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Mystery of Silk

March 13, 2011
By LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
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LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
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be happy for this moment, this moment is your life

Author's note: I had a imaginary friend when i was little. His name was Zap. i would make up stories about him and now that I am older i found my notes and drawings so i decided to write a book.

The author's comments:
some of these names are places

About 2,000 years ago there was a lovely place that was named Silk. It lived in peace for awhile until humans started to visit it; a man found it when he was hunting plants for research. He was a wonderful scientist. Many of the humans built railroads and knew and knew the towns next to it too. They loved every single one of the towns like a vacation spot. They were named Thriknell, Apollo, Silk, and Narrara. Mythical creatures lived there. A ruler by the name of Zap ruled the place for about 200 years after his dad had died and his brother disappeared. He still lives this very day. After humans found it they began to houses and cornfields. They showed the creatures on how to plant them and they understood because they had powers to speak English. They made their powers well enough to make the mingling between humans and Silkiens disappear. Silkien was a word used for the mythical creatures a lot. After the humans came back the place vanished into thin air. Some say a sorcerer had sunken Silk and other people say that there was no island and people had made it up. After awhile everyone forgot about Silk and lived their lives in the human world. Some have searched the world for any clues of Silk returning, but there was no source of evidence anywhere. The clans became popular in Silk. The clans included Air wish, K Klan; it was an evil clan that existed only in Thriknell after the railroads closed. There were many other clans as well including Silkien. The sun always shined even in the winter, when it snowed. This story begins in Illinois, in a small town that included a small subdivision. John was a boy that was 14 years old and he lived in a white house in the very back of the subdivision. He lived with his mom and his dad. He had big brown eyes along with brown hair as well. He was a weak nerd that no one liked very well. He was an ambitious thinker and a great over achiever. It was a Thursday. Like all other Thursdays John would get ready and head for the bus stop. John saw Allie sitting on a bench by the sign that said 'Bus stop.' Allie was his next door neighbor, who lived with her aunt. No matter what her aunt doesn't really like Allie, but she takes care of her because it was her sister's child. Her parents died in a car crash when she was a baby. Allie was reading a Fantasy novel. She was gorgeous with her long silky red hair that was put in a ponytail for the day and all of her freckles. Everyone called her Ginger because of how red her hair was.
"Hi Allie, how are you," John called waving.
Allie looked up from the book. When she noticed that it was John she pulled out a pink bookmark that had zebra stripes on it. She put the bookmark in her book and put the bookmark in her book-bag. Then she smiled, "Hey John. How are you?"
"I’m good. How are you today?"
"I'm tired today. I didn't really get that much sleep last night."
"Same here, I kept dreaming which kept me awake all night."
"I see. Don't you love school?"
"I sure do."
"Did we have any homework in math? If so I didn't do it. I was too busy trying to finish my book."
It was page 60 numbers 1 through 10, and then we had number 11, 12, and 14."
"Okay. Thanks." Allie muttered writing the assignment on her hand.
"You're welcome. Do you want to meet up at the tree house tonight?" John asked with a big grin "Tonight,” Allie asked.
"Sure I guess."
The bus rolled around the corner. The bus stopped at the bus stop and its doors came open. The bus driver gave them a crooked smile. Allie climbed onto the bus holding the rails first. Then John came on behind her. John watched Allie walked down the isle of the bus. Allie sat with her friend Lucy and John sat in a seat all by himself. No one ever sat with him and no one wanted to sit with him either because no one liked a nerd. They all made fun of him and threw stuff at him. The ride was short and John mostly looked out the window towards school. When they reached the school John was the first one off the bus. Everyone hated school so they hardly wanted to get off the bus. He was tossed around and tortured from all the bullies on a normal day of school for him. He got use to it after a while, but he still hated the torture that he went through every day of his life. Every day they made fun of him and every day they teased him to bits and pieces until John cried and could not take it any longer. No one in the school cared for John and the teachers usually did not do anything about it. They let it go on like nothing happened and sometimes they would pretend that they didn’t see anything. Only the principal cared. In class John sat in the very back next to Allie. The teacher came into the room with all her messed up papers and a big book the size of ten novels. She set them on her desk. She never could find anything with everything a mess. "Hello class," she started, "Today we will be learning about a mythical legend that I thought was cool or shall I say very neat to learn about."
"Is it about Unicorns?" laughed the bully named Dustin. Dustin was stupid. He laughed at his joke and made face like a mental person did. Dustin
The teacher gave him a dirty look as everyone else in the class laughed. She sighed; "No it's about Silk. Silk is a mythical island that philosophers found about 100,000 through 90,000 years ago. It was a place of mysteries and sorcerers, so says the myths. The people of Silk were Mythical animals that had the shape and form of a human, but the only difference was that they can do magic and they have fur. They looked like animals on the outside, but they were a human on the inside. Black magic changed them into animals. The king of Silk died and his son Zap took over when his brother became evil and disappeared. His brother formed the clan called the K Klan. The animals wore clothes like we do and the K Klan wore long black robes, and no they were not dresses. The robes were black and they had hoods on them that each one of the clan members faces so that no one knew who they were. It was said that they were heartless and had no heart because they could not feel, but that was just a legend. The humans that found Silk helped the villagers learn about food and all the stuff they needed to survive. The people there were fascinated by us and learned their ways from us. They even have electricity because we made power lines for them and such. Some of us even dug wells and oil well so they could have those things in the first place. There were three other places connected to Silk as well. One was called Apollo. Apollo had magical people in it that could walk through walls. They were not that neat though and they hardly came out during the super hot days. No one knew why though. It was like the heat made them disappear. Narrara was mostly the air wish clan and they were people who could fly. Then the last place is Silk. Silk was mostly the Silkien clan. Most people Silkiens, but most of the clans split and they recreated all over."
She put the book under the projector and it flashed onto the white screen hung above the chalkboard. The papers flew off of her desk and onto the floor. She gathered them as every one in the class looked at the picture. The sight was unbelievable to the kids in the classroom. They all watched with wide eyes at the rabbit that looked like a man, but had a tail and ears. It even had snowy white fur. It stood on its two hind legs and his arms were as long as a human's was. The rabbit was astonishing. John took out his notebook and began to draw the creature in it. He drew the eyes and the sparkles in the top of his ears and the most extraordinary sight was the lightning bolt like tail.
"This is a Silkien," the teacher explained, "All of you guys look amazed by this creature. This creature was said to have lightning powers because of its tail, but I ought that. They actually had a war too. The history behind all of this was that Thriknell had a disagreement with Silk and ended up getting into a fight. Thriknell ended up closing its railways and the people of Silk, and Narrara built new ones around Thriknell. This next picture is of the air wish clan," she laughed changing the page in the book.
The picture was of an amazing bird-like creature that also stood on two legs. It was wearing a headband that had stars on it along with polka dots. Its feathers were all different colors of the rainbow. By the picture there were words that read Air wish: An animal succeeding in a flying action. It was mostly a bird of some type. Mythical creatures lived there. The next slide was of a Puffin, which was a type of bird that lived by the sea. It had a large colored beak, and also stood on two legs. It was as tall as a human was. John started to draw the creatures into his notebook. He was very detailed by the way he drew each animal. His notebook was full of them. Something came over John as he drew each one. It was like he had a destiny of some kind.
"The job of this bird was to be a marketer, well so it says by the picture. It means that it traveled from these places and sold many different items," said the teacher. The class was wide-awake and only some people were sleeping, but they had no idea on what they were missing. On a normal day everyone in the class would be sleeping, but today was different. The bell roared with a ring. Everyone gathered their stuff and shoved out the door and into the hallways. John went to his locker that was far away from his next class and opened it after he did his combination. The locker closed in front of him, but John was not the one who closed it.
"Are you ready for your present or the day," said a voice behind him. John turned and bumped right into Dustin. John gulped, "If it is good then yes, If not then no."
"It is good for me and them. Does that count?" Dustin was mean to everyone in the school, but he mostly picked on John. “How is it going woos?”
John ignored what Dustin said and he started to run, but Dustin grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back and slammed him into the locker. John hit his head hard on the locker and it gave him a headache. Dustin grabbed the collar of John's shirt. John's shirt was twisted in the fist of Dustin. Dustin pulled him off the ground and held him against the lockers waiting to punch him in his face. Chills ran down John's side and down his spine. His spine went numb like his legs as he closed his eyes. Everyone I the school circled around them and started to shout 'fight.'
"Let me go!" John cried. He struggled out of his grip, but Dustin would not let go of him.
"Not until you have learned you lesson for the day." Dustin said putting his hand into a fist next to him. He was getting ready to punch John. He laughed an evil laugh.
Allie shoved her way through the crowd, "Let him go you idiot."
Dustin let go of John making him fall to the ground, but he didn't let John go anywhere. John bit his lip. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Dustin smiled a crooked smile at Allie and made a puppy dog look, "Well aren't you such a sweet little, tiny, small girl. Make me little girl or I wont do anything you say." he pushed Allie back into the crowd making her fall to the ground. Her nose started to bleed. Luckily it wasn't that bad. Lucy ran to her, giving her a Kleenex and holding her head back to let the blood run back into her nose. She was angry, but what could she do? She was so small. John noticed this at once and the chills were gone. He held no more fear, but instead he held anger. Anger was filling his body as he looked at Allie. It filled his body to the top that he almost let out some steam. John didn't think once. He held his hand in a tight fist. He poked Dustin on the shoulder. Dustin turned towards him with a smile. John had no room for his fist to pull back so his uppercut him in the jaw causing him to fall straight to the ground. Dustin was knocked out. Everyone stared in astonishment as they looked at Dustin lay on the ground. They all ran to their next class as the bell rang. As they walked into the class they started to gossip about John. John walked over to Allie, "Are you okay?"
"Yes I am. Thank you for standing up for me. That was the nicest thing that anyone has done for me. It was sweet," Allie commented.
"Your welcome, I was just sick of him treating all of us bad and I lost my temper, you know? And I wanted to stick up for you too. He should never treat a girl especially you like that," John said. He smiled a crooked smile at Allie.
"I think we all are sick of His crap. It was about time that someone taught him a lesson," Allie said. She pointed to Dustin and kicked him in the side.
"So you’re the one who hit Mr. Peterson,” the principal said behind John.
John turned around to see the principal. He frowned, "To your office?"
He nodded and pointed to the office. He looked at Allie, "And as for you, Mrs. Bennett, gets your nose checked or goes to class. Pick one and I am not writing you a pass."
Allie nodded and walked to the nurse's office. John sat in the office and waited for the principal to come in. John looked on the walls of the office. The walls were decorated with trophies and pictures of football teams. The principal came in and sat in his leather chair. He twitted his fingers together and moved his chair back and forth. He tapped the end of his pen on his desk as he looked at John and wondered what he should say to him. She smiled and put his pen down. He brought his hand together, "So what exactly happened in the hallway today?"

"Dustin was a bully and he was about to punch me so out of self defense I punched him, but he had my shirt in his hand and had me off the ground too, so this is not all my fault."
"Well I have got a lot of complaints about Dustin so I will let this one slide because your school record is clean and you’re a good kid. Did he hurt your friend Allie Bennett too?"
"Thank you. And yes he did," John said,
The principal nodded, "Your welcome. Now get to class."
John ran to class when he gave John a pass. The rest of the day everyone was silent towards John. They never said one word and nor did they want to. After school John got on the bus and sat by himself like he always did. Allie got on the bus and saw him. She decided to sit with him. She smiled as she walked down the aisle, but before she got there was many people around him and they all started to talk to him. Allie frowned and sat with Lucy again. Her face went into disgust.
"Your lucky to have someone stand up for you the way John did." Lucy whispered.
"Yes I know. That was really sweet what he did for me." Allie whispered in disgust. She looked at Lucy.
"What's wrong? Lucy asked still in shock from what happened today.
"Nothing," Allie said.
"Man if I had a guy like that." Lucy babbled on.
Allie didn't listen to her as Lucy rambled on. Allie looked behind her at John. Not once did John ever see Allie looking at him.

The bus stopped at John and Allie's stop. In John's driveway was two ambulances and a couple of cop cars. A man was putting 'Do Not Cross' tape around the property so no one would bother them. Everyone stood up on the bus and looked out the windows and even the bus driver stared in astonishment at the house. John hopped off the bus not noticing anything. As soon as he seen everything he was in tears and was about to break down and make a scene in front of everything. He ran under the tape and to the house. A cop stopped him right in his tracks, "You are not suppose to be here."

