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Synchronized Skating MAG

By Anonymous

   We've all heard offigure skating, but there is a kind of figure skating not everyone knows. It'scalled precision, or synchronized, skating.

Synchronized skating consistsof a team of ten to 30 people.

The team does what looks like a danceroutine on the ice. You use dance moves, marches and ice-skating moves. The wholeteam has to be good dancers and dedicated skaters, spending hours choreographinga routine and making it work with the music. Every routine must have footwork,pass throughs, jumps and marches. Once the team designs the routine, it mustpractice. Every person has to dedicate a lot of time to learn each move withouthaving to think. They learn the routine from everyone's position so there are norisks.

When a team gets to competition the routine has to be perfect; onestep out of place could cost the team the gold! They are judged on difficulty,flow, looks, synchronization and formation. A team does not only have to worryabout the routine, they have to make sure they all look the same. They have tohave the same hairstyle, make-up, and costume.

Finally, synchronizedskating has been acknowledged for its beauty and difficulty. The 2002 WinterOlympics in Salt Lake City will include the sport for the first time.

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