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Locks of Love and Why YOU Should Do It!

June 9, 2013
By nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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I have a long list of insecurities; I'm a teenage girl, what girl wouldn't? Anyways, these insecurities have plagued me for years. My thighs touch, I'm flat-chested, my nose is huge, I have acne, I'm pale, the list goes on and on.

But I do have a few things I like about myself. For instance, I took great pride in my long hair. My hair wasn't super, super long, but long enough to be considered long. I had never grown my hair out this long. I thought I looked absolutely beautiful with my long hair; I felt girly and flirty and sexy all at once, it was great!

And that's why I cut my hair; to be more precise, that's why I cut 10 inches of my hair off.

I know what you're probably thinking: If I loved my hair so much, why on earth would I cut it, let alone cut off 10 inches? When I first asked myself this question, I answered "I don't know." But I slowly realized that I did have a reason, a great reason. I wanted some little girl to feel the same pride I felt when I had long hair. I wanted a little girl out there--who doesn't have the physical ability to grow her hair out--to feel just a little bit more beautiful.

So here I am, still thick-thighed with a huge nose and pimples galore, except with very, very short hair, and I couldn't be happier. Everyday I look in the mirror and I can't help but smile because I know that I've made some other little girl smile. Screw insecurities, if I can make someone happy I don't give a crap what I look like! And none of you guys should either! I highly recommend going out and doing Locks of Love; you will NOT regret it, I promise you!

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