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Dream's intrinsic meaning

February 8, 2012
By TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
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These few days, I had quite a few 'creepy nightmares'. The first one was about someone tormenting me with his or her blade. I could not awake from my dreams and being besieged into this savage torture. It was painful, to sense each chops of my limbs. 'Do I deserve this because of my sin? Or was I too lack of sense of security?'
The second dream was a date with a person. In the dream, I knew he was fake, and then I screamed, ‘Dream keeper, are you kidding me?' Then, the whole dream was gone with a swift of wind, and a decent woman with a pink-suit shut my dream with two walls. 'Do you still want to continue this?' She asked. I shook my head. Then, I awoken and came back to the reality. 'Did I just talk to the "REAL" dream keeper?'I thought.
The third one was me being chased by pirates. Suppose I was kidnapped by pirates, but I poked my blade on one of their backs deep into their flesh and got away. Then, I got into a shop and hid behind a lady. I breathed intensely and awoken from the dream.
All of this, I have no explanation. Dreams occur due to subconscious normally. However, it seems sophisticated to me. It was 'real', especially the sense of pain. I wonder, dream is an outer world for us to explore. That world is the world we connect with souls and spirits. Even Science technology today cannot explain what dream is, but I deeply believe that dream is not just a dream.

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