John looked at the house not paying any attention to the cop; "This is my house." He ran passed the cop and into the house. Blood was everywhere on the walls. John started to cry as he seen two a couple men roll out a person on a gurney. The body had a sheet that covered its head and the sheet was white and was soaked with blood. An arm fell from underneath the sheet. The hand had rose red nail polish on along with a bracelet. John noticed that the bracelet had many charms on it. He remembered that his mom had the same bracelet this morning when she cooked him breakfast before school. She always wore it and there wasn't another kind anywhere in the world because John made it himself. He fell to the ground crying his eyes out and as he fell his knees hitting the ground probably giving them both a bruise. A charm fell from the gurney and landed in front of John. John looked at it. It was a in the shape of a heart and it said, ‘World’s greatest mom on it. 'It had John’s name on the back of it. John put his head between his legs trying to erase his memory. A cop came and picked up the charm. The cop did not pay any attention to John. The cop walked out of the house. He began to cry harder when the chief of police saw him. The chief of police saw him sitting in the crime scene. You could tell that the cop fell sorry for the boy and that he knew what the young boy was going through. He walked over to him and patted on him on his back. The cop felt like he was about to cry. John felt uncomfortable as the man the he didn’t know anything about, except for that he was a cop, and he was trying to comfort him the cop said, "Was this your house, Son?"
John cried, "It was."
The policeman frowned as he saw the young boy crying, "I'm sorry, boy."
"Where is my dad?" John said
"Both of your parents are dead, I'm very sorry."
"What happened?" John sighed.
"Come with me and I will tell you everything you need to know," the cop said.
The cop pulled John of the floor and started to walk out the door. John stumbled to regain his balance. John walked behind the chief of police a ways back. John held his stomach with his hands because from seeing the blood he felt sick and he felt like he was going to throw up. The cop walked to the cop car and opened the door. The cop smiled at him and signaled for him to get in the car. John did not smile back at him. All he wanted was for his parents to come home, but they would never come back. John didn’t know if he could trust the cop. He was always told not to talk to strangers. Without a word John climbed into the very back of the car behind the bars. He felt like he was the one that was in trouble and he was the one that was going to jail, but he wasn’t. A different man climbed through the other door. He was short and he had a very complex, nice suit on. He made his dark blonde hair slick back that made him look like a cow licked him. He wore glasses that were black and they were bigger than his eyes. He sat there and opened his brief case and searched for something in it. He took out some of his papers. His brief case was a mess. He took out paper and a pen. He used the pen and scribbled on the paper. It didn’t work. The man smiled at John and began to dig through his stuff again. He finally found a pen. John was the first one to speak. The man wanted John to trust him.
"Who are you?" John sniffled. He tried to wipe his face with his shirt to get all the tears off.
He spoke softly “I am your lawyer and I need your help."
Obviously the man was lying. He was an agent, trying to figure out what had happened in the crime scene, "Was they’re anyone at your house lately?"
"Nope, Just me and my parents live here." John answered.
"How about on the phone," The agent asked.
"Nope, Just my grandparents." John frowned. He was tired of all the questions that the agent was asking him.
"Did they upset your mom or dad?" The man asked full of questions.
"No they wouldn't ever kill my parents." John angered.
"Were you aware of anything suspicious going on at your house?"
"No just the usual." John said. John’s heart was beating faster than ever.

"Were any of your parents doing drugs?" The man asked. The man sounded like a child and he was full with questions that he asked John.

"No why would they?" John sighed.
"No reason." the man said sarcastically.
"That right. There is no reason." John hissed.
"Do you know where your grandparents live?" the man asked looking outside at the house. He noticed the cops getting the rest of the evidence in the house
"She lives down the block." John pointed out the window and down the road.
"Do you want to go there until we figure some things out? We will tell you everything when we get the rest of the evidence," the man said.
"Yes I do," John sighed as he stared at his house. He thought about his mom and his dad.
"We will take you." the man smiled as he noticed his face expression. He did not even try to comfort John. The man didn’t even say sorry to him.
"Before I go what happened here?" John questioned the man with a mysterious look. He thought, ‘maybe he could get some answers out of the agent.’ John didn’t really count on it, but he knew that he could try.
"Do you promise not to tell anyone I told you?" The man said sounding childish. “It is classified and you are not allowed to tell anyone, but I think we can make some arrangements.”
"Your mom and dad were found dead. I bet you already knew that. The weapons that were used were a frying pan and a shotgun and that is all we know so Far." the man explained to John.
"Then who found them?" John asked. He wondered about how everything happened and he wanted to find the man or woman who killed his parents.
"We don't know." the man shook his head. The man was lying through his teeth
"I want to go now." John said turning towards the window again.
The man climbed out of the car. Then a different man climbed into the front seat. He was eating a doughnut and got powder all over him. His brown beard was covered with white powder from the doughnut. He drove down the block. John gave directions to their house. They lived a block away by the edge of the woods. Every now and then John would walk to their house after school.
“Woe they live close to your parents’ house huh?” the cop laughed.
“Yeah I guess so.” John muttered getting out of the car. He ran to the door. He knocked about twice before his grandmother opened the door. She was wearing a Nightgown and her hair was gray. When she smiled her teeth wouldn’t show because of all her wrinkled.
“Hello Johnny. What can I do for you this fine evening? Did you have a lovely day at school?” She croaked. She saw the cop standing at his car with the door open. He waved to her like he was giving her a signal. Her smile turned into a frown as she looked at John; “Honey takes your stuff up into the guest room for me and make yourself at home.” John did as he was told and went upstairs to the guestroom. He opened the door and threw himself onto the bed. He thought about why he couldn’t cry any more than he already has. He thought about him and Allie as well. They were supposed to meet up at the tree house today. He quickly lunged himself off the bed and grabbed his coat that he had thrown onto the floor. He ran downstairs to see his grandma crying on the couch in the living room. His grandpa was comforting her.

“I’m going outside to think.” He lied, “And maybe meets up with Allie along the way.”
“Okay, but be back before dinner.” His grandpa told him.
“I will.” He said sprinting out the door. He ran across the street and into the woods. The trees were marked with red so John and Allie could always find their way to the tree house no matter what happened. When he got there he heard no noise so he wondered if Allie even remembered what they were going to do today. The tree house stood in a tall tree. From down below it looked like a box, but if you ever went inside it could be anything you would like it to be. When John and Allie were little they found the tree house and played up there every day that possibly could. The tree had boards nailed into it so people could climb up there. He climbed up the ladder and into the tree house. Allie was sleeping in the green bean bag chair. Her book was lying right next to wide open. He started to giggle at first, but instead he crawled over to her and sat right by the bean bag chair.
“Hey Allie. I’m here. Are you awake?” John said patting her back.
“I’m awake. I just needed some rest. I didn’t get any sleep last night with all the noises. I am so glad you came. I was afraid that you wouldn’t show.” Allie yawned
“So what have you been doing?” John wondered about Allie when she yawned.
“Not much, you?” Allie asked. “I have been bored until you got here. Maybe now we can have some fun.”
“I had a busy day,” John said.
“Oh yeah. I know that you have had probably the worst day of your life, right? I am really sorry about that by the way,” Allie apologized. She remembered the accident.
“It’s fine.”
He knew what she was talking about the whole time. She got up and gave him a hug. He didn’t cry, but he did like the comfort she gave him.
They sat in more silence.
“Do you want to play a board game or something?” Allie suggested.
“Yeah I guess so. It will be fun to just pass the time away,” John tried to laugh, but it could hardly come out. It was like he was out of breath.
“It sure will be.” She said pulling out a deck of cards from the box sitting in the corner of the tree house. The box was full of toys.
“It is just I didn’t think that that would happen to me.” John frowned once more.
“I know. I’m sorry I brought it up. I will never do it again.” Allie worried.
“It’s okay.”
For the rest of the time they played games. They shared their stories and talked about life. They actually had fun and John forgot all about his parents. When the sun almost went down, but it still was shining over the world like a sunrise, it was time to go home
“I guess it is time to go home.” John said looking out the window.
“I guess so.” Allie said going to the window beside him.
“What is that?” John pointed out the window.
He pointed to a small green creature that looked like an elephant. It had brown spots everywhere on him. He had cat like ears as well. The creature was amazing looking and was not known by John or Allie. They had never seen an animal that looked like this in their entire lifetime. They never have even heard about it before. The watched in amazement as the green animal opened a door hidden on a rock and went through it. The door closed behind him.
“Where do you think it is going?” Allie wondered
“I am not sure, but if you want we can follow it and see.”
“Yeah let’s go.”
“Okay, but we need to be careful and when we find it we don’t need to disturb it at all.
They climbed down the ladder and walked over towards the rock. The rock was solid and there wasn’t a door or so they thought.
“How do we get in? I don’t see anything.” Allie sighed wanting to go and have an adventure.
John leaned on the rock. He knocked twice and the door opened, “I guess like that.”
Allie laughed. They both bent down and looked through the hole. It was dark and it seemed very long.
“Where do you think it goes?” John wondered.
“No idea, but it looks dark and scary.” Allie said.
“Do you want to see where it goes?” John hesitated.
“Not that much anymore, well not like I wanted to before I found out that it was dark.”
John got down and all fours. He hesitated. Then he started to army crawl through the hole. Spider webs covered the top of the cave. Allie, not wanting to stay by herself, was crawling close behind him. The small cave seemed endless. It was long and the trip seemed short.
“Are you sure that we are even going the right way?” Allie questioned getting the webs out of her hair.
“Yes because I can see a light in the distance.”
“Yeah and I bet that that was the way we came in. Well this is great; we crawled in a circle. Why didn't I just stay back at home?"
“No it isn’t.” John got mad.
"Wow I can see a lot of light from the hole." Allie said, "There are a lot of spider webs here. He crawled through the hole and stood up waiting for Allie to see what he could see. Allie crawled out next and she stood up dusting off her pants from all the spider webs. She was complaining about how long it took them to get out and how dirty the little cave was and how she never wanted to go through there again. She babbled on. She looked up at John to see if he was paying any attention to her. He wasn’t. She looked up to see where they were and they in a magical place that no one knew existed. The sight was amazing, the most unbelievable sight in the world. A million or so trees stood by villages and small houses that went in a pattern. There were woods and a small village area with thousands of people that John and Allie could see from the top of the hill. A huge tree stood in the middle. Birds flew around it and many clouds were in the sky. The sun shined over everything even the river. The tallest tree stuck out like a sore thumb. It was the greenest tree that there was and birds were flying in and out of the trees. The sun echoed through John and Allie’s eyes. They stared at the place like it was a painting and they were trying to conceive the image. They had no idea what were going to happen next, but Allie wanted to know and quick. The green creature ran into the forest. Allie was the first to notice it, but she could hardly speak. She wanted answers and she wanted them now.
“There goes Mint.” Allie pointed to the green creature that they had once seen before.
“Mint,” John wondered.
“I named him that because he reminds me of mint ice cream and that’s my favorite ice cream in the whole world.” Allie smiled.
“Okay.” John muttered.
“Hurry after him.” Allie charged.
They ran into the forest after the creature. He was so small that he seemed to blend in with the trees. The grass blew into the wind and John and Allie followed him. The creature ran through a door that was on the tallest tree. They hesitated if they should go in or not. John went in first and Allie was next. There was a long hallway that had red vines all over it. Allie was scared. Fear ran down her backside as she lost her balance a couple of times.
“Do not touch the vines.” John demanded
“Why can’t I?” Allie grunted again.
“Because they look poisonous and you might die from them. You never know what could happen.”

“Okay fine I won’t touch them then,” Allie said. She looked at the walls at the vines. She wanted to touch them, but she knew she couldn’t. She tripped over a branch that was on the ground. John looked behind him and she smiled at him as she laughed. John looked back down the hallway. John heard animal noises coming from the end of the hallway. Each one was different from the other. He started to walk closer and closer to the noises. Allie grabbed onto the wall as she helped herself up. She didn’t even think about the red vines. She looked at her hand and it was red as red could be. She analyzed it carefully. Then she passed out onto the floor. She hit her head on the floor. John heard the noise and he turned around and noticed this at once and he ran towards her, “Allie, are you okay? Can you hear me?” There was no answer. John picked up her hand and held it. John saw that her hand was red. He took her hand in between his and as soon as he rubbed his hand on hers he passed out just the same. When John woke up he saw Allie holding her head with her hand. She was looking at her hand and it was not red anymore. Someone must have rinsed it off.
"John, are you awake?" She whispered, "I keep hearing voices."
"Yes I am awake." John yawned. He stretched out his arms.
"Okay good." Allie smiled at him.
John got up and held out his hand to help Allie up. She grabbed his hand and she stood up, "Thank you." He nodded. Then they both started down the hallway. The voices were getting louder and louder.
"The time has come to act now." one voice said.
"We must wait for the right time,” another voice said.
"We can't wait any longer."
"We have to and just remember this all because of you humans have found us."
"I could have sworn no one was following me."
"There are no excuses for your actions."
"I am sorry your majesty."
"When they wake up they might be able to help us."
"But your majesty, they are humans!" "They can do more than you realize." "Yes you majesty." "You need to learn about their ways and how they live." the voice demanded. "That’s what I was trying to do in the first place,” another voice said. "But you failed to be careful." the voice said. "I know. "Have we forgotten?" The voice yelled.

