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Divine Intervention

April 27, 2015
By ellwist SILVER, Surabaya, Other
ellwist SILVER, Surabaya, Other
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"They only let you be this happy when they're preparing to take something from you." -Khaled Hosseini, the Kite Runner.


A little albino Chinese boy is locked in his attic when his own mother denounces him to be a demon. There, he meets an elusive and bright figure most would call God, who promptly teaches him the loose ends of the world after Li's father is found mysteriously dead on the staircase of the family's medicinal store.


Meanwhile, a group of angels search for the next prophet, one of the few people who can freely converse with the Lord without limitations, before the upcoming and inevitable apocalypse arrives earlier than intended--and whoever it is, it's someone none of them least suspect. 

Eleanor W.

Divine Intervention

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