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Memoir: Goal

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

I saw the soccer ball just barely cross the line I was way to out of balance to do another kick, but I knew that the ball had crossed the line in order to be counted as a goal. I could hear kids around me saying that it was a goal and some others saying that it wasn’t (probably the other team).

It was this moment when I realized that I wasn’t so different from all of my friends, that I too liked soccer. This ladies and gentleman was the first goal I had ever scored and probably the only one I can remember I scored.

It was back in Mexico, fourth grade a lot of things happened, my first fight and best of all, my first goal ever. The day was hot, it was September or was it October?
Don’t remember, but I do remember that it was a P. E. time for us in the fourth grade, the fifth graders were bare having lunch and were playing soccer. Usually when its our time for P. E. they get off the field, not this time. Camilo, he was in my grade, with a very cocky attitude started talking to one of the fifth graders saying how good he was and one of the fifth graders said “lets have a game to prove who’s better fifth grade or fourth.

I was thinking Camilo, what did you get us into this time. I was so scared because some of the fifth graders played really hard not caring if they made a foul (not like it would matter we didn’t count fouls) or hurt anyone in their path just as long as they scored a goal and won the game. That’s how I remembered it we all started playing and it wasn’t long before the other team scored a goal, and we fell one behind until Rene who was as good as Camilo , but not as cocky scored a goal and right when I thought it was all tied for good the fifth grade made an awesome play. So again we fell one goal behind. I was thinking that we had no chance of winning until out of nowhere when Rene made a cross to Camilo, and Camilo heads the ball into the goal.

Then it was this moment when I got the ball that I dribbled as hard and ran as fast as I could until someone trips me and I fall to the ground, not with a thud, but more like a sound of dirt and a few sharp rocks making contact with flesh. I stood up and I had scraped my knee. My palms were bleeding and I don’t know what it was, but I just wanted to keep playing.

So this time I actually got a pass from one of my friends (forgot who) and I was taking it down the field I finally got to the 18 and I could hear my heart pounding from all the excitement. I finally shoot the ball, it barely crosses the line and I see it. The first goal I had ever scored, I started spacing out thinking of how much I liked soccer now and before I even noticed I was in a whole different world from which I didn’t want to comeback from. Then someone shatters that world by saying that it wasn’t a goal.

After a long time I of arguing, we won (rock, paper, scissors) and now it was a goal and then Rene came to me and said “that was a good goal, you should play more often.” And so we ended up winning that game, but it was that goal that made me realize that I liked soccer.

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