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When Frustration Takes Over

June 20, 2011
By Mango19 SILVER, Secunderabad, Other
Mango19 SILVER, Secunderabad, Other
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There are times when your mind reacts to a snooze button you never intended to press.
The same one which gives you the best sleep you ever got before the preset interval of time knocks on your dream door... If only my brain was nice enough to dumb down for just that interval of time.
It chooses it’s nap time very carefully , or as some would say carelessly - everytime I need to give a smart answer really quickly , snap at some snobby braggart or just plain say hi to the guy I’ve been dreaming about since I was ten.
The result of all this seemingly atrocious behavior from my brain’s side is sometimes covered up by those ever loyal muscles which work towards pulling up the corners of my mouth when the snooze button comes into action , thus making me look deep in thought , mystical or nonchalant (with respect to the snob scenario).
But the remaining which are proudly the majority with measly competition from those muscles usually screw up almost all of my required-to-appear-smart-alecky moments in life.
And for that , I’d like to say thanks brain , thanks a lot.

The author's comments:
Just something about those dreaded tongue-tied situations that I'm sure you would've experienced too !

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