"No I haven't forgotten." The other voice sighed.
"Good because since the humans have touched the red vines they can hear us and speak their talented words that anyone in the kingdom will listen to no matter what."
"What if the power was too much for them?" The voice was a man by the way it sounded, but was it actually a man?
"Humans are strong so don't worry about a thing." the voice whined
"But they are both children."
"Children can be powerful too." The voice suggested
"What if they are weak?" the other voice asked.
"They seem strong enough to me, if I do say so myself."
"They will be weak master." the man laughed.
"It doesn't matter how strong you are but how strong your heart is," the voice was saying as John and Allie got closer, and closer to them.
"I hear something,” the voice said listening to the noises that John and Allie were making in the hallway.
John and Allie were hiding behind the door. Allie sneezed.
"We are not alone master." The voice yelled.
They looked at the door. A voice yelled, "Come out or I will have no choice but to react and kill you."
John hesitated and opened the door all the way and walked through it. He held his eyes tightly closed. He opened his eye and saw a tall rabbit like creature that was sitting in a throne. His tale was lightning bolt and he looked familiar to Allie and John. John stood in shock as Allie ran in the room and hid behind John. She was shy and John was trying to protect her again. John pulled out his little notebook and looked at his drawings. He licked fingers every time he tried to turn a page. He stopped at the one he drew of the creature that stared at him in a weird way. He looked at his drawing and back at the creature, "Z-z-z-a-a-p." he muttered. The creature stood up from his throne. He widened his eyes at John. He started to wonder about the humans in his castle as walked over to him. He didn’t look too happy by the humans.
"How do you know my name?" he spoke in anger. He sounded like he had a lot of anger problems.
"I-I I." John stuttered. He had no idea what to say to the creature that was standing in front of him.
The creature pulled the notebook out of John's hand causing John to get a paper cut from the book. John sucked on his cut. Zap frowned as looked at it. He turned the pages with his paw. He had fur that was as white as snow and his eyes were a great baby blue like the sky. He started to laugh, "I see that the humans still teach you about me. It doesn’t surprise me. I bet the humans are still trying to find us from after all these years."
"Your, your." John stuttered again.
Zap began to laugh; "I am Zap. I rule Silk, the wonderful place of my people."
"I thought that this place disappeared."
"Just between you and me, I made it invisible and a portal is the only thing that can take you here or back into the human world."
"I can't believe I found Silk. Many of us have looked for years destroying many properties all over the world."
"I see. Well who is the king for you guys?" Zap asked.
"We don't have a king, but we do have a government."
"A government?" Zap wondered looking at Zap with a confused expression on his face.
"Just a bunch of people that keep everywhere in the world running. I don't really pay attention when we talk about this kind of stuff." John explained
"Oh I see." Zap said analyzing Allie and John.
"Well then." John nodded.
"Who is that behind you?" Zap said trying to look behind him.
"Oh I am sorry your majesty. I forgot to introduce ourselves, I am John and this is." He paused
Allie interrupted, "I am Allie nice to meet you and Mint."
Zap looked at her with a confused face. He looked around the room and giggled, "Mint who?"
"The little green creature."
Zap looked at the green creature behind him, "Oh well his real name isn't Mint."
The green creature spoke softly, "That is right I am Minstar, but I really love the nickname Mint so from now on call me Mint."
"Why did you name him Mint in the first place?" Zap asked.
"Because he is my favorite color of the ice cream named Mint chocolate chip."
They looked at her and started to laugh. She laughed too.
“So what were you guys talking about when one of you said that we would be able to help you guys out with something?” John stared.
“Mint, leave us in peace. I need to speak with them alone.” Zap said going up the long staircase. They followed him into a room that was long enough to fit a bunch of business people in. there was a table in the middle of the room that had chairs all the way around it. Zap looked at them and pointed to the chairs at the far end of the table, “Please sit if you wish.”
They walked around the table and sat down in the chairs. Zap stood at the top of the table. His paws were on the table and he faced them with a smile, “You all know about us, but do you like what it’s like to be us?”
They looked at him in confusion. He frowned, “I’m sorry let me start over. There is a person here that is known by another name. He is my brother that I haven’t seen in forever. He was my only sibling when my sister died. He is known by the name the evil one and don’t you be going around saying that either. Some of the villagers believe that it will curse you if you speak of him so don’t do it. Well my point is that I need him to be my brother again and not a savage. People question my power to be king all because of him. I know my brother Zach is a great man with a lot of problems, but he can bring out a good side in the world a lot, do you know what I mean by that? Well right now I’m pretty sure that he lives in Thriknell, and that is a forbidden town that no one can go to because the railroads have been closed down forever. The king of Thriknell came and fought with me, but he knew I was to powerful for him and he threatened to keep my brother in the divested place. To make it worse is that I never believed him and I always stood up for him and never backed down no matter what the consequences were? When my father died I promised to take care of everything for him, and then my mom full of depression killed herself.”
“I know how you feel.” John sighed.
“How in the world can you, such a small little human, possibly know how I feel?” Zap yelled across the table. You could tell that Zap wasn’t very pleasant in the tone that he said that in.
“John stood up and put his hands on the table. He began to yell, “My parents were murdered today. Both of them were murdered. How would you like it if you came home from the best day of your life to see people carrying out dead bodies and having blood all over the walls?”
Zap frowned, “I didn’t know I’m sorry.” John sat back down and looked at Allie. She put her arm on his back. He looked back at Zap gave a crooked frown.
“Why did your brother go into the evilness?” Allie questioned.
“You see he got mad at me and ran off to Thriknell and he only did that because the king and I were fighting and neither I nor my brother was chosen to be king yet. When the oldest picked me he told my brother, ‘You will bring evil to this land and burn everything in sight. There will be no more of the land Silk unless the humans come.’ At first no one believed that humans would come to this land, but here you all are looking deviating as ever. He just stormed off and I never seen him again until he came back to Silk and he was wearing a black cape that symbolizes the clan K Klan. It has been so long ago that I can’t even remember what that stood for. I was happy to be king, but sad enough to see my brother almost killing me. The night he came back he came into the castle and used black magic against me and I couldn’t do anything. The oldest came to tell me a vision of him doing so, but it was too late. As soon as the man seen Zach he used some old white magic tactics against him. Zach was defenseless and ran off again. I passed out after all of this had happened. When I woke up it was raining, and the ancestor was lying on the floor soaked with blood and he was dead. I swore never to give up for their sake and that someday I would rise once more making everything right in my kingdom again.”
“Sounds like we have a lot of work to do.” John sighed.
“Yes we do, but first let me have one of my helpers show you around the village area.” Zap suggested.
“Okay sounds good to me.” John nodded.
Zap walked out of the room.
“Wow, what did you think of that?” John asked.
“I thought that he was talking too much and that he should skip to the point.” Allie laughed.
“Yeah he did talk a lot, but I don’t get what he wants our help for?” John shrugged.
“I guess because humans use to be sacred here and that humans were in the prophet that the older was saying.” Allie said.
“Yes I know, but does he want us to help him get his brother back?” John wondered.
“I guess so.” Allie muttered.
The door opened and a small turtle like creature came in. He was small and had wheels instead of actual legs. He had a shell that was in the shape of a trapezoid. On the shell were a couple of hieroglyphics and some swirls. The head of the turtle like creature was a bright green. The creature smiled at the joyfully, “Well howdy, I am Rolly and I will be your guide around town.”
“Awe you’re so cute.” Allie awed.
The creature stared at her with an awkward expression.
Allie frowned, “I’m sorry.”
“No need dear. Now are we ready to go and explore the fascinating town of Silk and maybe tomorrow I will show you the town Narrara?" Rolly looked at them like he had never seen a human before; but then again he hasn't seen a human in over one hundred years.
“Sounds like a plan.” John smiled wondering what the town was like.
Rolly rolled out the door; John and Allie had to run just to keep off with him.
“Slow down.” Yelled Allie about a couple yards away.
Rolly started to go slow so they could catch up. They walked on a rocked path to the village. The village was beautiful in the sunlight. The little creatures ran around town playing tag and other games. John noticed that some little pugs that were standing on two feet were playing jump rope. Two held the rope while another jumped in the middle singing a non-familiar jump rope song, ‘Two kings had had a crew one lost and threw a screw. The monkey screamed and the daddy cried, too bad they had a fist inside. How many punches did it take? 1...2...3...’ Allie walked over to the kids.
“Do you want to know another verse you can say while jumping rope?” she asked.
The tallest out of the pugs shook their head, “No would you teach it to us?”
“Here let me teach you. Repeat after me, “went downtown, to see Ms. Brown, She gave me a nickel to buy a pickle, the pickle was sour, so I bought a flower. The flower was dead; she gave me a tack. The tack was sharp; she gave me a harp. The harp was broke; she gave me a cloak. The cloak was tight; she gave me a kite. The kite away flew, and I did too.”
The pugs repeated after her and started to jump rope again saying, “went downtown, to see Ms. Brown, She gave me a nickel to buy a pickle, the pickle was sour, so I bought a flower. The flower was dead; she gave me a tack. The tack was sharp; she gave me a harp. The harp was broke; she gave me a cloak. The cloak was tight; she gave me a kite. The kite away flew, and I did too.”
The kids laughed. Allie walked back to Rolly and John. Rolly walked through the town even more, “Well as you see most of us are very happy here. Over there is the library. The person who runs it is Mendelevium, and people just like to call him Melvin because like you guys heard his name, it is too long and that is just what we ended up calling him one day.”
The library was silent like all libraries were, but it was a different kind of silence. It was like a spooky silence that kids were scared of at night. The grass was dead in the front and the flowers were brown, it looks like the lawn hasn’t been taken care of in weeks. Rolly went along and showed them the city hall, the water fountain, the marketing place, and a lot more. Allie was amazed by the town like John was. The people who lived there was nicer than the ones back in the human world. John loved the nature that Silk had there, however Allie enjoyed the people and everywhere they went Allie would wave to everyone and say hi.
“Oh shoot.” Allie muttered, “Rolly, I was support to be home by now. We are very late and we will get in so much trouble.”
John agreed.

“Yes in the human world. It’s getting really late.” Allie explained.
“Oh see. Don’t worry about it. An hour here is like minute or so in the real world that you guys live in, or so I read in books. We changed it so it could be like that. I will take you back to where you guys came from.”
They rushed to the hill. John climbed back through the hole. Allie turned back towards Rolly, “How come no one was shocked that humans were here?”
Rolly laughed, “Oh they were. I bet when I go back to town I will be surrounded with questions. Zap’s father made a rule that if a human should ever come back to Silk, then you should treat them with respect and will not follow them everywhere they go. He was afraid that if humans did come that the creatures of Silk would obey their command and then the human would take advantage of it. They mostly would think that they are the king.”
“Oh I see. Well thank you for such a good day.”
“You're welcome.”
Allie crawled through the hole. When they both got back to their own world hey said goodbye and went home. They were late for dinner, so they had to sprint home in a hurry. John walked through the door. His grandma and grandpa were in the kitchen eating super. John went into the kitchen and grabbed a plate. He took the spoon out of the pan on the stove. He put some beans and meat on his plate and sat across from his grandma and right by his grandpa. His grandma looked down at her plate without saying a word.
“Why were you late?” His grandpa asked.
John looked at him, “I’m sorry. I was having so much fun.”
“Doing what?” his grandpa wondered.
“Oh you know just kid things.” John muttered thinking about Silk and how much time they spent there.
His grandpa sighed, “Well Johnny when we make rules around here we expect you to follow them and obey.”
“I said I was sorry.” John frowned giving them an angry look.
“I know you did, but all I am saying is that since you’re going to be living here for awhile we have rules that you need to obey.” he spoke.
“I know.” John said sarcastically.
“Then why didn’t you obey the dinner rule?” his grandpa stared.
“I said I was sorry.” John cried.
“That wasn’t my question.” His grandpa said with rage.
“I was trying to pass the time away without thinking about my parents.” John began to cry.
“Get over it you little crybaby. My parents are dead too and I am a stiff as a board. You need to learn on how to be stronger”
His grandma gave his grandpa a dirty look. John took his plate and dumped it into the trash and went upstairs. He was mad at everything that has happened today. He thought about Silk for awhile and fell asleep having the most wonderful dream about the place. The next morning John woke up as happy as a bee. After he got ready for school he grabbed his book bag and headed out the door he went to the bus stop. He always saw Allie, but this time it was different. She had her hair down and she wasn’t reading. Allie’s hair was never down. No matter what she would have it in a ponytail every single day? Allie turned and saw John.
"Hey John.” She spoke in a sarcastic tone.
“Hi Allie. You look amazing.” John complemented.
“Thank you,” Allie blushed, “I just wanted to try something new if you know what I mean by that comment.”
She smiled a dazzling smile that lit up John’s face. He muttered, “Did you have fun last night?”
“I sure did.” She said

“That’s good. So did I.” he laughed.
“Well come on don’t be shy, come sit on the bench as we wait. I am still sore from yesterday when I fell.” She laughed too.
“Okay. Yeah I am a little sore as well,” he said rubbing his back.
They waited for the bus together. When the bus finally came they hopped on and left for school. The whole entire day John was not made fun of like any other usual day he had. Everyone felt bad for him and every time they saw him in the hallway they said sorry and left. Not once did John cry though. He stayed strong, and everyone started to look up to him as a role model. Every once in awhile John was asked for help on homework like always, but today was different for John. On the way home he thought about going to Silk again. As he sat by the window a paper ball through at him. John took it between his hands and uncoupled it. It read: John, do you want to go to Silk today? We can spend more time there and visit Nararra and Apollo, if Rolly will let us go there in the first place."

John smiled and looked over the seat at Allie. She smiled at John and blinked at him. He laughed and sat back down in his seat. The bus was always crowded with psychos that liked to throw paper airplanes and stand up on the bus. No one would listen to the bus driver, so they all just did what they wanted to do. The bus stopped at John’s house. John and Allie went to Silk again. Rolly was showing them around Nararra. The place was calm and soothing. No castle stood anywhere in the kingdom. There was a hug village that had many little housed. John and Allie sat by the bakery as Rolly went in to go get them a sample of bread that the bakery makes. Allie fell asleep on the bench.

