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October 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Growing up I didn't really think much about where I was truly from. I'm from a dot on a road map, or cow town as others would say. The town may not even appear to be a bump on your road map depending on where you are from. There are plenty of bumps here in my town. Cow tipping or house egging may not be considered what you call fun, but around here, we make our fun the funnest. I catch myself wondering how I could picture living life anywhere but here. Scurry is home to me. I'm a girl raised on home cooked fried chicken. I'm not a little miss priss floating around saltgrass or olive garden every night. Don't get me wrong, I do like to go out and have a fantastic evening with my friends. There are just some things that make you the person you grow up to be. I have met people from New York and Washington on mission trips that have never eaten what I call a real steak before. Sometimes, to me, life is better country. Not better as in I am a better person than you. But, If I would have been raised in the city I would have never gotten to experience the wild, crazy, never dreamed of experiences I have lived here in the heart of Scurry, TX.

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