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December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

It was time for the big game in the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. Even though we are 7-0 undefeated, I was still nervous because we were playing the Spurs who are the current champions and a really tough team. But I am really excited because we are playing at home.

It was now time to start the game so we all went to center court as Kevin and Tim got ready to do the opening tipoff. Thank goodness Kevin got the ball and passed it to me. As I dribbled the ball down court, I had an open chance so I shot the three and made it. It was a good way to start off the game.
About 12 minutes have passed and it is the end of the first quarter and we are up by 10 points.
“Ok guys” said the coach, “Good first quarter, could have been better, so here are the plays to setup.”

The referee blew his whistle to signal the start of the second quarter. As the Spurs dribbled the ball down court, Ray quickly stole the ball and made a layup for an easy two points. So the Spurs dribbled the ball down court once again when all of a sudden their center Tim ran into me and I fell down hard because he’s about 7 feet tall. The referee called a foul on Tim, and I went to the line to shoot 2 free throws. I made the first one, but I just missed the second one, luckily, Pierce got the rebound, passed it to me, and I put it back in the basket for two points.
The buzzer rang for halftime now and we were winning by 12 points. I have 20 points so far and Ray and Kevin each have 17 points with Garnett leading with 14 rebounds already.
“Alright guys” said Doc Rivers, “Good job, much better than the first half. Now let’s go over the plays for the third quarter. ”

About 10 minutes later, the buzzer rang for the start of the third quarter as I ran onto the court. As the Spurs dribbled the ball down, I saw that their point guard Tony was about to throw the ball to Tim so I quickly jumped into the middle of them and intercepted the pass. I then quickly dribbled to the other end of the court and I was just about to pass it to Pierce when suddenly, Tim Duncan pushed me down hard and it looked intentional. So I immediately got up and pushed him back with my elbow. Then the refs broke up the fight, but thankfully, no one got thrown out of the game but the referee did give me a warning.

It’s now the end of the third quarter and we are winning by 27.

“Since we are winning by more than twenty points, I don’t want to tire Pierce, Ray, Julien or Kevin so you guys are sitting out for the rest of the game unless I need to bring you back in” said the coach happily.

12 minutes later, the game was over and we were the ones who walked off the court happy. It was a great game for me, Julien, player of the Boston Celtics.

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