A man in a long dark cloak came over to them. His face hid under the hood. He smiled as his hands came together, “Hello human.”
John looked at him, “Why hello.”
“So the rumors are true then I guess. The humans have can back to Silk and are going to save them from the darkness.”
“Yeah I guess so.”
“Who’s your friend?” Zap looked at Allie.
“In this is Allie and I am John.”
“I am Z, well so my clan calls me.”
“That’s a cool name.” John laughed on the inside.
“So how is your king Zap?”
“He is okay I guess.”
“I see. I haven’t seen him in so long. It seems like years since I last saw him.”
“You can go see him now. I bet he isn’t doing anything.”
“Yes, but he is always busy.”
“Yes, but his friend might be able to cheer him up.” “He doesn’t want to see me. He hates me. I can destroy his kingdom with my power that has been given to me so he is deeply afraid of it.”
You could tell that by the way Z spoke that he was tricking John. John didn’t seem to notice it, but he had forgotten when Zap said, ‘he was in a dark black cloak that hid his face.’ John smiled trying to comfort him, “I bet he would like to see you. He hasn’t been in a happy mood lately.”
“Why would he want to see his brother?”
There it was. The word slipped from the tongue. John noticed this at once and his whole face froze. He looked as if he was turned into stone. John tried his best to stay calm; “You’re his loved one. You’re his brother and no matter what he would want to see you. You guys should be close again.”
“You look to be in shock that I am Zap’s brother.” He whispered.
“Sort of.”
“I guess after all the weird stuff you have seen today hasn’t really got to you. Has he told you about me yet?”
John nodded, “I have heard a couple things.”
The man heard Rolly and he looked at john with a warning, “Well would you tell him something for me?”
“Yeah I guess so.”
“Tell him that the two weeks from now, that I expect to see him in the meadow at Apollo with his army. We will see who the strongest is in the family.” He laughed. Then he disappeared.
Rolly came out with a basket on his shell full of bread and doughnuts. John woke up Allie. Allie and John grabbed the bread and sunk their teeth into it. It warmed their taste buds as the awed the sweet taste.
“Is it good?” Rolly asked.
“Definitely.” Allie awed.
John was quiet as he ate the bread. The whole way back to the castle John thought about what the man said. He was worried that Zap would get hurt in the battle. He knew now what Zap needed Allie and him for. He figured that a human wouldn’t be mush use because they had no magic powers, and no way to win the battle without a strategy. They went back to Silk and went into the castle doors. Zap was sleeping in the throne with his legs over the side.
“Your majesty?” Rolly whispered trying to wake him up.
Zap twisted and turned and opened his eyes. He yawned and stretched his arms and legs, “Yes?”
“We brought you some bread.”
“Put it in the kitchen.” Zap yawned.
John hesitated to tell him. Zap sat up in the throne and looked at john and Allie, “So how are you all today?”
“Excellent, how about you?” Allie muttered.
“Actually I have a message for you.” John said.
Zap smiled, “Well what is it?”
“I need to tell you alone. Allie and I both need to tell you.”
Zap frowned and like last time they went upstairs and into the room with the long table. Allie and John sat in the same seats. Zap stood in the front of the room; “Since we are alone and you have forced me to come here I expect that the news isn’t very good.”
John shook his head, “I saw Zach today.”
Zap’s eyes widen as he stared in disbelief. He wondered about Zach. He frowned, “When?”
“When Rolly was showing us around in Narrara.” John tried to explain it clearly.
“What did he have to say?” Zap asked.
“He said that he and you were going to have a war. He planned it this way,” John said.
“When?” Zap began to worry.
“Two weeks from today,” John said.
“Apollo, in the meadow,” John explained.
“I guess I will get the army,” Zap sighed.
“Don’t you need our help?” Allie asked.
“I do, but not like this. I don’t want any more people finding out about this so keep it at a hush.”
“We will help fight along by your side.” Allie stood, “You needed our help and here we are giving it to you.”
“You don’t understand!” yelled Zap; “You both are just kids. You are weak in every way possible. You have no magic within your blood.”
John was furious. He stood up; “It doesn’t matter how much strength you have. It matters on the strength of your heart and your power to do so.”
John and Allie ran out of the room and down the stairs. John grabbed Allie’s arm and pulled her out the door.
“Where are we going?” Allie asked.
“We are going home,” John said.
“They’re so called king doesn’t want or need our help at all,” John sighed.
“But he does. He just can’t see it yet.” Allie cried.
“Have you all seen the prophet?” An old woman said.
She was from the air wish clan and she understood on what was happening. She smiled at them for awhile, “Apparently not. Follow me children.”
John looked at Allie and she walked behind the woman. The woman led them back into town and to the old library. They followed her inside. The place was magnificent by the way it looked. Every bookshelf was filled with books on the walls. The bird walked slowly to the door that had two olden day candles burning on the side. She opened the door and John and Allie went inside. The hallway was dark and soon enough the silence was too. John and Allie had no idea where they were going and nor did they even care. The hallway led to a circle room that was filled with cave drawings on them. They told a story.
“Go ahead and look at the prophecy.” The bird suggested as she sat on the wall. John walked up to the wall and saw a picture of him crawling through a wall. Allie did the same and went up to the wall and saw another picture of her and John meeting Zap. The whole story of their life was written on the wall. John went to the other pictures seeing one that had a picture of him and Allie on a mountain looking over Silk, and another one of them fighting a monster that was drawn to cover up half of the wall. John rubbed his hand on the monster and looked at his hand. The drawings have been on there for a while or it would have come off onto John’s hand. Allie saw the picture as well. The drawing had no eyes, but it was just black as black could be and two little people stood behind a dead body with swords in their hands. It was John and Allie. Allie looked back at the elder who was watching them carefully.
“Do you like it? The place was made by the famous elder who seen the future. He was a smart man and everything he predicted would come true. I thought you guys should see this because I would hate to be lied to as well.”
“If this is us.” Allie pointed to the people with swords, “Then who is the one that is dead behind us?”
“That would be your king. When he saw this he became furious. He knows that it is himself, but he says that he would never be killed and would die of old age. I know that he has fear running up and down his spine every night, but he will never admit it to anybody not even me.”
“Then why have you brought us here?” John questioned. “There is many innocent people who live here and good people too. Some of them would never hurt anyone, not even a fly. The people of Silk, Narrara, Apollo, and Thriknell need your help to do so. We need a hero. The king doesn’t want a pity human to save us. He believes that he can do whatever on his own. The day will come when you meet all of the dark people and you shall face them with all of your might and don’t you dare back down. Do it for us not yourselves.” The woman said with a croak.
John and Allie looked at each other and nodded heading out of the library. They were going to go back to the castle.
“Be careful. And always be on your watch for any suspicious activity too." the woman called as they left.
They didn't pay attention to her. When they reached the castle a summer wind began to blow. Everything went from warm to freezing. They went into the castle and saw Zap sitting in the throne.
"You do need us." Allie spoke walking over to him. She touched his back.
"Don't touch me!" he yelled hitting her face knocking her down onto the floor.
Allie crawled backwards as she rubbed her bloody nose with her shirt.
"You monster." John said walking over to Allie. He helped her up. He walked slowly to Zap, "You know your future, and if you wait any longer you will be dead."
"I won't die." Zap screamed.
"Oh, but you will if you don't let us, the humans help you." John argued.
"What do you know?" Zap ordered.
"We know a lot. We have seen the prophecy." John explained
"How?" Zap worried.
"We saw it in the library. An elder showed it to us." John laughed. "The elder was wrong to show you the prophecy." Zap asked.
"It's not the elder's fault. It is yours." John said with rage in voice.
"How is this fault?" Zap argued back.
"You never told us the whole truth." John smirked.
"You don't know what it's like to have a future of death." Zap frowned
"I don't, but you know what I could care less."
"You all are pity, filthy humans." Zap hissed.
"Don't blame us if you don't want our help." John shook his head.
"I have to have you all here under my watch." Zap explained.
"You don't have to do anything." John persuaded.
"I wish. I took over this kingdom for my father. He died, and soon after so did my mother." Zap explained.
“Do you want our help of not?” John asked with rage
“I do.” Zap sighed.
They were training for the rest of the time. At school Allie would read books on war and the army. She would not even pay attention in her class. She was ready beyond belief. John on the other hand would draw swords and skills that can be performed with them. He was anxious and couldn’t wait any longer than he already has. In Silk Zap would stand at the balcony watching the others swords fight and practice their magic. He thought, ‘This is going to be a disaster.’ He was worried about the future, but for some reason his head was filled with the past as well. As the night got darker the people slept in tents around the castle. John and Allie would come to Silk after school without doing their homework. The usually did that in the morning on the bus. Allie would watch the animals pray that they would get out alive and that they would see their loved ones again. The soldiers had a strong hard and a will to survive. There was no time to mess around. All John did was sword fight all the others. There was no competition to see who would win. John and Allie never practiced magic because they were humans, and they couldn’t be able to learn it. The skills of magic were wondrous and beautiful to Allie. Sometimes she got distracted most of the time by it. As the weeks went by it was time to fight. It was a Saturday in the humans’ world. They came to Silk about 10 o’ clock in the morning. John was all excited, and so was Allie. After all it was their first battle. When they got to Apollo everything was silent. They wondered on which the battle was suppose to start. Allie and John stood behind Zap. They were in a triangular shape. They grass fields were lime and the sun was shining in the middle of the battlefield. No one was modern so they didn’t have any guns so they all had swords. Z stood at the other end of the grass field with his army behind him. There looked to be about a thousand people behind him that were violent and mean. He was also known as Zach. Zach and Zap met in the middle of the field. Allie and John waited in silence. They shook hands and disappeared and ended up back where they started. Zap looked at the army behind him and let out a sigh. He began to speak out towards them, “The battle will begin at 1:00 and if it is okay I would like to say a speech to all of you. I know that after today I might not see all of you alive. I might not live too. Let’s show them how Silk and give a good comeback. We all know the strategy, right? Well anyway let’s give them a night that they will remember. Let them shrivel in fear at the honor that we will gain. Most of you will not see your loved ones, but you know that you will always be in your heart as will you be in theirs. You know that they love you know matter what. Let’s do this for our families and for Silk, Nararra, and Apollo. Let Thriknell break down. Be tough as tough can be, and never give in. If Zach is killed by another person, there will be severe punishment for whoever does so.” Zap turned to face the battlefield. John smiled at Allie as the clock struck 1 o’ clock. The armies rushed towards each other striking the ones in front of them. Zap and Zach clinked together and used their magic against each other. All you could see was white and black coming together. John didn’t seem to notice it. Allie stuck her sword into a creature that was bigger than she was. It fell to the ground in a hurry. A bull like creature swung his hammer at Allie and missed. Allie started to run, but she tripped over a sword and lost hers in the distance. The creature threw his sword and in his hands was a Ball of magic forming blue and purple. It stopped. Its eyes got wide as it fell to the ground. Standing behind him was John with his sword in his hand, and it was covered in blood. He ran off without a word. Allie lied in the grass as she saw Zap and Zach fighting. She got up and grabbed her sword and began to fight once more. Witches and bird flew in the sky fighting one and another. A witched killed a bird, and as the bird fell it landed on John. John crawled out from under it and ran off. The bird’s blood was soaking into the ground and dirt. Each and every little piece of grass was painted with the red of the blood. Zap and Zach were amazing. They threw their magic faster than the last. All of a sudden Zach hit Zap with his power of flame causing Zap to fall to the ground. Zap’s head began to bleed. He was too weak to move. Zach stood in front of him laughing. John stopped and watched, and so did Allie. No one else cared and kept fighting. “You were too weak, brother. Did you really think you could defeat me?” Zach laughed. Zap began to smile; “Do you really think that this would be over? This will never be over, and as long as I am alive it will never be over.” Zach frowned, “You will die in this battle field by the time the day will end.” John grabbed a hammer in a hurry so he could fix his sword. He figured that if he threw it at him, he would kill Zach, but if he did he remembered what Zap said about having severe punishment if another person killed him. Zap coughed, “To die is a great adventure, but my soul will live on forever.” Zach walked over to him putting his foot on Zap’s chest. His foot crushed into his chest so Zap couldn’t breathe. He whispered at Zap, “You will die now.”
Zach loosened his foot and fell to the floor hitting his head and knocking out. Zap looked at John as he smiled. At first Zap was mad, but instead he was too weak as well and passed out.
He woke up in his house. John, Lily, and Allie were standing next to him. They all smiled as they seen his eyes.
“Did we win?” Zap asked.
“We sure did.” Lily laughed.
Zap smiled at her, but then went into an immediate frown, “Is my brother dead? Where is he?”
“No it bent my sword so he wouldn’t be dead. And he is right across the hall in his bed.” John explained. Zap didn’t even think. He got a cane and stood up. They all made a sour looking face because they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to help him when he falls. Zap ran to the other room. He began to cry and he opened the door. He saw his Brother Zach sitting on the bench by the window. Zach looked at him. His eyes were no longer the color red, but they were blue like the heavens above.
“Where am I?” Zach asked in a sweet tone.
“Don’t you remember anything?” Zap asked.
“It’s all fuzzy to me really.” Zach spoke.
“You hit a tree and got knocked out when our dad chose me instead of you, but we both agreed to rule together." Zap lied.
Zach had a concussion from the sword hitting him. Zach began to smile at Zap. Zap was about to cry. "That's good that we both can rule the castle together, right?" Zach asked with a big smile on his face.
"Yeah it is." Zap said.

