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What's in Your Bag?

May 31, 2011
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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Golf is a sport you can play until you are old and gray. In golf you need good clubs for a good round. There are many brands of clubs like Callaway, Titleist, Nike, and Taylormade. There are also kids clubs for example: US Kids clubs and junior versions of adult sets. But once you are older hitting kids clubs becomes much more difficult. You need to swing lighter which makes you not hit the ball as far as a full swing with an adult club. There are many different clubs with different lengths and lofts for different shot types on each whole. There are drivers, woods, irons, wedges, putters, and a club that most tour players have in their bag now, hybrids. Remember when picking a club you shouldn’t get the one that looks the best but the one that feels the best.
Clubs for a Great Round.

There are many irons. There are 1-9 irons. Unlike other sports, the lower the club number the farther the ball will go. The angle also changes; the higher the club number, the more height you will get on your shot. Callaway and Titleist sets would be the best clubs because of their clean grooves, smooth impacts, and they are very forgiving. Although they are expensive, they are the best clubs on the market.

Drivers hit for distance. Suppose you need to crush or hammer the ball down the middle of the fairway, you should hit a driver. Normally you would hit driver out of the tee box, unless par is three. There are two different types of driver heads: huge face drivers and small faced drivers. There is no difference between big and little headed drivers. There are square headed drivers like the FT-I IQ and the Nike Mach Speed, which I don’t recommend for a beginner. There is also the R-11 and the R-9, which is highly recommended. If you like something else and you don’t like the R-11 or the R-9 it’s not up to me to stop you.

Woods are probably the most useful on a long par 5. You use these just like irons. They go 1 –9 woods. Although it is very odd to have an even numbered wood or a nine wood because they are equivalent to irons. 3, 5, and 7 woods would be the best for you because all these clubs are easier to hit and they hit it farther then all the irons. It would help if you get a club that fits. Not one that looks cool unless the qualities are the same in both clubs. Reviews from other people would tell you to get Taylor made.

The Most Important Pick.

If you can drive the ball 300 yards that’s great, but if you can’t stroke a chip or a putt you are in a very bad spot. That’s why you need a wedge to help you chip the ball on the green. These clubs are called wedges. You can get them at 52-80 degrees or the angle of the head. The difference is tat 52 goes straighter and closer to the ground; it also goes farther then a 60 degree wedge, which gets more spin. The 60- degree wedge has more loft on it and it helps you get over bunkers when you are behind them. A good club for a beginner would be a 56 degree wedge because it is in the middle and because you can hit a 56 out of anywhere. The clubs that are good for any player are the Vokeys from Titleist. They are the best wedges you can buy.

There are very good putters in the world. Most people don’t know that the club does all the work. That’s why putters are the most important because you can make up ground just from putting. That’s why you have to get the best putter possible for you. Many people like heavy putters. That supposedly goes in when you get the right line and distance. Well, wouldn’t the ball go in no matter what happens if you hit with the right speed and the right line. That’s why I think they are a scam. I would recommend a Scottie Cameron or an Odyessy putter because they have a huge sweet spot, for more accurate putting.

The Mixed Club.

There are many kinds of clubs, but there is one kind of club that really could help your golf game. These clubs are brand new. They are called hybrids and are a mix between irons and woods. These clubs are for when you can’t hit a long iron(3, 4, 5 irons) you hit this because it feels like a wood but hits like an iron. To be honest with you most people think that if a new club comes out with a lot of advertisement, it is good. But to be real with you the best club for you might be the one that is the least expensive. So try out them all.

Remember, the club does all the work, so you have to pick the right clubs. Especially in short game. Like Tiger Woods once said, “Every one ball you hit, hit four chips for.”

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This text is about what clubs you can put in your bag in none other then the game of golf.

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