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To My Baseball Coach

October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Joe,

It all started back in my pee-wee league of baseball. It was a fun year for me that is when I began to become a more dominant pitcher. I got asked to play in the end of the year all star game for the pee-wee league. It was a blast; I had fun and did really good pitching. Then after the game the coach from the other team came up to me and told me that was a great performance you gave right there. Would you be willing to play on my traveling all star team? I of course said yes and from then on out I have been playing for Joe and enjoying the game of baseball. That is why I want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to play for him.
Second of all I want to thank you for getting my name out into the world of baseball and helping me get to know some of the baseball coaches at the collegiate level. When we travel to the big cities it is a real boost for me to stride for excellence and show the people what I can do.
Even when I falter and get frustrated you still keep me strong. You are one of the people that taught me not to forfeit by being reassuring to me. When I pitch in a game and things start go get wily you come out and calm me down. All the things you do to get camps close to are area is a big help and the camps that you find out about that are big camps such as a UNL camp to help me get a scholarship to a college.
The joy that you bring to the game of baseball as a coach is a real boost to the team in keeping there adrenalin pumping and having fun and enjoying the wonderful pastime game of baseball. In my few years left of high school baseball I hope that you can help me to decide and find out what college would be best for me to attend and play the game of baseball.
I just want to thank you for all you have done for me and the continued success I hope to have in my life. You have been a big help in all aspects of my life.


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