After the war ended everything was silent like the good old days. Many were dead and some even lost their loved ones. It was now the earlier summer. John and Allie came to Silk every day. They were now the age of sixteen. You would think that teenagers wouldn’t believe in Silk, but ever since they seen the place they believed in it. They told stories about the place, but no one would believe them. In Silk Zach lived in Silk, in the castle, with Zap. They were closer than ever. Zach had no idea about him being evil and how he was a god to the darkness. No one ever brought it up because they all though that Zach would go back into “Z the Evil One.” He expected nothing. After Lily came back to see Zap she decided to stay. She was a Silkien as well. She was married to Zap. She left to find their daughter, but she couldn’t find her. During the day she sat in her study and was quiet. She would hardly talk to anybody. John and Allie hardly ever talked to her. After a few weeks of wondering if she would ever find her daughter, she almost killed herself. She was thought to be dangerous so now she sits in a room with padded walls in the castle. Everyone was scared to go see her so they left her all by herself. Zap was too worried about other things that he hardly would go see Lily. It was a Monday and John and Allie came to Silk really early in the morning than they usually did because it was new comer day. This was the day that people would come and try Silk or Apollo. No one really went to Nararra. Sometimes people would spell Nararra different. They would also put Nararra because it sounded the same. Zach, Allie, John, and Zap stood at the train station. The waited at 9:00 in the morning. John and Allie sat on the bench and Zach sat in the middle. Zap was leaning on the side of the bench.
“So who are we waiting for?” Zach asked anxiously.
“We are waiting for everyone because as kings we need to greet them, but there is one Silkien that is actually coming from Nararra. She is a princess. Her parents accidentally breaded wrong so she is a mutt. Her mother was a Silkien and her father was an air wish clan. She took after her mother and now her mother wants her to meet me because I am the Silkien leader. She is about your age Zach and her name is Rose.” Zap replied.
The train finally came to a stop at the station. The train was a dark green color with yellow wheels that screeched along the track as it stopped. The doors finally opened and Zap walked up to the train and started to greet everyone that stepped off it. There was Birds as tall as John was and there were little ants, mice that were small as a thimble. A small looking Silkien stepped out of the train with a suitcase. She stopped to talk to Zap. Zap walked her over to John, Allie, and Zach. Zap gave the Silkien a warm smile that seemed to have calmed her nerves. You could tell that she was nervous by her expression and they way she tried to stand normal but her legs were crossed. He cheeks were rosy reds. Zap looked at them and then back at the girl. He patted her on the back and it startled him at first. Then he finally spoke, “This is Rose. Make her feel at home.”
She was gorgeous, She had a rose that was clipped her ear. She was quiet at first, but then she waved at all of them, Zach eyes widened at her beauty. Zap gave her a comforting hug. Her fur was a light chocolate brown. Her eyes were a dark blue that sparkled when the sun perfectly aligned with them. She had patches of dark brown in her as well. She looked nothing like her dad. Everyone jumped up to greet her at once. Allie’s welcome to Rose was astonishing since Allie was hyper that day. They went back to the castle. Zap showed Rose to her room. It was a couple months before anything excited happened. Zach adored Rose staying with them. They would talk almost every day to get aquatinted. Zach showed her all over Silk during the day when they had plenty of free time to get to know each other and just to relax. Rose would talk about how she loved her town Nararra and how her parents met. She says that when she was a child everyone made fun of her for being a mutt, who was a person that mixed breeds, but luckily her mother didn’t have any problems with the birth of Rose. Rose said that when mutts are born they look weird and the mother usually had a very hard time with the birth. Rose thought and usually said the same story over and over again. She said, “Yeah my parents fought a lot, but when my dad took me over his new wife was furious. I had no choice but to go with my mom again because my dad’s new wife refused to let me stay there and my dad loved her more than me. When I left the castle my dad made a rule that as long as I was his daughter that I shall be called princess and would take over the kingdom, but I didn’t want it. So I told him and he seemed very upset, so he had more children with his new wife. She thought that if she had a girl that it would take my place in his heart, but no matter what I was his favorite and I love my dad a lot like he loves me today. I came to Silk because we had no religion back in Nararra and my mom wanted me to learn something from Zap. She always told me that he was the god of our religion. To me he was just a person that I did not, under any circumstances want to meet, but no matter what I thought then, I think Zap is a nice person now and that is all that matters to me. I judged him and now I feel bad for it.” It was eight months in Silk time, but in the human world it was almost three months. John and Allie spent all day at Silk during the summer. Rose told John and Allie about her past and how she would love to spend it during the days when she had nothing to do except for catching up on her sleep. They were all in the living room talking. Rose was tired, so she decided to go up into her room and take a nap. Then she would come back and tell more stories to Zach, Zap, John, and even Allie. They were all getting tired of her stories, but they were trying to make her feel at home and comfortable to talk to them, no matter what it was about. Rose screamed. John and Allie were standing downstairs when they heard her scream. They ran upstairs to her bedroom. Zap and Zach followed closed behind them. They went into her room and they seen a bird on the balcony that kept saying, “Princess?” Rose was in the corner of the room like the bird had attacked her.
“Rose, are you okay up here?” Zap asked worried. Rose looked at him, “I saw the bird and when it said princess I said nope and it attacked me.” She was right. The bird had attacked her. She was bleeding on the side of her face. There were claw prints that went down her cheek. Rose was in tears. Zach helped her up and looked at the bird that was sitting on the balcony’s rails. It moved it head and looked at all of them. They didn’t know what to do so they stared at it. It said the same word for awhile as everyone looked at it weird, “Princess,” It said again. It looked like it was analyzing them. Rose walked closer to it. Zach grabbed her arm, “Don’t get that close. You never know what this thing could do.”
“It can’t be that bad,” Rose suggested, “Maybe it just wants to talk.” “I ought that.” Zap muttered.
Rose walked over to the bird giving it a glare, “Yes?”
The bird was mechanical. It stared at her in amazement; “I am sorry princess.”
The bird looked down. Rose smiled a little tiny smile that hid the sadness that she had; “It is okay. What do you want with me?”
“Come closer!” The bird signaled for her to come closer. Rose did what the bird said and she stood not even a foot away. The bird’s eyes glowed red, as its body was full metal. It was angry at her, but then his eyes changed color to green, “I want something that only you can give me. Look down there.”

Rose went to the side of the balcony and looked over the edge. Zach leaned on the wall by John. Allie was sitting on the floor. Zach was worried. He didn’t want anything to happen to Rose so he was very protective. Sometimes he would stalk Rose around town and then other times he would never leave her side just so that Rose would be safe and Rose never mind because she liked his company. Rose frowned. She was confused. Rose didn’t see anything. A man then jumped off the roof and pulled Rose over the railing causing her to fall. Everybody else rushed to the rails looking over it and watching as the man and Rose disappeared into a portal that opened on the ground where they had fallen. Zap turned around and ran to the hallway. He went east to a bookshelf on the wall and stared at it. Zach followed him. Zap analyzed each book that sat on the shelf. Zap pulled out an old book, that had thousands of spider on it, on the shelf and it opened revealing a secret passageway. The passageway was made when Zap built the house; Zap sprinted down that hallway to. John and Allie were now close behind as well. They came to a room that had a lot of computers on the walls and many other electronics.
“What is this place?” John asked looking in all directions at the room.
“This is a place where you can track people on it and you can do a lot more. When I was little I use to come here and track many other people that I put the clip on.” Zap explained going to a big computer that rested on the north wall. Zap smiled as he whispered something to the computer. It sounded like a password, but it was too silent that no one knew what he said and Zap wanted to keep it like that. He started to work on it. No one knew what Zap was actually doing, but in some way they trusted his decision and let him work in peace. He looked like he had a lot of experience with these kinds of things. After all he has spent his time with these things for more than a hundred of years, in some ways he looked like a nerd. John and Allie had no idea what he was doing. Zap made John think of how much they are alike. They were both nerds and they had tons of family problems. They all looked at the other equipment as Zap worked on the computer for awhile.
“I don’t remember this place.” Zach sighed. Zach hardly remembered anything from his childhood, but he tried to trust everyone that fed lies to him. They were afraid that he was going to become evil again like last time. “But then again, I don’t remember a lot.” “You don’t remember it because I found it when none of us were supposed to know where it was.” Zap sighed.
A dot showed up on the screen that was red. It began to move really fast on the screen.
“What is that? Do you have a virus?” Allie asked.
“That right there is Rose.” He pointed.
Zach looked at the screen. He was frightened. He bit his lip hard. He almost let out a tear that ran down his cheek, “Where is she?”
Zap began to work on the computer again. He could type fast for someone that had no thumbs. Zach stood there with anxiousness. He bit his fingernails and could not be patience. There was nothing in the world that Zach would do to keep him busy because he was too worried about Rose. Zap stopped and looked at Allie, “She is in Thriknell. That is weird. What does someone want with Rose? Allie, you and John need to go save Rose for us.”

Allie nodded and so did John. Zach went up to Zap and glared at him in a vicious way that was unimaginable. Zach looked down at the ground; “I want to go to. I mean I need to.”
Zap looked at Zach smiling, “I see, well do you have the strength?” “Yes I do,” Zach nodded.
“Okay well be careful then. I am going to stay here to make sure you guys are going the right way.” Zap said putting little trackers on John, Allie, and Zach. They are smiled as they ran out of the castle, got on the train, going to Thriknell. The railroads were still closed, but that didn’t stop them before. The plan was that they would jump of the train when it went by the closed tracks. After they did that they ran down the tracks and to Thriknell. They figure that no train had used this pathway in awhile. They hide in the shadows by the walls.
“We don’t match everyone else.” Allie pointed.
Everyone else was wearing a black cloak that touched the floor. John signaled for them to follow him behind a bush. They ended up pulling a couple guys into the bush and stealing their clothes. After they were done they would tie them up and put tape over the people that they stole from mouths’. Then they left, leaving them all there. They walked up to a building that what football fields high. It stuck out from the rest of the town like a sore thumb. They walked inside the building. Everything was quiet. There were many hallways that led to another. Each one was going the other way. Allie looked at both hallways.
“Let’s split up. Then we can find her faster.” Zach suggested going to the left.
Allie nodded and headed for the right, which means that John was going down the hallway that led straight. Allie walked down the hallway in silence, not knowing where she was going. She went down the hallway that had stairs that went down. She walked down the stairs and saw thousands of doors that screaming was coming out of them. Allie started by looking in all of them, one at a time. John walked down the hallway that he chose and ended up in a courtyard that everybody was in. John shoved his way through trying to get to the other door on the other side of the courtyard. Zach was scared going down his hallway. There were many chains that hung on the walls. Every now and then he would hear a scream coming from behind him. A couple people walked by him wearing black coats. They stopped and looked at him. Then he bowed in respect not knowing that it was Zach that they were bowing to. Then one spoke, “Hello brother. Have you heard about the new prisoner?”
“No I haven’t.” Zach replied trying to hide his actual tone of his voice.
“I hear she is a real keeper. And that is a princess. Do you want to come see her with us?” the other one spoke.
Zach nodded following them down the hallway. They went up a flock of stairs. It seemed like forever before they stopped on the very top floor. They opened the door and walked to a cell that had many others at it. They were all teasing her in ways that made her furious and cry. The man looked at Zach and the other one; “We will never get to see her with all these people around. The other one nodded.
Zach smiled at them both and walked toward the crowd, “Okay get a move on. The master told me to shoo all of you guys out of here. He says that she needs to be comfortable in her new home.”
The guys behind Zach agreed. They persuaded that they all needed to leave. Then as all of them ran out the door, Zach and the two guys walked up to the cell. The door was metal and it had big enough bars on it that no one would get through. They all looked at her.
“Come here princess,” one called, “I only want to kill you.”
“He’s kidding. We all know that you’re going to die in a blood pile anyway.” The other said looking at Zach, “Aren’t you going to make her mad too?”
Zach looked at him and walked to the cage. He seen Rose crying in the corner of it, “Missy, come here. Your poor daddy is not here to protect you, is he? No one is here to protect you. So why don’t you come over here so I can kill you too just like I did with all the others.”

Rose shrunk down in the corner. She was crying even harder. One of the men got the key from the wall. They opened the cage to scare her even worse than she already was. They slowly walked in scaring Rose half to death before she got up and started to fight all of them. With one hit she knocked one of them out. Then as the other threw his power of magic at her, she was quick enough to jump and attack him. He passed out too. Zach stood at the wall watching as she walked slowly to him, “I have had enough of the stuff I have been through today. So let me out.”
“I am here to save you, so don’t worry we will escape together.” Zach calmed.
She stopped and started to laugh, “A K Klan member like you? I will never believe you, No matter what you are.” Zach forgot that he was still wearing his hood. He took it off, “No matter what I am?” She laughed as he ran to him jumping in his arms. He started to cry full of laughter. A man dressed in black as well opened the door and seen them in the middle of the room. "The prisoner has escaped!" he announced going down the hallway.
Zach grabbed Rose's hand and let her out the door. They were surrounded. He saw their shadows on the wall and they kept coming closer and closer. Zach went to the window that was next to them and looked out. He threw off his boot and he grabbed his sock. The K Klan marched down the hallway towards the room. Zach noticed that a power line led to the building across the street and it was nailed right above the window in the wall that was above Zach’s head. Zach grabbed his sock and put it over the power line and he turned to grab Rose's hand. She gave a look of fear towards him, but she grabbed his hand. She held onto his back as they used the sock to slide down the line. Rose bit her lip so tight that it almost came off. Rose almost slipped right off, but she closed her eyes as they reached the building just in time. Zach was worried that Rose was going to fall off, but she never did. They landed on the building. Zach used his feet to push up against the building to stop them. They let go and were now safely on the building. They looked towards the other building. They watched as the men in dark cloaks go by the window and into the room. They came back and looked out the window at them. They cursed out the window at them. Zach hoped that John and Allie got out alright. Zach knew that John and Allie were strong and that no matter what they would make it out alive. He wondered why Rose was quiet. Zach turned around to look at Rose, but she was gone. He ran to the side of the building and saw her laying on a tarp that was over a little shop in the town. Allie and John ran over to her. Zach noticed them at once. They had gotten out alive and they were wearing their old clothes again. Zach ran down the stairs as fast as he could. He was praying for Rose that she was not dead. Zach was out of breath by the time her got down the stairs. He was now walking very slowly towards the door that led outside. He was panting. He walked outside and saw Allie and John kneeling down by Rose. Allie put her hand on Rose’s neck to find a pulse. She found one. The sighed with a relief and Zach stared at her as he bit his lip. They had got her down while Zach was running down the stairs. Zach picked her up and they took her straight to the doctor's office. They got there and the doctor took her into a room where she could rest and told the family to wait outside in the waiting room while he does more tests on Rose. The family sat in the waiting room. They all talked as the old clock on the wall ticked back and forth. The hours went by like minutes and minutes like seconds. The doctor finally came into the room and looked at the family. He was wearing fully white and he was a dog like creature. He was a happy person. The family looked at him with a frown. He gave them all a smile and nodded his head to signal them that she was going to be okay. He looked at each one of them and stopped, He smiled at Zach, “Would you come with me? She would like to see you, if you don’t mind.
Zach started to worry. He looked at Zap and Allie as they both signaled them to follow him. Zach got out of the chair and followed the doctor down the hallway and stopped at a room. The room number was 178. The doctor opened it and Zach walked in. The room was silent as the doctor shut the door and left. Zach heard doctors roaming up and down the halls. He saw Rose sitting in her bed. Zach pulled up a chair and sat by her. She grabbed her hand and held it between hers. He began to cry, but Rose hushed him. Her eyes met his and she smiled, “What do you think about the name Jaz?”

