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Skateboarding in Public

May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Why do people want skateboarding band from the public? Is it because they don’t want to be responsible if some one gets hurt? Or maybe the government doesn’t want the streets and parking lots field with kids scaring and bruising themselves.
But I want to be able to skate in parks or parking lots. Some kids don’t have a skate park or big neighborhood to Skate in.
Protection like helmets, knee and elbow pads can help kids decrease the injuries when they have a bad fall. We should have right to skate at a mall or in a school parking lot when there closed or there is no traffic. The Signs in windows that say no skateboards, Bicycles or, inline skates should be replaced by a sign that says skate at own risk or helmets must be worn. A sign that says to a young guy “I can skate but I have to be careful.”
Skateboarding is an exciting sport, it can help a person focus well, thy can meet new people, and sometime it can keep a kid out of trouble.

A sport like skateboarding is not always thought up when you say sports; it’s not the usual football or baseball. Its more of an extreme sport, it can be as a team or just a single kid. When a kid lands a new trick the get really excited about it, it makes them want to do more try more and more, they would forget about TV. And video games they will enjoy riding with friends. When I go and skate its fun to go with a buddy and I like to do things I might not ever be able to do but its fun to try. Really when people look at skateboarding they think of allthe bad thing that they think come with it like drugs, trouble, drinking and a lot of destruction. But really we just want to be just like all other citizens in the state. But no one wants us to be able to have fun with what we do. It may get us hurt and we might get a lot of bumps and bruises but that’s what makes us tougher.
We get a lot of good exercise in skate boarding its easier than regular workouts. U don’t need fancy equipment just to get fit but if u want to pay all that money just for something that is going to take up a room go ahead, but skateboarding is an easy way to burn fat. And all it takes is a place in your garage or under your bed.
Why does this concern everyone, because we all live in the same world and we all have a say in what we want. Maybe one day skateboarding will be a thing everyone likes. Or maybe no one will like it at all, or it could just be the same way as I is today, A bunch of wild kids wanting to hurt themselves.

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