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The Life of a Chair

May 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Ah, what a beautiful day! All I am going to do today is lie back in my reclining position and just relax. Out of all the chairs on this boat the odds are not very high for a human to sit down on my, are they? Anyways, let’s just hope that no human does sit on my, in the mean time I am going to appreciate the scenery of the open waters, birds chirping, and the faint music coming off the boat.
Hey! Someone is sitting here, get off me! Oh no I forgot chairs and humans do not speak the same language. This is just great I have some old, hairy, smelly, oily, human sitting on my just when I was getting comfortable. What am I going to do? It is not like I can throw him off me so I guess I am just going to do the job I was created to do- let the humans appreciate the scenery and relax; the exact same thing I was doing, but I guess I do not matter, because I am just a chair.

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