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Trip to Alaska

September 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine yourself on the water with mountains in the background. All of the sudden you see a whale fly out of the water. This is Alaska the last frontier. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go there with my dad and my grandparents on a fishing trip.

We were getting ready to board the first plane and I hugged my mom and when my dad and I passed the baggage check. I turned to my mom, waved, and went on. The plane was a very small plane. Also the plane ride to Georgia was very scary. When we got to Atlanta airport there was a delay. After the delay we boarded the plane headed to Alaska. The plane was huge; it had a big screen TV. When we got to Alaska I was so tired and we could not find the baggage area. After we found the baggage area we caught up with my Grandparents (they drove to Alaska all the way from North Carolina).

When we got outside I looked around for about thirty minutes in awe I also asked a lot of questions. Next, we went to our first hotel it was probably three in the afternoon. So I went to sleep. Sleeping in Alaska is like sleeping in a spot light.

The second day we drove to Seward were we left to go fishing. But first we camped that night. We camped right beside a beach, so I went on the beach to check it out. The beach was amazing, you could see a glacier, and shore birds almost anything you could think of. This beach was like a place to hang out and just relax.

“Wake up today we are going fishing!” that is how my dad woke me up that morning. There were a lot of things I was looking forward to including catching a big salmon and a big halibut. The trip out there to the ocean were we would catch halibut was long and exciting we saw everything from eagle to whale. We saw many glaciers and a big mountain that had seabirds all over that huge rock. The boat was a medium boat. When we were going out the 1st mate rigged the baits and I watched him he was so precise and accurate, also he was funny. Once, I looked out the window and I saw a whale it was big and graceful like it was dancing, then I took a second glance and saw that a baby was right beside its mom. If you like less action and just reeling in a fish, you might want to go halibut fishing. If you like action and like to move around when you go fishing, you might want to go salmon fishing. I caught a bunch of fish, my limit for halibut plus I caught the biggest halibut. Also I caught one less of the limit for salmon. So we were eating fish for about ten months I love salmon and halibut now. Also there was a guy that hooked up something called a salmon shark even though we thought it was a huge halibut we almost had to shoot the shark with a pistol! I am going to tell you one of my halibut stories and one of my salmon stories. This is the first fish and first halibut obviously I was first and obviously it was the biggest so it gets hooked on and everyone was saying, “ go get’m. ”And I started to reel it is so I got it to the boat and somehow it had some more energy and started to run the line, it was like a new fish got on because it was just as hard to get it back in.

When we had all but one of the rods had a fish on it was my turn so I was very scared because everyone was getting their line tangled. So next the rod had gotten the fish on then I ran to the rod and the fish was easy to get. Fishing to me is the most fun thing I have ever done first it relaxes me and second it is fun.

The day after we went on that super fun fishing trip we were doing some sightseeing. We saw the biggest mountain in the U.S., Mt. Denali as known as Mt. McKinley the enormous mountain appeared out of nowhere. So we drove on and look at more things. We were going to Denali national park. And we were going to go on a bus tour. The camping ground we stayed a had a lot of red squirrels so I decided to throw rocks at one and it started chattering at me and I new he might attack I almost screamed and started running. The next day we went down to the bus stop and we went down to Denali Park. When we got to bus the intercom said, “Today we are going to Denali national park.”
We saw many different things. We saw wolves, moose, wildflowers, and about one thousand things I could not name. We took many pictures, but when we looked at them we were in another world, you could not describe what it looked like in real life. This might be the best trip I have ever gone on. From this experience I learned that I need to try new things and follow my dream.

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