I was so sad because she was the nicest person that I had ever met. She loved me so much and I loved her too. I wouldn’t know until I actually thought about it what I had done. I had taken advantage of how nice she was and how much she loved me. I wish I could go back in time and fix the wrong that I have done, but I can’t. I guess it was just for me to grow up and correct myself so that I would never do it again to anyone that I knew. I just wish that I hadn’t done to the person that loved me more than anyone else ever would but it’s too late now and all I can do is remember her and to never take advantage of anyone again.

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