“It’s a lovely name, why do you ask?” Zach wondered

As the finished talking, the doctor brought in two children. She handed a baby girl to Zach. She looked like Rose and He had patches everywhere that were white. Her fur was a light brown as well. She had hazel eyes with a tint of blue and yellow in them. Zach handed the baby to Rose and the nurse handed another baby to Zach. This time it was a boy and he was white. His eyes were brown and there was a strip of brown that went down his forehead and his stomach was fully brown. They were both Silkiens, but we call them rabbit people. They were so small and the best part was that they were Zach and Rose’s little bunnies. Zach announced, “Can we name him Reno.” Rose nodded. She loved that name. Zach kissed Rose’s head and walked out the room. He ran down the hallway and into the room where Zap, Allie, and John sat. He yelled, “I am a father.”
They all congratulated him. After a couple days they got to bring them home. Jaz and Reno shared a room across the hall from Rose and Zach’s room. As the months went by the children became very talented. They started to walk earlier than normal children. They were about 2 in human years. Most people counted in human years because Allie and John didn’t understand anyone. Jaz was small, but she understood many things that others that were adults didn’t. Reno mostly hit walls and ran around. He was fast for a younger kind of bunny. The night was dark and John and Allie lied to their guardians saying that they were staying at each other’s houses. But they were going to spend the night at Silk instead. They stayed in the guestroom down the hall. They heard a noise from Jaz and Reno’s room. At first they thought that one of them was up, but they kept hearing different noises that kept them awake in the middle of the night. They finally got up in the middle of the night and walked into their room. A man stood at their cribs with his hands over both of the cribs. They went and tried to attack him, but he disappeared before they got there. The children disappeared too. Allie ran to the window and saw him running on the path. Allie woke up people on their way there. Zach calmed down Rose as she cried. They ran after him. He ran right to the long bridge that reached out over a pond. They followed him. They walked onto the bridge. They surrounded him. He faced them and started to laugh. The walls of Silk disappeared and they were in a place where only the bridge stood and walls covered all sides. It floated in mid-air. There was a mix between purple and black. It looked like the middle of a lava lamp. John stared as the man looked at them. He was wearing a cape that was purple on the inside and black on the out. He wore a tall hat and a tux. His face hid under a human mask. He smiled a devilish smile.
“Do you want to play a game?” He asked smiling.
“No, now give us back my babies.” Rose demanded.
He smiled as Jaz and Reno appeared, but all of a sudden boxes appeared and the floated into them. The boxes doubled and there sat six boxes between the man and John who stood in front. The boxes started to float off the ground.
“You have 4 guesses to guess which bow they are in.” He laughed.
They all looked at each other. Zach looked at them and guessed, “The second.”
The man laughed as the box opened and a bomb popped out. The bomb exploded on the ground at them. Then the boxes started to shuffle. The boxes mixed so good that no matter what they wouldn’t know where the children where. John looked at the boxes. Rose started to cry because she thought that they wouldn’t find her children in time.
Allie watched the boxes carefully, “Number 6?”
The man laughed, and then his face went white as the box opened and Reno popped out. He landed right in Allie’s arms. Rose was grateful that this happened, but she was still worried about Jaz. The boxes were mixed once more. Then one box disappeared. There were now five boxes that floated in mid-air.
Zach looked at the boxes, “Number 3?”
The man giggled as the box opened and spiders started to crawl out of it. The boxes were mixed once more. Everyone started to step on the spiders. Rose handed her baby back to Allie. Spiders surrounded Rose as Zach kept killing them.
“Number one is our last guess.” John pointed.
The man laughed for he knew that it wasn’t the right box. The lid opened, and Zach was chewing his fingernails as nothing came out of the box. Then out popped Jaz. She landed in John’s arms. She was as sweet as can be. The man was furious. He put his hands up to the sky, and all of a sudden big beach balls fell from the sky. The balls were taller than a normal building. The balls kept bouncing trying to crush everyone in its path. They all started to run. John kicked a ball and it flung at the man. He didn’t see it as it rolled over him. He was still alive.
“You were smart, but now you have one more try to win you next game.” He coughed.
They all ran after him, but the man was now bouncing in the air just like the balls were. The man stopped and Zach took advantage and he kicked the ball at him. The ball flattened him in a hurry. The balls disappeared and they were back on the pond at Silk. The man laid on the ground in a hush. Zap went and was about to touch him when his body all of a sudden disappeared. John gave Jaz to Zach, and Allie gave Reno to Rose. They walked back to the castle in silence. The night was adventure, but there was wonders about the man, and why he was here in Silk. Allie wondered why the man wanted to steal Jaz and Reno. Questions swirled in each other’s head like a tornado. The adventure was just the beginning.

The years went by and John and Allie were adults. They were about 42 and their son was fourteen, which in Silk it is the age where they finish school, and start having a family and become a real adult. That is what they said because the humans have figured it out like that. The day came where people from all over the town came and took John and Allie away from Nic. They told stories about Silk and they said that it was a real place and they thought that the stories were way out there, so they took John and Allie to a mental hospital. They took Nic to an adoption center. He stayed there for awhile. No one would adopt him because when the entire children wanting groups asked him, ‘What is your goal in life?’ he would say, “To go and see Silk like my parents did.” That’s all that Nic would talk about. Everyday Nic would go and sit by the window. Then he would pull out a letter that read:
Dear Nic,
We aren’t wrong. There is actually a place called Silk. We don’t want anyone saying anything bad about us, but I think it is time for you to see it for yourself. The place needs to be kept a secret. This note cannot be found by anyone. The door is by your tree house. There is a rock and if you knock on it twice than you will find out that it opens and there is a long cave that you need to crawl through. When you get to the other side there is a magical place called Silk and it’s magical. There are many trees, but the one that stands the highest is the one that you need to go to. When you go through the door there is a red vine on the wall. If you touch them then you will be able to understand the animals. The King is named Zap and if he is dead talk to Jaz and Reno. They are Zach’s, brother of Zap, children. Everyone is nice and good to others, and maybe you will even learn our history too. Good luck.


Your parents

Nic looked at it every day. All the other children at the adoption center hated him. One day a new girl came to the adoption center. She was pretty. She had long brown hair and hazel eyes. Her name was Lucy. She and Nic were the best of friends. They spent the hours together and went to their favorite tree. Nic got a camera and took a picture of them by it, when an acorn fell on his head. They promised that Nic would keep it forever and no matter what, they would still be best friends. Lucy got adopted a month earlier and everything went back to normal. Nic was alone and for that reason he escaped from the adoption center and went towards the rock. It took him a couple days, but he finally made it. The hours went by fast. It was the morning, but when he got there he seen a girl with blonde hair and glasses. She was reading a book and sitting on the rock. Nic wondered who the girl was.
“Hi Nic. It’s me. It’s Lucy. I figured that you were trying to find Silk, but I waited just for you” She smiled.
She dyed her hair and cut it, but Nic almost let out a tear of joy. He took out the note and opened the door. Then he crawled into the cave and one the other side was a forest and the tall tree stood in the middle. Nic ran to the tree. He walked in and Lucy was close behind him. He looked at the red vine that led down the hallway.
“Touch the vine.” Nic pointed.
Lucy looked at the vine and without thinking she touched it. Nic watched as she fell to the ground. Nic touched the vine next. Nic was fast asleep as well. When they woke up they had a headache. Nic got so excited that he stood up to fast and then he grabbed Lucy. He pulled her by her wrist down the hallway. He ran into a big room, “Zap?”

There were a lot of animals that looked at him weird. There was four Silkiens that stared at him. The one sitting in the throne stood up, “Yes? May I help you?”
Nic looked at him and let go of Lucy’s wrist. She stood still while Nic walked up to him and gave him a letter. He read it and looked at Nic with a smile.
“You look so much like your mother.” Zap smiled.
“Thank you.” Nic said.
Zap looked behind him, “Is that your sister?”
Lucy laughed, “No I am his friend.”
Zap looked at her and smiled even a bigger smile as he looked at the two of them.
“Where do you all live?” Zap asked, “How are your mom and dad?”
Nic frowned, “My parents were thought to be crazy, and they were taken away from me. I on the other hand escaped from the adoption center and came here.”

Zap gave him a look. Then he scratched his head as he thought about Nic. “Well,” he paused, “You could stay here if you wanted to.”
Nic smiled, “I would love to. Thank you so much.”
Zap showed him to his room. Zap walked down the hallway and opened the door. Nic walked in and looked around the place. He looked on the wall, and saw a picture of John and Allie. They were they the same age that Nic was now, which was 140 years old in Silk. Nic smiled as he rubbed his finger on it. Zap left the room and went back downstairs. Lucy walked into the room and stood behind him.
“Is those your parents?” she asked.
“Yeah it is.” Nic said.
Lucy was silent. Nic talked about how his parents and he had so much fun. Then he turned around to see a man in a dark cloak standing in front of a dark portal. He smiled at them and pulled Nic into the portal. They were in a broken down town. Lucy was tied up. The man tied up Nic’s hands as well and tied his next to Lucy’s. He pulled them by one long rope. They went into a train station that was broken down too. There were spider webs on the walls and graffiti covered the place. Many newspapers were lying on the floor and they would move when the wind blew. The man pointed to a bench and they sat on it. The man then tied the rope to the door handle. He walked into a small room.
Nic looked at Lucy, “What do you think he is doing?”
“I’m not sure.” Lucy shrugged.
Nic stood up with Lucy and walked to the door. They put their ears on the door and listened very carefully.
“You know why I can’t go back to Silk.” A woman said.
“They are children. You need to watch over them even if it is at Silk.” A man explained.
“But I can’t face them again, not after I disappeared. They will hate me and won’t want me there so then I would fail my mission.” The woman said. The man asked, “Do you want to succeed and become the ruler of Thriknell?”
Nic and Lucy sat back down on the bench. They gave a look to each other like they were thinking the same thing. They both walked out. The woman who stepped out was also wearing a black cape, but instead of a solid color it sparkled and had a bright neon yellow shooting star on it. She smiled as she UN-tied them and walked away signaling them to follow her. They walked onto a train. Nic and Lucy sat in the seat behind her. The train started to move.
“So why did you let us go?” Lucy asked.
“I let you go because I am trying to protect you.” She demanded, “Hold on to the side of the seat. This is going to be a bumpy ride.
The train started to go faster. Nic and Lucy held with all of their might. The train stopped and they all climbed out. It was Silk. Halfway up the path toward the castle the woman stopped them, “Listen I need you guys to do me a favor.”
Lucy looked at her, “What’s you name first.”
“It is Star fire.” The woman replied.
“Can we call you Star?” Nic asked.
“No you cannot. That is my favor from you.” She said turning around and walking into the castle.
Zap saw them standing. He frowned when he saw a K Klan member standing in his castle. He said, “State your business here and get out.”
She looked at him, “I cannot. I have a specific duty to watch over these Children.”
Zap remembered how each K Klan member was suppose to watch over someone to see if they could make it without causing them to be hurt. Zap frowned, “Fine, but soon you will leave and you can sleep in the room with a bed only in it. Star nodded walking up the stairs. Zap stopped her; “You look familiar. Have we met?”
Star tried to hide her face under her hood. Zap took the back of her hood and pulled it down to see the woman’s face. He let go of the hood and stepped back a couple of steps. He began to cry. He hit the ground and sat on his legs. The girl looked at him and bit her lip. She was a Silkien. She had white fur and black eyes that had a tint of lime green in them. She stood straight up and whispered, “Yes it is me. It is your daughter Star and I have come home.”
Zap stood up and kissed her forehead. He smiled at her as tears ran down his face. They walked upstairs talking. Zach sat in the throne downstairs looking towards Nic, “That was his long lost daughter.”
“Why did she disappear in the first place?” Lucy asked sitting in the chair next to him.
“She was going on the adventure she needed to pass life’s test. Then she would become a full adult. She went to Thriknell and you guys know the rest on how the railroads were closed.”
Nic thought about the train that they had ride that day. Nic didn’t say a word. Zach flew into the air and fell straight onto the ground. Nic ran and helped him. Another woman appeared this time, but instead she was an elemental and she was mad.
“Why hello Zach, how are you?” she asked.
“You don’t belong here now get out!” Zach shouted at her.
The woman grabbed him and threw him in the throne chair. She put her ice-cold hand around his neck. The girl smiled. Zach started to lose his breath and started to stop breathing. “Leave him alone!” Nic shouted. The woman let go of him and disappeared. Then she reappeared in front of him. Nic was strong and he never backed down. Not even once. The woman stared at him, “And who are you?” “I am your worst nightmare.” Nic added. “My worst nightmare?” she laughed, “I could kill you in a split second and I would love every minute of it.” “I am to powerful and it should be that you’re too weak to kill me.” Nic said. The woman’s face went red with anger, “Do you know who you are talking to?” she said. “No I don’t, but I don’t even think that you know who you are talking to either. I bet that you don’t even know yourself.” The rage in his voice roared. The woman was furious. She grabbed his hand and disappeared. They reappeared in a small-roomed house that had plenty of furniture. Nic stood while the girl sat on the couch and leaned on the side. She looked up at the ceiling, “Your right, I don’t know who I am. Well, I mean I thought I did at one point in time, but ever since my people of Apollo threatened to overthrow me and my power, I started to get worried and then I had no idea on what I had become. I am an elemental with the powers of shape shifting, and I have no idea what I am even going to do or say next.” “The powers of shape shifting,” Nic asked. “Yeah, I can change anyone into anything I want.” She answered. “Can you turn me into a Silkien? That is my dream.” Nic applauded as he stood up and begged her to do so. “I can try.” She said as she got up and walked over to him. She walked around him in a circle. She laughed, “This will be easy as long as you can stay still and not move.”

