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Vacation Adventures Will Never Slip Your Mind

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Vacation Adventures Will Never Slip Your Mind

My exhausted feet sunk into the white sand. However, now the sand seemed to be painted gray by the evening sky. The beach was completely empty, all of the retirees we in for their bed time. I ran to the water with my leg muscles still aching from the long trip. I kicked my feet through the salty water with my jeans rolled up to my knees. The waves were strong but I was stronger. I directed my green eyes to the tropical sky. Sighing in relief, I whispered to myself "I can't believe I'm here!"

It was hard to believe that earlier that day I was driving through a blizzard on my way to a very long plane ride. It seemed like a century ago. We arrived at the noisy, crowded airport. With my family and me tugging our carry-ons along we managed making it to security. After being "puffed" by the security machine and getting nearly molested by the security guard, I plopped my bottom into the extremely uncomfortable airplane chair. Soon after we took off I drifted softly to sleep.

I awoke hours later from a screaming infant. I gazed out the musty window only to get blinded by millions of colors. I couldn't believe my eyes I have never seen anything so miraculous. With a loud thump and the sound of me accidentally swallow my gum, we landed. The second we stepped out of the airport I choked on the thick humidity. "Oh" I thought gleefully "Mexico is the place for me."

I awoke in a bed of polyester sheets and the smell of coffee. My legs itched from the salty ocean water the night before. I untangled my legs from the sheets and touched my feet to the cool tile. I shuffled to my hotel closet and pulled on my extra short-shorts which I rarely get to wear at home in Utah. I began eating my breakfast made up of freshly cut fruit. I peered outside and my heart skipped a beat. The pool, a couple yards away, was the same color of the ocean right below it. Turquoise and gorgeous. There were beautifully tan men and women strung out across the beach and in the pool. I went to the closet once again, however this time running. I slipped on my recently purchased pink bikini. I pulled up my golden blonde locks of hair into a messy ponytail. I sashayed outside my hotel room and embraced the heat of the morning, Mexico sun.

By dusk my skin was a reddish-brown color, my hair had been sun bleached at least a shade lighter and had reveled themselves all over my body. It was a liberating day, full of sunning and swimming. When we arrived back from dinner everything was dark. The power was mysteriously out. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but when it's 80 degrees and there's no air conditioning, it's a big deal. "We should sleep on the beach!" I shouted with out even thinking twice about it. Since my mom's so picky and brother doesn't mind being warm, my dad was the only one who agreed. So, with blankets, pillows and pj's in tow, we headed to the beach. That was a true daddy-daughter moment my dad would say.

Awakening on the beach was the most refreshing feeling in the world. The sun was beating ever so softly and the ocean waves were crashing so perfect they misted my face. Today on the itinerary we planned to switch hotels. This next hotel I was truly excited about. As much as I like old people I was excited to finally see kids my age.

The new hotel was fabulous. Absolutely amazing. The rooms were equivalent to suites and there was an actual coral reef right off the beach. I was so thrilled to snorkel in the coral reef that right after we checked into the hotel I quickly grabbed my weird looking snorkel gear and jumped into the ocean. The coral reef was spectacular. There were fish every color imaginable. While swimming through what seemed to be a dream I spotted a beautiful orange, spotted stingray. A green swirl of fish surrounded me. It was truly a life changing experience.

Even though snorkeling was truly awesome, I still had to shop!!! I have always loved shopping in Mexico, its way different than back home. The are way cooler things to buy and you can bargain for things! The first place I ran to was these cool shops right on the beach. I first bought this exquisite pink and purple bracelet with my name sewn right into it. The person makes it right there on the beach. I skipped over to another shop where they sold these darling ceramics. Not only did they sell painted ceramics but you could also paint the ceramics yourself. I carefully selected a beautifully sculpted turtle. I painted the turtle for over an hour when I finally decided I was finished. I started to head back to my hotel room when I spotted a place where you can get your hair braided. I've always wanted to have my hair braided so I stopped. I paid a tan, plump lady $50 and chose which kind of braid I wanted. After a very painful hour I looked in the mirror and gave the lady a warm smile. I headed back to the room this time parading my painfully beautiful braids at everyone.

I woke up by the sound of birds singing. I felt bummed because today I had to leave paradise to go back to boring. I had an amazing time in Mexico and it was devastating to leave. I forced myself out of bed and for the last time I went to the hotel closet. I threw out all of my clothes on the floor and grabbed my suit case. I knew right then that this trip will never ever, slip my mind.

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