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By Anonymous

   I doubt if Mike Tyson fans were happy to pay $9.95 a round on Pay-Per-View to watch him get shellacked by former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield in November's fight. Tyson went into the fight proud as ever though, and I'm sure the $30,000,000 that he was paid will help him get over his loss quickly. A year ago when Holyfield was diagnosed with a heart condition, many were sure he would never fight again, but his new heavyweight title sure puts that baby to bed. If you watched the fight, you could see from the seventh round on that it was Holyfield's fight.

By the time the tenth round came around, Tyson could barely see straight and surely would have been knocked down if he wasn't saved by the bell. Finally (not even 20 seconds into the eleventh round), Holyfield really started to unload, and ended up beating Tyson in a TKO (Technical Knock Out). When asked by a Sportscenter reporter if there would ever be a rematch, Holyfield said there might be in the future. It ought to be an interesting fight if there ever is one. l

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