Nic nodded. She formed a black cloud that covered Nic’s body. He yelled in pain. She didn’t mind the noises. She kept on going and all of a sudden the cloud turned blue, and yellow. The cloud was changing into all the colors of the rainbow. Then it disappeared. Nic was a Silkien now. He was kind of tall and his fur was white as snow. He smiled as he rubbed his ears. “Thank you,” he said. “I told you I could do it.” She said. Nic looked at her and then frowned, “What’s your name?” “My name?” she said. “Yes, your name. What is it?” Nic asked. “You don’t need to know my name.” she paused. “And why not,” Nic asked, “You are going to have to tell me in some point of time.” “True. Well, I guess you can call me Sunny because that is what most of my clan calls me.” She muttered. Nic looked around the room, “How are we going to get back to Silk?” She made her powers form a portal right in front of Nic. Unlike all the other portals that Nic had seen this one was all the colors of the rainbow. The colors all sparkled. Nic walked through and he was back in the castle. Sunny followed him. Nic looked around the room. “Where is Lucy?” he asked worried. “She said something about how she needed to go home and she left without a word.” Zap answered. Nic nodded. He felt weird that he was there without Lucy. Zap’s eyes widen as he saw Nic’s formation. “I see that you got your wish to be like us. You will have to stay in the castle from now on.” He said. He smiled at him. He was in shock, but he decided that it was okay to regain his family back, “Hey I need to talk to you for awhile, is that okay?” Nic nodded as Zap got up and walked up the stairs. Nic followed him to his room. Zap’s room was amazing it had a royal blue bed and had light sky blue drapes over the window. There was plenty of furniture. Zap sat on the edge of his bed while Nic sat in the chair beside him. “I need you to help Star become the world’s best ruler.” Zap said. Nic was confused. He asked, “Why?” “Because I am getting to the point in my life where I might die and I need someone to look after the castle for me. I won’t live forever.” Zap explained. Nic was silent, and he slowly muttered some words to himself. He said, “Oh I see. I will try to do my best.” Zap got up and walked out of the room without a word. Nic went back to his room and sat on the bed with his head between his hands. Nic thought about what Zap had said and now he was worried for Zap. He fell asleep on the bed. The next day Zap sat in the throne talking to all of the villagers. Each one told him their problems and Zap listened. The day was quiet. Sunny got to stay in the castle as long as she wanted? Zap didn’t feel so well so he went to bed. Star took over for him. Nic stood by her every step of the way. She smiled at Nic; “Do you think my mother is still alive out there somewhere?” Nic saw her face. She had an expression full of fear. He frowned, “I am sorry, but she isn’t alive. I heard your dad say something about having her is silent and she ended up freaking out because she never found you.” Star’s face went into silence, “Oh I see. Well I am home now and nothing is going to change that and good thing I still have my dad in my life.” Nic nodded. He turned away. Star didn’t notice his look on his face. For the rest of the day Nic didn’t say a word to Star. Sunny ended up becoming best friends with Star and Nic. A man came into the castle and looked at Star. “Why hello Star. You have completed your test and now you may come home once more and be our queen.” He said. Star frowned, “I decided to stay here from now on.” The man put his hands in fists, “But Star. You need to come back. You should be our queen and you pitied these fools.” “Axel, go home.” She demanded. Axel was the worst out of the K Klan. He was meaner than anyone that Nic had met in his lifetime. Axel took off his hood. His fur was a brownie color and his ear was missing a chunk out of it. His eyes were filled with darkness, and so was his heart. He couldn’t feel anything not even fear and pain. “Star, you need to come with me or the world shall suffer.” Axel demanded as well. “You can do as much as you want to, but if Silk goes down in ruins so will you. I will hunt you down. Day and night, I will find you.” Star frightened him. Axel looked at her and got furious. His hand had black magic that came out of it and grabbed Star’s neck. Star flew into the air. Zap came downstairs and tried to save her, but he was too strong. Axel threw Zap into the wall. Zap crushed his spine and was paralyzed forever. Axel noticed Star’s look on her face and he dropped her. Nic flung his body at him and he disappeared causing Nic to miss and fall onto the ground. “Star, are you okay?” Star looked up at Nic, “Yes, but hurry get my dad.” She was silent on the ground. Sunny picked her up and carried her over to Zap. She had no breath left in her. Zap gave a look at his daughter, “Set her down beside me.” Sunny did as she was told. Star was on the ground. Zap took his hand and placed it on top of her. There was no pulse. Zap made her body light up like the sun. Star’s body was yellow and she was still. Her eyes were closed and she laid there without a pulse. Zap stopped and Star’s body quit glowing. Nic touched Zap and they both sat there and they froze time. Zap stood up like he was better and that there was nothing wrong with him. Sunny was stone. Nic looked at him and followed him into the sunlight in the middle of the floor. Zap turned and faced Nic with a smile, “It is my time to go.” Nic started to cry, “But there is so much that you still have to do.” Zap laughed, “It is your turn now. Take care of my daughter for me. I need her to be strong. Do this for me and I will be grateful. This is your chance to shine into the valley.” “I will try my best.” Nic said as he started to cry. The light around Zap started to shine. Zap was glistening in the sunlight. Zap stared at Nic, “Tell my daughter that I love her and that I am sorry that we couldn’t spend more time together. Nic, your parents were great friends even though sometimes I pitied them.” The souls of everyone that died circled around him. Allie and John were there. Even Lily and Mint circled around him. Zap let out a tear that glistened down his cheek. Zap whispered, “Goodbye.” To Nic and then he disappeared.

The time went on once again and Nic was in the same place. Zap’s body was dead on the ground. Star started to breathe. She looked up at Nic and Sunny. Nic started to cry and so did Star because for she knew that her own father gave his life for hers. After Zap died the castle laid in silence. No one ever said anything that has to do with Zap. Star ruled in the place of her father. She was the ruler of Silk. Nic was still a Silkien since Sunny never changed him back. Axel visited the castle every now and then, but he had tons of work to do in Thriknell. Thriknell still had the railroads closed due to failure to relate to anyone from the outside. Apollo stayed silent during the winter. Star was a great leader. She listened to what people had to say and what their needs were. Most of the time the town's people didn't even come to the castle. The castle was full of spiders and spider webs. Every day Everyday went by with more misery and less complaints.
2 weeks after Zap's death.

It was a normal Monday. Like always Star listened to the complaints from all the villagers.
"Hello Princess. The food storage is low for my family, we have barely enough to feed all of us." said a mouse.
"Oh I see what you mean. Work hard on the crops and they will give you more than you deserve. And don't let the ogres feed on all of your hard work either." Star smiled as she gave the mouse a basket full of vegetables and bread to feed his family.
The mouse bowed in respect, "Princess, your words are very kind to me. Thank you for the lovely gift."
Star nodded, "You are welcome."
The villager left with a happy face and he cried tears of joy for everyone to see. He was very grateful
"Princess my child is sick with the flu. What shall I do?" said a different villager. She was a pig.
"Treat her with plenty of fluids and bed rest," Star answered. She handed the villager a pink bottle that had medicine in it and a pot full of chicken noodle soup, "I hope your child feels better soon."
The woman started to cry, “My little Chic will be. Thank you, princess."
"You are gladly welcome." Star laughed.
The villager skipped joyfully out of the castle to feed her child the soup and the medicine. Star went to her chair and sat down in it with a sigh. She put her feet over the side of the throne. She was tired from the day's work. Sunny stood by her side. Star took a quick look at her and Nic. She started to smile a crooked smile like she always does; "Don't you wish that you could go on another adventure like the good old days?"
"Sometimes I do, but sometimes I just want to relax,” said Nic replied in a worried look most recognized by Sunny.
"Yes, I do. The world is full of adventures and many things to explore in the world." Sunny laughed putting her hand in a fist in the sky. Then she pulled out her real sword, swinging it in mid air at nothing.
Star smiled when she saw Sunny, “I see, Sunny, you look like you are having fun and do you guys think that maybe we can go on an adventure again?" "Well that was easy." Sunny giggled across the room; "I will be ready for hen that day shall come upon us."
"Of course. I'm not letting you have all the fun with out us." Nic said cocking an attitude.
Star looked up at him. Her eyes met his and they gazed at each other for a second. His eyes sparkled with darkness as the light blue in his eyes hid it. She looked up at the ceiling where a window was. The sky was a dark blue. Clouds were all over, covering the entire sky. When the sky was like this it was beautiful. Sunny walked outside to cut weeds with her sword. She pretended that the grass was people and she was cutting their heads off. Star stood up and walked up the stairs. She held her dress in her hand so she wouldn't fall down the steep stairs. Nic stood at the bottom of the stairs watching Star at the window. She made no sound. She watched as children from the village played in the long cornfields away from the castle. They were such joyful children on such a dreary day like this. The birds flew in the sunlight and the children jumped in piles of leaves. It was harvesting season or also know as fall.
"Have you ever wondered what life is like outside the castle? I know that you might say no, but I mean like since I became Queen and how we hardly have anymore time to go and enjoy the simple things of life." she said taking a quick look behind her. He was now at the top of the stairs, and turned back to the window. She took her hand and placed it on the window. The coldness of the window chilled her palm.
"Sometimes I do." Nic coughed.
"Look at them they have so much freedom to go wherever they may choose and they seem so blissful too."
Nic looked out the window to see a small birdlike creature that was from the air wish clan, "I see what you’re missing out there."
"Sometimes I wish that..." she paused at the sight of Nic looking at her with a crooked smile that was almost a frown.
"You don't have to stay here. That is just what you choose to do."
"But my father would have wanted me to rule Silk for him and I just can't leave. I have gotten too attached to this place."
"You can still be the ruler of Silk."
"Not if I leave."
"Only leave for awhile and come back."
Nic interrupted, "He would have wanted you to be happy. Are you happy with where you are?"
"It depends on the day and what has happened."
"The overall total is?"
"Yes I am, but I'm just missing a part of me that I can't get back. Do you know what I mean by that?"
"That is my point."
"Leave the palace. Let someone else look after it for a while like Jaz and Reno. They are your cousins you know."
Star started to giggle and sighed.
"Just whatever you decide will make you happy. I want you to know that I want you to love your decision no matter what."
"I know."
"I just want you to be happy."
"I know you do." Star looked at Nic. Nic was leaning against the window in a pose. Nic smiled at her and went to give her a hug of comfort. She started to cry.
"Don't cry. What if I watched the castle for you? You could go back to Thriknell for awhile." Nic said as Star's face dug into his shirt.
"I just don’t know what to do. Sometimes I wish that a guardian angel would come just for me and tell me what to do."
Sunny barged into the entrance of the castle. Nic let go of Star as soon as Sunny came in and as Nic heard the door close. They stood there like nothing happened. Sunny stood in the middle of the Throne room giving them a blissful look as Star started to come down the stairs. Nic turned to go the opposite way and went up the stairs to go and finish a book in his room. He watched over his shoulder as he carefully went up the stairs. Not once did Star ever think about looking back at Nic. the last thing Nic saw was as a glimpse of Sunny hugging Star as well to give her comfort. Sunny had noticed that Star had been crying. Sunny caught a glimpse of Nic staring too. Nic looked back to where he was going and before he had a chance to react he hit the wall. He started to stumble. He turned around and lost his balance causing him to fall down the first flock of stairs. Star and Sunny stood watching hi, in astonishment. They ran to the bottom of the stairs. He came down the second flock of stairs and hit the floor with a smack to the ground. Blood rushed from his body.
"Nic." yelled Sunny and Star running toward him. Sunny bent down next to him; "Can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up?"
Nic was bleeding from his face. He could hardly move any of his body parts and he had a bloody nose along with a black eye. Hunter and Amanda got wet washcloths for his face and an ice pack for his eye. Hunter was a loner so he hardly spoke a word to anyone and every time someone tried so saying anything to him he would try to reply in the shortest way possible. He and his sister Amanda worked in the castle as maids and they did most things around the house as well. They came to Silk looking for a home and they worked most of their hours. Nic was silent. Sunny started to shed a tear. It ran down her face and past her cheek.
"I will call the doctor. He doesn't look like he is in good shape to me." Star mutter running for the phone. She dialed up a number well known by heart.
The doctor answered the phone, "This is Dr. Samarium, what can I do for you this fine evening?"
"Yes my friend fell down two flocks of stairs." Star cried.
"Is he conscious?" the doctor asked.
"He is unconscious." Star corrected
"Okay dearly. I will be there in a couple minutes depending on how bad the traffic is today. Make sure he has a heartbeat and don't move him"
"But I don't know how to do that."
There was no answer. He hung up. Star put the phone back on the hook and turned to Sunny who was still at the side of Nic; "He hung up on me. He told me to check and see if he has a heartbeat, but I don't know how too. Do you?"
"Honestly I can't recall on ever knowing on how to see if there is a heartbeat." Sunny sniffed.
"Neither do I. I don't get out of the castle enough these days to learn anything."
Jaz and Reno came through the castle door. They saw Nic and started to cry, but instead they sat on the bench that was closest to the door.
"What happened?" Jaz started to cry.
"Long story and we have no time to tell you guys." Star hissed.
Amanda walked over to the kids and whispered the story into their ears. They seemed upset that they didn't even bother to say a word. They sat in silence. Amanda and Hunter skipped into the kitchen blissfully.
"What do we do now since none of us no how to take a heartbeat and such." Sunny sighed.
"I guess we wait." Star suggested.
All of a sudden a bird flew into the window making glass shatter onto the floor. Star was furious, but luckily she was a forgiving person and she forgave the bird. A little man flew softly down from the bird and onto the ground. He looked up at them and smiled, "Hello, I am Dr. Samarium, but only if you want you can call me Sam. So what might the problem be?"
Everyone was silent trying to hold in a flock of laughter at the small creature. The little animal was about two feet tall, He had the bone and face structure of a man, but he was a normal old pig that wore huge glasses. For a little Pig he was older than he looked ad his short didn't seem to fit him very well. He wore a pocket protector and a fanny pack. He had a sharp tooth that stuck out of his mouth. It was shiny and very noticeable from a distance. He pushed his glasses to his face and walked to Nic with a grin on his face because he had noticed the confused faces on each of them. Everyone stepped back and watched as his did his duty and he took out his stethoscope to listen to his heart. He made a look that was so ghastly towards Sunny and Star. Ten he turned back to finish his work. He put two fingers on Nic's neck and watched as the clock was at twelve and came back around to twelve once more like it always has done before. Then he put little rubber gloves on and rubbed the bone on his leg and around his eyes to make sure nothing was broken. He noticed a bump on his head and also rubbed his fingers on that. He muttered in a sweet tone to himself, "Hmm. Yes, I see..."
"What is wrong with him?" Reno called from across the room. It echoed as the sound bounced of the walls.
"He has a minor concussion and a few bruises here and there, but other than that he will be fine. He might also have a black eye that gets swollen after awhile."
Star sighed with a relief. Sunny jumped up and down with joy. Jaz and Reno started to smile and jump for joy as well.
"What shall we do with him until he gets better?" Star said as she wiped the last tear from her cheek.
"I will carry him up the stairs for you and put him in his bed." said the doctor as he put his small hands in the middle of Nic's back.
"But you’re so small. Let us help you." Star suggested worried that the small creature would drop Nic down the stairs.
"No, no I will do it. Do not let our sizes fool all of you. We can be quite a wonder and we have amazing strength as well. Sounds like you need to check up in the history of all of the creatures that live in your kingdom once more."
"I am very sorry. If I did anything to hurt you I am very, very sorry."
Dr. Samarium smiled with a ball of laughter in his expression. He picked up Nic in a blink of an eye. He was indeed very strong considering that Nic was 6 x his size. He took each step of the stairs carefully. He leaped into the air to each one like a frog. Nic looked like he was as light as a feather the way that Sam carried him. Everyone stared in astonishment as they followed behind him. The Dr. Threw Nic onto the bed and then he rubbed his shoulder because it was sore. Everyone came through the door and seen Nic perfectly aligned in his bed. Dr. Samarium laughed, '''I told you. It was a piece of cake.”
"He looks dead." Sunny said as she sat at the end of his bed.
"Don't say that. He isn't dead." Star hissed in a disgusted tone.

