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June 11, 2010
By gymnast9 BRONZE, Southington, Connecticut
gymnast9 BRONZE, Southington, Connecticut
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i love getting rips on my rips, its super sexy
- Stick It (gymnastics movie)

A double turn into standing on the bar made me feel untouchable. The word "Can't" crossed my mind, but then I just let go and leaned towards the upper bar, i felt powerful as i swung back and forth as my toes were pointed in the sky as if it were my pointer finger pointing at something. I did a fly away and couldn't have been more ecstatic as finishing with my hands held high, as if I were in the olympics. I slip my fingers through and pull them smack the velcro on the other side, (grips) Scoop up some chalk and let it slip through my fingers before i SMACK My hands together. The chalk flew around me like a white fluffy cloud. My grips were as tight as a motherly hug. I walked up to the bar and clapped my hands together one more time before my chin could touch the bar and my legs lifted off the floor into a pull over. I pulled my pelvis up to the low bar and did a huge cast away into a back hip circle. Then I had done a stradle glide onto the low bar and swung to the high bar. All this movement was fast, and furious, and fun. Those 3 F's are what i remember before i get on the bar, after I try a new skill, and nail it, i climb the rock wall and press the easy button from stapels. Yeah it's weird, but my coach attatched it to be a motavator for us.

The author's comments:
My favorite obsticle is the bar, and here, i describe some of my competition routines.

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