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   Fishing by D. P., Bethel, CT

Fishing is truly a great sport. When you fish it takes a lot of skill but luck also plays a big part. If the fish doesn't bite your line, then you cannot catch it. That's where skill plays a big part. You have to have the right technique and the right bait. If you bring these skills together and are in the right fishing spot, the chances are in your favor to catch fish.

Patience plays the biggest role in trying to catch fish. I've been out in the ocean fishing for hours and hours and don't even get a bite. Then just when I am picking up and getting ready to leave, I will catch 30 fish in one hour.

Weather plays another extreme factor in fishing. The barometric pressure is important when a storm front comes in. When it drops, the fish tend to bite much more often. But when it is a nice sunny day, the fish tend to stay down deeper. Just before a storm is the best time to catch many big fish. I suggest that when you do catch a fish, throw it back after weighing it. I hope people release the fish unless it is for a trophy. Good luck and catch big fish.

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