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   NEW YORKER BLUE by Thomas M., Shrewsbury, MA Whenever people are sad, they are represented by the color blue. It is ironic that four out of the five sports teams in New York display this color on their jerseys. The Knicks, Rangers, Giants and Mets all have sustained bad losses over the last couple of years. Is this because of the team color?

The sports fans of New York all have reason to feel depressed. The Knicks missed a shot four years ago that would have brought the trophy proudly home. The Rangers did win the Stanley Cup the same year, but the signing of Wayne Gretzky proved the Ranger's title-ending mistake. The Mets are just a bad team. They have not won anything for as long as anyone can remember. Digging deep into the Giants' past would be worthless. Any New Yorker remembers the bizarre first-round playoff game last year. They managed to blow their lead in the last two minutes. Bad luck and misfortune seem to follow these teams.

The color blue is a good choice. Every fan and player pulls a blue jersey on before the game and feels a bit blue after the game. Each year, it's always the same scenario - a very bitter disappointment. Would changing the team color help or are they just a bunch of struggling teams? In the end, every New York sport fan certainly knows which color represents sadness and depression - blue!

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