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January 24, 2010
By doyoulove SILVER, Laingsburg, Michigan
doyoulove SILVER, Laingsburg, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Book are a uniquely portable magic." -Stephen King

i just tripped on air on my way to get a glass of water. ugh, i need to go to bed. 10:50 PM Jun 2nd from txt

tyler's trying to tell me that the davinci code was a good movie. he's obviously delusional. 1:23 PM Jun 3rd from web

I'm one of those people who's easily addicted to things. It could be anything: an author, perhaps a singer or band that I just discovered, maybe a particular type of candy or game, it could even be a program on the computer. I get sucked into something so quickly that no one really realizes it until I have devoted all of my time to that one thing. I become obsessed and there really isn’t any way to stop it; I just have to let it run its course, no matter how destructive that course may be.

I got it from my mother; she’s always been easily addicted to things. I think that’s mostly because she started smoking when she was only nineteen, and when she stopped she had to do something to stop herself from picking up another cigarette. So she put all she had into doing one or two things, and then she started getting obsessed with them. Like video games and reading, sometimes eating too. She can do any of them for amazingly long periods of time, although she’s been trying to stop with the compulsive eating as of late. She says she’s going to turn into a cow if she keeps eating like she does now.

holy crap, i got a d+ on my world history final. but i still came out with a b for my overall grade. how'd that happen? 8:58 PM Jun 4th from web

and i got a b+ on the health one, a+ for english, b+ for biology (one point away from an a! one point!), and an a- for band. 9:00 PM Jun 4th from web

what. how'd i get an a- for the band final? i played those scales perfectly! 9:00 PM Jun 4th from web

omg if my mom sees that history grade she'll skin me alive. 9:01 PM Jun 4th from web

I discovered the wonderful website of Twitter in December of 2008. I was, obviously, fascinated by it. I wondered why it was so popular; it was actually quite a stupid site. Update people? On my life? How silly, why would anyone care that my cat just rolled over on its side or that I’m really stoked about going to a concert? I didn’t care; or at least, that’s what I thought at first.

this hair bow that i'm wearing is completely ridiculous. 12:49 PM Jun 5th from txt

lol kelsee and i were shamelessly checking out guys in the water park. 9:24 PM Jun 5th from txt

I set up an account of my own out of curiosity, and then invited about a dozen people from my e-mail contacts. Only three of them actually made accounts, the three being best friend Kelsee, my mom, and my friend Tyler.

lol kels and i were just floating down the lazy river in the water park for an hour admiring the lifeguards. they were all pretty cute, ngl. 10:06 PM Jun 6th from txt

My first post was merely an awkward greeting and the few after that were either saying how odd Twitter was or informing the Internet about how bored I was. Then it started to get interesting; a couple people I didn’t know decided to follow me and I got a small thrill from seeing them. I felt a sense of importance, these people chose to follow me for some reason or another (I had hoped that they found me interesting, but those first few were probably just following because they wanted followers of their own and figured that I would follow them back), and they were paying attention to what I was writing. I then tried to make artsy updates, quoting famous philosophers and commenting on classical music. I soon found out that really wasn’t me and decided to do what most people on Twitter did, say what was happening to me or in my general vicinity right at that moment.

ugh, ann just brought over the kids for me to babysit. too earlllly. 8:35 AM Jun 8th from txt

As I gained followers I would update my Twitter more and more often, usually from my phone instead of the computer. I became hopelessly addicted, but that really wasn’t a big surprise for me, although it was for my mom. She complained about how Twitter was boring and how she really couldn’t see why I liked it so much and that I shouldn’t be on it so often, blah blah blah. Yeah, I pretty much ignored her. My attention was on Twitter, and its huge mass of people just waiting to be followed or to follow. My knowledge of Internet lingo increased substantially and I was introduced to the fact that I could find celebrities that had Twitter’s and follow them. Soon I was getting updates on what my favorite bands and comedians and actors were doing, and I was even more entertained by this than the people who were following me. The famous Twitters only helped to suck me into my obsession more, not that I minded, though.

