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Getting Ready

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

First you must get your school bag ready for school, so you pack your bag with all your books and pencils. Then take your bag out to your car or up stairs so you will have it ready for school tomorrow. Then you go and get your other bag for your basketball stuff. Get your uniform, compression shorts, and your shoes for the big game. Fold your jersey so it doesn’t get wrinkled in your bag. Then don’t forget to grab your Under Armor shirt so it will not bother you with all of your sweat. Then when your done get your P Js and go to sleep.

The next day your dreadful alarm goes off and you wake up, walk over and turn it off. Then you get in the shower, get dressed, and eat some good breakfast for the game. Then garb your bag that you put together last night and put it into your car and leave for school. Then on your way there you pick up one of your friends and get to school. Once you get there put your stuff into you gym locker and go to the machine and buy a Gatorade. Then get your books and go to class. Once the bell rings you go to your locker and get a drink and a new book for the next class. Then you go to your next class to do work. After lunch you go to the high school and talk with friends until the bell rings and go to the next class until you hear the bell.

Then you get out early and go to the locker room and get your stuff ready. Then you put your clothes on and get your basketball shoes ready to play in the big game, so then once you get your uniform on and ready to play the coach talks to you about the game plan to go out and kill the other team. Finally you go out of the locker room and the coach tells you to got start and you go and win the big game.

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