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June 2, 2010
By kpayy5 PLATINUM, Nantucket, Massachusetts
kpayy5 PLATINUM, Nantucket, Massachusetts
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I need inspiration. I need some momentum to propel me off of my seat, and drive me forward, going from 0 to 60 in 3.5. I don’t have the keys, and I need a ride. I need inspiration to pummel me like the fists of an angry mob, like a big wall of bricks falling down right on my head. I need inspiration to come soaring right out of the clear blue sky, like a mighty eagle performing a nose dive down to the unknown. I need inspiration to come and hit me like an arrow, from the bow of Cupid, aiming straight for my heart and spreading right through to my soul. I need inspiration like plants need the sun to survive. I need inspiration like a heart needs a heartbeat.

Maybe inspiration will tackle me like a quarterback. Maybe inspiration will hit me like an icy cold snowball in the middle of winter. I want to discover a new kind of inspiration, like discovering a new species of unknown life. Maybe inspiration will tumble out of the clouds like a secret dark blue lullaby meant to calm and chill only the most untamed souls. I can almost hear inspiration calling my name out of the fog, whispering and enticing me with its white, crisp, wispy fingers to follow it into worlds unknown. I can hear inspiration calling my name like the soft, warm smell of the breeze off of the ocean. It is as smooth as the white sand on beaches on hot summer days. Inspiration is the key.

Inspiration will come and unlock the doors to a whole new world for me. There will be nothing stopping inspiration and me, together.

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