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Flying High

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Life leaves you with many memories. Some are good some are bad, some happy, some sad. But the memories we chose to remember are the memories that make us who we are today. For me, I have always vacationed and spent my summers, spring breaks, and Christmas at Marco Island, Florida. It has become a special place for my family, especially for my parents who will always remember this place as a time in their life where they were creating a future for themselves and their family.
I have many memories from Florida, from strolling down to the beach dragging chairs, baby cribs, coolers, umbrellas, sandboxes, and many other things. Staying at the beach all day with my parents, cousins, and close relatives, would leave me with rosy cheeks and sunburned shoulders. As I was growing up, and playing on the beach, I couldn’t help but notice the beautifully colorful parasails floating up in the baby blue sky. For as long as I can remember, there was never a time where I was afraid or shy to try something new. I remember pulling on my moms pink one bathing suit saying “mommy I want to do that.” Eventually my dreams became a reality and I was able to “fly”, as I would call it.

I will never forget the first time; it was towards the end of our vacation. I was bronzed and tanned when my parents told me we could parasail today! I’ve never really enjoyed the actual ocean before and walking out in the cold crystal water with hundreds of fish swimming furiously beneath my feet was indeed a little frightening. But as soon as I climbed up on the boat, the smile of two big front teeth resurfaced on my face. Walking to take our seats as the boat tilted back and forth in the sway of the waves, we were officially ready to enter the depths of the sea.

I was able to enjoy this adventure with my sister, who at the time was not as fearless as I was. Our instructor than told us we were far enough out and we were ready to get suited up. We placed the lifejackets on with ropes criss-crossing in every direction, and chains and buckles were fastened. I felt snug as I clipped on the faded and torn pink and purple life jacket and securely pulled the straps, we were finally ready for take off. We started sitting down with our legs out in front of us, and as the boat picked up speed, the wind started to blow in my wavy, sun kissed hair. Slowly we were lifted up like we were feathers into the Florida sky. It was literally like we were being swept off our feet, lifting hundreds of feet into the breathtaking sky.

After being in the air and actually realizing I was really doing this, a sense of clarity came over me. I couldn’t actually grasp that fact that I was being help up by just a couple of strong strings. I was floating over miles and miles of sapphire beauty without a care in the world. We continued flying and did many dips; our feet splashing into the icy water tasting the salty water as it splashed playfully into my mouth, and then suddenly yanked rapidly back into the sky. We could hear the ropes being whopped back as we extended upwars. When our time came to an end and we were ready for our decent, I sudden sadness washed over me, it was all over too soon, the height, the breeze, the smell. I had the most exhilarating time sailing over the blue ocean water like and I was so thankful I finally got the opportunity to fly.

What made this experience so memorable was not only being able to bond on an entirely different level in a different environment with my sister, I was also able to enjoy the beauty of flying over and creating a whole new vision of the dark blue mystery. It was something I always dreamed of doing, and I will never forget the brilliance of the waves splashing over each other. Looking down at the boat that held my mom and dad, looking like just a spec in the water. The overall thrill of parasailing was such an adventure and although I haven’t been up in the air in awhile, I am still a dare devil at heart. This allows me to experience new and different adventures. I am able to approach new things and opportunities with an open mind and desire to do them. Who wants to go skydiving?

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