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June 2, 2008
By Anonymous

I walk slowly up to the plate
I put the bat to my shoulder
I watch the pitcher throw the ball over the plate
I watch the ball fall like a boulder
I heard the umpire call a strike
I put the bat back on my shoulder.

I have to hit the ball before it is too late
The pitcher does his windup
The ball is coming down, what’s my fate?
To the plate I have to stand up.
The pitcher lets go of the ball
I swung at the ball and didn’t give up.

The umpire has to wipe off the plate.
I give the pitcher an intensive look
It is inning number eight
It is a sad looking scorebook
The ball comes fast down the pipe
Do I have time to take a look?

Strike right across the plate.
My bat was still on my shoulder
I swung but it was too late,
I have to get the bat back on my shoulder
That was my second strike...
My arm is getting colder.

I can do this my bats on my shoulder.

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