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The Warrior’s Game

January 10, 2008
By emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
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The Warrior’s Game

The stadium lights are shining bright,
Victory is just in sight.
Our helmets gleam as we take the field,
Ready to fight without sword or shield.
A game of strength, honor and pride,
Never taken lightly by either side.
They get the ball in the toss,
But we are ready to show them whose boss.
Our defense goes out and retrieves the ball.
Its offenses turn to make a call.
Whether we run or pass,
We need to put some points up fast.
Time is called and the half is done.
The score is seven to twenty-one.
Back on the field, we take charge.
Our star running back runs for 88 yards.
Down by a touchdown, we need to score.
If we can do it, I’m not sure.
We get the ball with 10 seconds to go,
Just enough time for one last throw.
The ball flies through the air and the crowd gets to their feet,
Too excited to be contained in their seats.
A player runs down the field alone,
Frantically trying to reach the end zone.
He reaches it in time and the ball is caught.
The battle has been successfully fought.
The sound of the crowd echoes in our ears,
And our coaches’ praises can be heard amongst the cheers.
We hope that next week’s outcome is the same;
But until then, that is the end of the Warrior’s Game.

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