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Lego Land

April 14, 2008
By Anonymous

We had gone to California for the week to visit family. We were staying in a mobile home outside of my great grandparents' and great uncles' house. I was in third grade at the time and missed the MSPAP, which was a test elementary students used to have to take in third and fifth grade that lasted a week, and my great uncle had kids around my age so I was happy while we were there.
While we were in California we went to the San Diego Wildlife Reserve, which is like a giant, nice zoo, Disney Land, which would of been more fun if I wasn't afraid of heights, and finally Lego Land.
Lego Land had to be the most amazing place i had ever been. I loved legos when I was younger, so this was the highlight of the trip for me, by far. The gates to the park looked like someone had made them out of the little blocks, and after we entered it seemed as though the whole park was made of them as well. One part of the park we went to had mini replicas of famous sites around the world, like the pyramids in Egypt and the Eifel Tower in France. There was a sign there that said it took three years to build all of those mini-monuments.
We started walking around and one of my relatives said, "Come look at this." It was a map of America with the locations of future Lego Lands and I was so excited when I saw that one would be coming to Maryland.
Later that day we went on a little boat ridethat took us past giant things made of legos. some of which moved, like the Mt. Rushmore replica, to the side there was a littl balcony that had a Q-tip going into one of the presidents ears. After that we ate, I don't remember what I but I'm sure it was less than spectacular.
Then we went to the gift shop, which meant we were about to leave, and that made me sad, but once we walked in and my mom said, "Go choose one," and i went looking at all the different sets, looking for something that wasn't too expensive. I came upon a lego dragonfly, whose tail lit up and it made noises, and that's what we bought.
We then went ack to the mobile home, because it was only the middle of the week, and i built my new lego dragonfly, wishing we could of stayed longer, and longing for the Maryland Lego Land.

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