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Dear Friend

June 26, 2016
By emparente PLATINUM, Cooper City, Florida
emparente PLATINUM, Cooper City, Florida
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Dear friend,


I know that you have darkness in your heart, and sometimes it feels like it has claimed every inch of you. I promise it hasn’t, you can’t let it. Fight it with every piece of your being.


I know that you feel alone, that this world is chaotic and terrifying. You’re not wrong. I know that you think that you’re not strong enough to face this darkness alone. You’re wrong. You have passion. You have drive. You have love. Motivate yourself. Become the change that this world needs. Be the light.


Don’t let this darkness define you. You are great. You have to believe this. You have a love for this world that ignites in your soul every time words fall from your mouth. Your words linger in the air like fireflies, wandering through the night. They’re little specks of light glimmering with hope.


I need you to be confident with every decision you make, if it’s your choice, I promise you, it’s the right one. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt who you are. Trust yourself. The world is waiting for you. You are important.


I believe in you. I believe in your darkness. This darkness will help you discover your light. Get lost in it.


You are not alone, you never were.



Your friend

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For anyone in need of a friend. 

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