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Celtic's Mystique MAG

By Anonymous

   The Boston Celtics, a legendary team,

They always win the championship it seems.

What gives them good luck is wearing green,

That's why they've won 16.

Their first one was in '57,

From then on they were in basketball heaven.

Russel, Cousy and Havlicek led the pack,

With them there was no turning back.

Soon everybody's noticing Celtic's mystique,

Something which made them so unique.

Now Boston is led by Larry, Dennis and Kevin,

Because of that trio, they're still atop basketball heaven.

One of their greatest seasons was in 1986,

With their only low point a Christmas loss to the Knicks.

That year was one to remember,

The Celts were so great there wasn't a worthy contender.

Bird was as sensational as ever,

McHale's spin move was very clever.

DJ kept on stealing the ball which tied his opponents in knots,

While Parrish arced his rainbow jump shots.

When the 2nd season began, the Celtics would take no pity.

Because their first opponent, the Chicago Bulls

Were swept away in the windy city.

Then came the Atlanta Hawks who ran a fast break game,

The Hawks had done well all year,

But they knew that their luck would change.

The Celtics won the first three games and the fans were talking sweep,

But in game four, Boston played poorly as if they were tired and asleep.

In game five, they outscored Atlanta 36 - 6 in quarter #3,

That's how they got rid of the Hawks and then faced the Bucks you see.

The Celts won the first three games against Milwaukee and then took game four,

Boston swept the Bucks and took revenge for what they did in '83 for sure.

So it was time for the NBA Championship series as Houston came to town,

Looking for another championship crown.

For Boston, winning games one and two were as easy as pie,

But in game three the Rockets got the win and were flying high.

After the Celts stole one from the Rockets,

Houston came back with grace,

They won game five, but Ralph Sampson acted like a sissy

Punching Jerry Sichting in the face.

Game six in the Boston Garden was as great as heaven,

The Celtics won the NBA Championship by the score of 114 - 97.

The '87, '88, and '89 season showed a lot of injuries to the Celtic team.

Those seasons, they didn't accomplish the ultimate dream.

So the Celtics enter a new decade wanting

Another championship without knowing their fate,

But with a healthy Larry Bird and a strong bench, #17 won't be a long wait.

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