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The Music in Me

October 4, 2011
By tangtay GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
tangtay GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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It was a crisp summer morning, and today was the big day. The moment had finally come to show those directors what I had been working hard for up until this very date. From piano lessons to vocal exercises, from practice on my own time to constantly singing the same song in the shower every night, I knew I was ready. Anything could happen today, but no matter the outcome, I would be happy that I tried.

When she drove up in my driveway, I could feel my nerves moving all the way up my spine. Excitement and anticipation filled the air. My piano teacher, Claire and I could not wait one more second for the auditions to begin. Driving into the parking lot, Claire gave me a friendly warning to prepare myself for a long day ahead of me. The next thing she told me almost made my heart stop. “Sixty girls?!” I exclaimed. Yes, it was true, sixty other girls were trying out for the part of Amaryllis in The Music Man.

Claire was completely correct in telling me to prepare for a long day. To fill the time and to try to take my mind off of my single audition for a while, I tried to make as many new friends as possible. I tried to fit in with all the outgoing and dramatically enthusiastic actors who have been doing musicals and plays for years already.

I can distinctly remember the time that my name was called and it was time for me to perform my audition in front of all the major musical directors. The odd thing is that I do not, however, remember anything about my audition at all. It seemed like just another day of practice to me. It was completely natural. Maybe I was too busy thinking about all the new people I had met and how awesome it would be to perform in an actual musical at the age of eleven.

The day was finally over, and the following day seemed like a lifetime. Waiting for a “call back.” Waiting for the answer to which lucky little girl would get the part. Waiting. The phone finally rang and I frantically jumped up to answer it. My mom could see the disappointment in my face when replying, “Oh. Hi Daddy.” My dad was on a business trip in Scotland at the time. When we hung up after a long talk about how the auditions went, the next moment is still so vivid in my mind. The phone rang again. This time it was the theater.

Going into the theater that next day, I felt like a natural and skilled actress. It was down to three girls. The directors had a difficult decision ahead of them. They wanted us to perform an important part in the script to decide who would get the part. They had to choose. Between a small girl as precious as a lily. Between another girl who had an amazing voice. And me – the amateur. We auditioned until the directors were exhausted.

That next morning, I got the call. Her voice on the other end sounded professional and intimidating. My voice sounded shaky. I was on my steps when I heard her words, “We would like for you to be Amaryllis. Rehearsals begin immediately.” Trying to act as natural as possible, I exclaimed countless times that I would love the part and that I am excited to start as soon as possible. I tried calling my dad right away to tell him the big news. No answer. Oh well, he was probably in a meeting. Instead, I decided to tell the front desk to leave room 227 a note under the door that read, “I got the part!”, along with a long, detailed message that he has kept treasured to this very day.

It was the morning that only William and I were supposed to go to rehearsals. But, getting out of the car that day and seeing the whole cast walking into the theater room, my nervous thoughts turned to complete confusion. They came to hear the big news – the show was off because the theater had to go out of business. My heart fell to the floor in disappointment. Although this was utterly unfortunate, the experience has now created the love of music in me.

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