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The Great Big Bertha Driver MAG

By Anonymous

   Many people never knew much about the game of golf until Tiger Woods came along. Finding clubs may be the hardest thing about starting out. Getting quality used clubs is a good idea for the beginning golfer. However, for the avid golfer, The Great Big Bertha Driver may be a well thought out investment.

The Great Big Bertha Driver from Callaway Golf is a great revolution for the game of golf. Previous drivers from Callaway include the Big Bertha and Callaway S2H2 drivers. But unlike the earlier Callaway drivers, the Great Big Bertha has a titanium head as well as an extra light graphite shaft.

The benefit of the Great Big Bertha driver is that it enables a person to hit the ball longer without sacrificing accuracy. Also using space-age titanium enables the club head to become larger, but lighter than conventional drivers. An extra light graphite shaft has been put into the Great Big Bertha driver for even more distance. The shaft in the driver has been lengthened from 44 inches to 45 inches in the Great Big Bertha. The extra length combined with the lighter shaft and club head enables longer drives. All of these factors are why the Great Big Bertha is the number one selling driver on the market, as well as the most played on the PGA Tour. The downside is that all the benefits don't come cheap: the driver retails for $500. However, all serious golfers should definitely consider buying the driver. l

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