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The Olympian Knights

December 2, 2017
By HappyCynicalChild, Brisbane, Other
HappyCynicalChild, Brisbane, Other
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The Olympians lived among people once. Each lived in one of the ten dimensions, all in which are lost and forgotten. The ten ancient beings, who possessed godlike powers, powerful enough to rule the galaxies. But with such power, came the seven deadly sins; greed, lust, anger, gluttony, wrath, despair, and sloth.

The Knights became corrupted, where children grew older and lost their innocence. Where beauty lost it's love and passion. The most loyal of allies, became the greatest of foes. The brightest and cleverest grew cold and detached. An adventurous spirit was broken and twisted. The realm of the dead reigned in anarchy, chaos spreading to life of the living. The melodies and harmonies, voiced by human radiating with vitality, became silenced and sickly. Those with power became tyrannical, causing war and destruction. And the strongest of leaders became the most cowardly of traitors. 
They fell one by one, deciding to die than live chained to their damning sins. To live among humanity and to live a life on earth, would erase the sins of the Knights. But would it be enough to defeat the deeper darkness in all of us, your darkest desires, dreams wishes?


The Olympian Knights

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