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The Beginning Of The End MAG

By Anonymous

   It was hot and muggy that mid July day,

Maybe it was June, or even May.

The fans came out for just one reason,

To see the beginning of his unmistakable season.

He stepped into the box to hear a loud roar,

Which made him dig in, more and more.

He tipped his hat and encouraged us on

Before the pitch thrown by Warren Spahn.

With one mighty swing, there was a loud crack,

As I stood up, the outfielder went back.

He was running hard when he hit the wall,

But when I looked over, there was no ball.

The outfielder got up with quite a sway,

I thought to myself, there was no way ...

But when he opened his glove I could see it was caught,

I couln't describe it; I guess I was distraught.

I knew he had swung with all his might,

That's what kept me up for the rest of the night.

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