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You and Your Beauty

November 5, 2011
By KeithW BRONZE, Hemet, California
KeithW BRONZE, Hemet, California
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I saw you. I sort of got nervous, maybe even completely nervous. It was a type of nervousness where your legs become Jell-O. Then from the legs, it climbs up towards my lanky arms and my spider-like hands. My gigantic head formed humongous drops of sweat and I looked like Charlie Brown; frowning with an embarrassed look because his friends told him he did something all wrong. I hope that you didn’t see my bashful, red face. Yet, I want you to see me, see me from a whole, different perspective.
I want you to see me when I’m smiling. I want you to see me as if I am the knight in shining armor riding upon his noble steed or as the lifeguard who saves the drowning victim. Unfortunately, I’m the guy who would avoid perilous danger. I would not face it, for I have no courage like you. I would run away on my horse and I would not save anyone in time. However, every time I see your face, I want to prove something. I want to prove something to show how I feel and to show that I am worthy…worthy of your heart.
Everyone that I see during the day seems to know how to find that acceptance with their affectionate partner. It makes me feel like the runt of the group, secluded from the surrounding society that is not socially awkward. So, here I am, born shy, modest, and unassured, among the people born courageous, indomitable, and valiant. I feel frustrated to see how easy it is for most people that I see during a typical day. One will ask out the other and they get to experience that golden feeling of blissfulness, spreading through their bodies, knowing they accept each other. I want to feel that way too, but I don’t even put an effort into it. I don’t know why I can’t do this task. What is it that I fear? Hatred? Rejection? I still don’t know.
Well, today I saw you again. You and I talked for awhile. I still acted nervous and had my bashful face and I stuttered when I talked to you. However, you seemed to enjoy my words as much as I enjoyed yours. You enjoyed my company as I did the same. Now I wave cheerfully to you every time I see you, and you smile that beautiful smile that nobody else can contain because nobody carries the sweet, luscious lips that you have possessed. You are like a blooming plumeria that shines faintly in the dancing sunlight and smells of paradise. You are the light at the end of the tunnel that guides me through the darkness that I have been imprisoned in for so many years.
Now, every time I see you I feel like I can be that knight in shining armor who can slay the mighty dragon or that lifeguard who can swim against the strong currents of the never ending ocean to save the woman swept out into a riptide. I just feel so much more when I’m around you. Just your presence can automatically brighten my whole day, making me step out from under the rain cloud that has made me so damp over the solitary years that I have grown through. I hope you don’t mind my presence, but you don’t seem to mind. You actually seem to enjoy my presence so much, that you and I can’t seem to let go of each other. You make me feel just like the people I see during the day. That feeling of bliss and warmth becomes enwrapped around my yearning body, and I learn that maybe “you” and “me” were meant to be “we.”

The author's comments:
The girl who caught my eye the first time she talked to me...the girl who is now my truly beloved

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