just finished painting leah's nails and now i'm making lunch. 11:49 AM Jun 8th from txt

lol quinton has a dinosaur coloring book and he colored a dinosaur for me. but he made it all bloody and told me it had been in fight. 9:57 AM Jun 10th from txt

omg my family is insane. 4:29 PM Jun 11th from txt

My followers list quickly surged from five to forty, and that was really the last thing to adjust my Twitter addiction from being temporary to a long term deal. My schedule practically molded itself around the website. I would wake up in the morning and check my phone for updates from the people who I was following, and then when I got home from school I would get on the web and see if people had replied to my updates or if anyone else had posted something new. Sometimes I would even sneak my phone into class so I could update my Twitter about what I was doing in Biology or English.
I was deeply amused, and soon began to persuade people in my school to get their own Twitters and to follow me. Most complied and begrudgingly updated a few times, then quickly found out that it was fun. In an odd way Twitter had helped me become closer friends with people who had merely been acquaintances or just faces in the hallway before. It was strange, to come to school and suddenly be able to strike up a conversation with someone who I had never thought was interesting or nice or smart or cool. I really got to see other sides of people, things that they didn’t say at school or around their friends. It was like I was privy to their thoughts and wants and needs in a way that I had never dreamed possible.

uncle greg and i are discussing stephen king. yessss. 11:14 AM Jun 13th from txt

sweet, i got a sucker fish and an albino frog from wal-mart to keep my goldfish company. 2:52 PM Jun 13th from txt

we're off to jojo's wedding! and ngl, i look positively adorable right now. 4:04 PM Jun 13th from txt

ew, morning. 8:24 AM Jun 14th from web

People I hadn’t ever thought I would be friends with were suddenly talking to me in the hallways and cafeteria, or wondering if they could be my partner for a project. It was new and different and exciting, and I wondered just how many people had gotten a Twitter.

I looked online one night and was absolutely amazed, tons of people had made an account and were following each other and tweeting about school, their lives, whatever they wanted. I saw a few of my friends, people I didn’t really know, even some of the people I think of as my enemies. Somehow, I had started a ridiculous trend, and in not very much time. It was weird, to think that I had just stumbled upon the little sit and shown a couple people, and now nearly half of my school was using it.

omg brendon's disappeared from the tank. i think another fish ate him omg. D: 11:05 PM Jun 23rd from txt

lol at me signing up for dulcimer lessons. 2:27 PM Jun 28th from web

My updates always vary, and some are absolute opposites of each other. They can be very serious (such as the time when I was sitting at the computer, using Twitter, when my sister decided to tell my parents and I that she had run away and gotten married again) or just very silly (like when Kelsee and I were talking to each other on the phone, but also on Twitter and replying to each other) or highly dramatic (this has happened quite a lot, like when I lost my iPod and was basically having a panic attack, and another time because I had just found out that half of my favorite band, Panic at the Disco, was leaving the group to go do other musical things). And by ‘highly dramatic,’ I actually mean ‘nuts.’

why is everyone on my twitter talking about panic at the disco? 1:53 PM Jul 6th from web


WHAT NO. I'M A LITTLE HEARTBROKEN, WTH. :( 1:58 PM Jul 6th from web

omg i told my mom about panic breaking up and she was like hey didn't that other fave band of yours break up too? the sound hush or whatev? 3:50 PM Jul 6th from web

brb being sad because now both the hush sound and panic are gone. D: 3:51 PM Jul 6th from web

i'm going to be resenting this for the next few hours, so just ignore my angry tweets. 4:11 PM Jul 6th from web

ugh, it should have been the cab or ciwwaf or some other awful band instead of panic. 4:15 PM Jul 6th from web

My mother, of course, reads a large portion of my updates and had decided that Twitter just isn’t a good hobby for me. She has been trying to persuade me to delete my account and take up a sport or something else, anything else. I refuse, though. She won’t be able to get me off of Twitter, oh no. Not yet. This addiction hasn’t run itself out, and I highly doubt if it will anytime soon. She’ll just have to steel herself and put up with the fact that I’m not going to stop using Twitter anytime soon. And, as I keep reminding her, at least I’m not a MySpace or Facebook Freak.

The author's comments:
Ah, Twitter. Can't live with it, can't live without it!

Just so you know, all of the little blurbs followed by a date/time are updates from my own Twitter account.

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