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Child of an Addict

February 17, 2017
By Riah100 BRONZE, Queens, New York
Riah100 BRONZE, Queens, New York
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A slave to this. The chains are pulling you down. When will you be free? People look at you with a different image. They don’t look at you as you. They look at you in revulsion saying, “You’re your mother’s child.” The label, ‘Child of an Addict’ is written on your forehead. Nobody will understand the fact that you never asked for it; you were born with it. The mistakes of your parents encumber you. You grow up in a poor life. Where you go to school and people imitate you. They thrust you down with their horrific comments and terrible choice of words. No love comes your way. You stay in the chains with your head down and pretend to love the one that has created you. Your mask soon begins to crumble and fade away. Yet, you continue to paint and glue your mask together. You have to hide your feelings to be strong. If any weakness is released. It is taken, created into a rope, and used to hang you. You are born with this, used to the abnormal way of living and unhappiness. No trust. No truth. You were always played from the beginning. Only a few wake up from the spell. They realize that the same cup of coffee no longer smells as delicious as from before. The taste is bitter, nauseating and polluted. You seem to be full of curiosity and question your way of living. You look at things in a different perspective. Hoping that someone someday will do the same. Still, people can’t look past that one factor that seems to make your chains tighter. Your creators say constantly the words, “I love you.” Others, give you a degraded look. Others have no words, but they hug and kiss you. You can tell by their actions that those are the ones that truly care for you. The ones that set their time aside for you. They can see past the label. There is still people that countermands looking past the label. People that don’t want to see you succeed. An antagonist that wants you to fail. At the end of the every day, you are stuck with this label. I AM A CHILD OF AN ADDICT!

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