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Third Period Class: Gym

January 27, 2012
By RealisticWoman BRONZE, Nowhere Land, Alabama
RealisticWoman BRONZE, Nowhere Land, Alabama
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Volleyball has become unfair. On my side of the court, there is my friend DJ and I along with whoever will be cast to be along with us. On the other side of the court is the social group of a bunch of skinny girls who don't really like to break a sweat and they also pull the guys who come into the game onto their side. At least two of the girls stand in their spots and on special days they actually move three steps out of place. Two girls are very good at receiving the ball and hitting it back. The guys who enter the game are very strong and hit the ball in the slightest and make it go flying.

Sometimes the guys come over to our side to hit the ball and sometimes not. If they are on our side and we start winning, the girls get frustrated and start hitting the ball hard and to the back. And when they start winning, they make comments like "haha" or "what now!”. This angers the boys and stirs up their egos. They then start hitting the ball hard and far. They get to say the same comments and this doesn’t set well with the girls. They get angry with the guys for doing what we decided to phrase as "power hitting".

I still didn’t get it. The boys and I get yelled at for trying to hit a far back ball and not making the net. They don’t if they screw up with a simple hit right next to the net. The boys and I don’t get praise for a godly shot that couldn’t be possible. They get badass status for getting a VERY lucky hit. They yell at us to keep it in the court when THEY don’t even keep it in the court.

I just feel so unappreciated. I enjoy volleyball since I get a lot of good shots and get good exercise from running after the ball. I started to play in gym and then others came later on. Then the coach banned volleyball in gym because the guys and some girls couldn’t keep from hitting the ceiling lights. I plead with the coach to bring it back if we took it easy on the bottom floor of the gym. People went on without saying a word of gratitude to me. And they still were just as angry at each other.

The author's comments:
I feel so underapreciated and like a shadow.

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