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Sleep, breath, cheer.

November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Being a cheerleader for the past few years has taught me about team work, strength, representation, and leadership. As many of you may sit there thinking "What are you talking about? Cheerleading is just a bunch of prissy girls who are snobby and dumb." Think what you want, but this is anything but true. Cheerleaders are just as smart as the volleyball players. Or the soccer players. We have minds, and we know how to use them. Cheerleaders are always being judged, just because of what people see in movies. Honestly, movies with cheerleaders actually give cheerleaders a bad name. We represent our school/community. We give support to our classmates as they do the sport they love. And at the same time, we are doing the sport that we love. What? It's not a sport, you say? Try it. It is just like any other sport. It takes hard work, strength, dedication, and time. Throwing people up at least 15 feet in the air is one of the most common causes of injury. Respect cheerleading, and respect cheerleaders. We are not snobby, rude, and dumb like you see in all the movies. And yes, cheerleading is a sport.

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on Aug. 28 2010 at 6:31 pm
kielymarie SILVER, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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not a sport. more like a really intense hobby...

cheergirl7 said...
on May. 12 2009 at 7:42 pm