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By Anonymous

   Hacking is like soccer, but not with such a big ball. A hacky-sack is used. It's a little ball made of cloth with beads in it. When you buy a hacky sack, you usually have to break it in by driving a car over it.

Hacky sacking is hard to play. You usually hack in a circle, or by yourself. There are many different ways to hit a hack. You can hit it with the inside of your foot, on your knee, or the outside of your foot. There are also trick shots you can do, many take a lot of time and a lot of practice to perfect. Some trick shots are: jesters, when you jump up, put one leg behind the other and hit the hack straight up, so you can hack again. Another is called a SUPER jester, which is when you jump up, let the hack go through one leg and hit it with the other leg. In other words a jester, but letting the hack go through one leg.

You can also stall, which is when you catch the hack with any part of the body, except the hands. There are a lot of different kinds of stalls. The most common kind of stall is on the foot.

If you want to start hacking, you can buy one for $8. Just remember when you start off you may not be very good, so just keep trying. Practice makes perfect!! l

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