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Walking on luck

May 12, 2010
By MustangWriter1813 PLATINUM, Crooks, South Dakota
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Ever since I was little …I
can remember grandpa be
fascinated with picking up pennies
anywhere and everywhere he went.
He said that for every penny he found
the more he was reminded how lucky
he was. He said that he must have been
walking on luck. Because he had everything
he could have wanted.

And for some reason
when he found one he would stick it
inside his shoe. It was weird to me but
he told me that he was walking on one more lucky penny.
One more day of having everything he ever dreamed
of. One night sitting outside with him he gave me this
penny and told me think of him when he was gone.
He told me that I should stick it in my shoe just like
he had so that I could walk on luck like he did. I grinned
knowing that he wasn’t going to be around much longer.
I slipped grandpa’s penny into my shoe.

But eventually the lucky pennies disappeared, and grandpa with them.
Going through the boxes upon boxes of stuff grandpa had left behind
I came across two large jars of pennies he had kept after all these years.
He had never gotten rid of any of them. I was mad because after all these
years they hadn’t really been lucky at all. Because pa wasn’t here. Because
when he needed luck the most it wasn’t there for him. But I kept those
two large jars of pennies. Knowing that every time I saw them I would think
of him. But one penny always stayed with me nowhere I went. It was the
same penny pa had given to me years before. The same penny I had been walking
on for all these years. Out of all of them it was the one that was lucky.

I’ve had it with me for all these years. I kept it in my shoe. Walking on luck just
like grandpa did. And I know it sounds weird but…it’s what reminds me how
lucky I am to be where I am right now. It’s what reminds me of him. And
somewhere deep down I have to believe that this penny is lucky
because I have the opportunity to walk on luck every day. Because
why would pa give me a penny that isn’t lucky. He wanted what was best
for me. And he wanted to help when he couldn’t be here. So why
not give me a little luck of his own. And every time I hear the penny
jingling in my shoe .. I smile because I know I’m walking on luck.
I’m walking on the first penny pa touched… so it must be lucky.
Because pa had that magical touch. That magical touch that hasn’t
Left me…after all these years. The magical touch he called luck.
I’m walking on luck.

The author's comments:
after all these years that penny that grandpa left his magical touch on still brings me luck

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