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Dor L' Dor

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

A red heart tilted slightly to the side with gold lines sweeping through it. That is the necklace I wear today, and it brings back the memories of last summer.

I remember it like it was yesterday, or even possibly today.

My friend Stav had come from Jerusalem to pick me up in Tel Aviv. It was my fourth week in a month long trip to Israel, and that weekend was to be spent with her and her family. We had walked from my hostel to the busy city. The heat was almost unbearable and the smells that wafted from the stores were almost as good as the AC that wrapped around us briefly as we passed opened doors. We flitted from store to Cafe and then to a street that was filled with artists.
"A show," Stav's mother told me, "they only do this on Friday's. They sell their artwork here on the street. Come, lets look."
And we did. We passed by lamps made from ostrich eggs and little angel dolls, each with their own tag saying "Friendship" or "Love". But I stopped at a small counter in the burning sun. I shadowed my eyes and looked at the delicate designs that were strung on chains across the table. Circles with glitter in the center, stars with little dots, but the heart that was slightly lopsided caught my eye. I looked at the tap and put it down, it was too much money for me to spend.
"You like it?" Stav asked, holding it up for both of us to see.
"Yeah, but I don't have the money," I told her.
Her mother nodded and began to speak to the artist in Hebrew. I listened like I always did, mesmorized by the sound of the beautful language.
Suddenly the woman was putting the necklace in a small box and was handing it to me as Stav's mother handed over 200 shekles. I took it, stunned.
"Something to remember us by," Stav said, taking my hand and pulling me down the street.

As I look at the necklace I smile. "Something to remember us by." How true that was. I will always remember that, all because of a red heart tipped slightly to the side with gold lines sweeping through it.

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