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By Anonymous

   When I first started lifting weights, I knew it would take a long time before I would see results. However, it took longer than I expected. I began to get frustrated because I had been in the weight room every day for a couple of months and still had nothing to show for it. I knew I was getting stronger because I could lift more and my weight had increased. I did not notice any effect on how my body looked, though.

One day a friend that I had been lifting with asked me if I wanted to try a cycle of steroids. He had taken them, which was obvious by his size. I was a little hesitant at first, but I soon talked myself into taking them. I saved money until I had enough to make the purchase.

That same week, my health class was studying the effects of different drugs on the body, and just happened to be talking about steroids. We watched videos and read articles about the side effects of steroids. In many cases, the user would lose ten years off of his life. He could also grow breasts! We also saw a video about a former football player for the Los Angeles Raiders who died of cancer because of the drug.

After seeing these things, I changed my mind immediately. When I told my friend my decision, he was mad and upset because he wanted someone to do it with. I did not care, though. I would not change my mind. This decision was probably one of the biggest in my life. I am very glad I decided not to take steroids because now that I have been lifting weights for a long time, I finally do see some great results. l

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