"I know that he isn't dead."
"We need to have shifts watching him. Since I am busy during the day I want to watch him at night and you can watch him in the day."
"Someone needs to be with him every minute of every day."
"Or 24/7?” Sunny laughed.
"Yeah I guess."
"Okay I guess we can do that."
The next couple of days the routine was simple for them. Sunny took over her shift at the crack of dawn. "Wake up, wake up." she yelled trotting into the room. She paused for a quick second and then she started to laugh, "Or just sleep." Sunny sat in a chair by the bed and started to talk to him. She knew he wouldn't answer her, but she wanted to just say something to Nic no matter what. "So... What do you think about what Star said? I mean like the adventure part." there was no answer from him. "You know there are a lot of adventures waiting for us out there and there is little in life that we have done so far. What I mean to say is life is short and we need to make it last." She looked at Nic and frowned, “I hope that you are okay. You seem like a dead fish to me, but Star doesn't want me to say anything. She seems to really care for you. You know there is not that much to talk about" she babbled on. She scratched her nose and put her feet on the bed. She twitched and yawned. She tried to bring up more things that they could talk about, "Do you remember the day we met?" She began to laugh a devilish laugh; "I remember it like it was yesterday. You were so brave to stick up for Zap. I was so courageous and angry with you just because of it. I remember how you screamed in pain when I turned you into a Silkien. You got so sick when I made you come with me to Apollo. You didn't have a clue in the world about anything. Not Thriknell, Apollo, Silk, and even Nararra. You didn't even know about the other worlds either. Your parents died, right? Or were they put in a mental hospital. Oh yeah now I remember. You went to that orphanage right? And you made a friend. You ad her were great friends weren't you. Oh jeez what was her name?" Start said thinking as hard as she could.
Nic slowly started to move and he twitched his eyes open. He kept closing them and opening them from time to time, "Hmmm," he grumbled.
Sunny stood up and went to the top of his bed. She leaned over him. Her heart started to pound in her chest, "Nic! Can you hear me?"
Nic tossed and turned, "Y-y-y," he coughed, "S-s-s."
"Oh Nic you’re alive, you’re actually alive." Sunny cried as she threw her arms around him.
"S-s-u-n-n-y-y?" he mumbled.
"Yes it is. Indeed it is." Sunny said captivated.
"W-h-a-at happened?" he coughed.
"You weren't watching and you accidentally hit the wall causing you to lose your balance and you fell down two flocks of stairs and that means the whole staircase. You are lucky to be alive"
"Really, and you are crushing me with your so called comfort."
"I'm sorry," Sunny said, "Yep, but your fine now."
Nic sighed and closed his eyes again. Sunny got up and went out of the room closing the door carefully and silently, "I will give you some time to rest. Sweet dreams."
Nic stared at the top of the ceiling above him. Then he fell fast asleep.
In his dream
Zap stood in a shadow of darkness. Allie, John, Mint, and even Zach too stood behind him. They had broad shoulders and an excellent standing position. They stood with great silence and didn't make any movement as well.
"Why?" screeched the shadow of Zap.
Nic was standing with nowhere to go. No one heard his cries or no one cared to listen. Only the shadows stood in front of him, but they never said anything. The other shadows behind Zap disappeared and only Zap was the one standing now. He caught Nic's eyes in his. There was more silence for a while. It was like the shadow and Nic were only speaking threw what the thought and not how they do.
"Why what?" Nic finally spoke in a hush.
Zap put his head down and closed his eyes. He started to sing a sweet tune and then stopped right in the middle of it. Then he looked up instantly at Nic with anger rushing down his bones and his backside. His eyes were no longer a calm tone, but they were a bright red filled with revenge. His ears had gone pointed and his teeth were all sharp. Nic started to back up. He was questioned if he should run or not, but then again where would he go. No one was there and it was blackness everywhere he saw, Zap's shadow began to get bigger and his spun around like an owl did. He started to laugh such a divine laugh that was screeching the eardrums of Nic. Nic didn't question anything; he turned around and began sprinting into the darkness. He tripped over flat surface that felt like something was there. He started to crawl and once he looked back to see that the shadow had disappeared he felt a sigh of relief. He screamed out in pain because his leg felt like it was broken. He grabbed his leg and made a sizzling sound in between his teeth so he wouldn't let the shadow know where he was. He screamed for help not caring if the shadow could find him or not. No one came. Nic turned around to see where the creature was. It was still gone. Nic wondered for a second on where it could be at, but there was no time to think only to do. Nic tried standing up and he succeeded. The evil laugh began to uproar, coming from each direction Nic was facing, He didn't see anything nor did he want to. Nic ran into an endless eternity. Each path he took was fully dark. Zap's shadow appeared in front of him. Nic turned around and started to run. Nic turned in a circle and everywhere he looked was a shadow of Zap. He looked at a shadow that was staring at him. They all jumped after him. Nic screamed.
He woke up

It was the morning. The sun shined through the window. Nic was breathless. He lay as still as he could. He thought about his dream for a minute or so before he got a headache. Sunny took her normal shift in the morning. As she opened the door she smiled, “Oh. You’re up early.”
Nic lifted up his head and smiled at her, “I guess so.”
“That’s good I guess.”
“Yeah, I guess so too.”
“Not meaning to hurry you or anything, but do you wants to try and walk?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you want to try?”
Nic took one good look at her. Then he pulled the blankets off and put his legs over the bed. He stood slowly with great ambitious going through his head. When he stood up he stumbled, but gained his balance once more.
“Hooray,” Sunny cried full of joy, “You did it. Good for you.”
“I am going to go find Star if that is okay with you.”
“Okay, she is in the throne room with a couple of people. You can go see her if you want. I’m going to go call the doctor and tell him about your amazing recovery.”
Sunny left the room. Nic stumbled out into the hallway and down to the throne room. He stood at the top of the stairs and as he lost his balance again he fell catching himself with his hands. He used the wall to help him up. His foot fell asleep, and he banged it on the ground to wake it up. After they woke up he started to walk again. Once he came to the stairs he heard voices coming from below the stairs. He started to listen to them. He looked around the corner of the wall and saw a face that was familiar to him. There stood a dark figure in a long black cloak from the K Klan in the corner of the room. In the middle of the room stood Star and Axel was there as well. He was the same like always. He yelled, “You need to come back with me. Do it for your village and for Thriknell. You are the queen and you should rule for us because without you we shall be nothing.”
“I belong with my family and not with you.” Star spoke.
“We are your family too,” cried Axel, “You are Thriknell queen too. You don’t have to stay here. You’re probably just staying because of your father Zap.”
“I am staying here because I want to stay here not because I have to. I am Silk’s ruler too. It was handed down to me by blood not respect.”
The dark figure whispered to Axel and then disappeared into thin air. Axel looked back at Star; “Do you remember how you came to Thriknell? You were so small and young as well. Once the king shut down the railroad tracks you were never allowed to see your family again and you had nowhere to go and nowhere to live. You stay strong though. Your heart was brave and so were you in ways that you can’t remember. You, and me, you and I were best of friends. We couldn’t be split and we never let that happen. Don’t you remember how we got into the K Klan? We were the perfect candidates and all of us were stuck up. We were perfect in that small town that became a disaster. You are the perfect ruler for Thriknell too.
Nic looked behind him. Noises came from the door that was behind Nic, leading to the garden. Nic walked to the door slowly and carefully. Laughter that was familiar to Nic began to uproar. It was louder and louder as Nic reached the door. Nic slowly touched the doorknob. It was as cold as ice. A rush of chills came over his body. He opened the door slowly. A cold breeze came running into Nic’s face opening up his airways. Nic opened the door all that way to find a dark figure stranding in the fog below its knees.
“I knew you were listening.” She spoke softly.
Nic closed the door behind him and stared at her, “Who are you and what do you want?”
“I want nothing more, but for you to know my name.” She laughed.
“Nic thought about it for awhile. He had no idea what her name was. He wondered, “Who are you? I don’t know your name.”
“I can’t go home. I couldn’t find my way back.”
Nic was confused, “what do you mean?”
She whispered, “Think about it. When was the last time you seen me?”
“I never met you before.” Nic said.
She began to giggle; “Only difference is that I’m a Silkien now.”
Nic thought about it for a while. He wondered about her. She smiled and ran into the forest. Nic ran after her. She signaled Nic to follow her and he did. Nic ran as fast as he could to catch up with her. The woods were dark, and there were some beams of sunlight that lit spots of the forest. He saw her running everywhere. It was an illusion. Everywhere he looked he saw the girl. He called, “Where are you?”
“In your memory,” she appeared behind him.
Nic turned to find her standing with her arms behind her. She had a rip in her dress and her leg was noticeable. Nic didn’t notice it before. Her face could hardly be seen without being really close to her. Nic looked at her, “What do you mean?”
“I’m surprised that you don’t remember your own best friend.” She laughed
“What?” Nic asked.
She dropped her bracelet on the ground. Nic picked it up. It was not a normal looking kind of bracelet either. Nic turned it over. The bracelet had writing that said, ‘Best Friends Forever.’ on it. The bracelet was made out of red, yellow, and green yarn. Nic looked up to see her once more, but she was gone. Nic went back to the castle. He rubbed the bracelet through his fingers. He went through the door. He was greeted by a hug. It was Star. “I am so sorry. I didn’t know that you woke up,” Star cried. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. Nic stood in astonishment. At first she scared Nic when she hugged him. Star sighed, “Where did you go and run off to?” “I didn’t go anywhere in particular.” Nic replied. Star looked up at him. Her eyes met his. He smiled at her. She leaned her head towards his and he did the same. Their lips almost touched for the first time. Sunny walked into the hallway. She stopped in front of them and dropped her plate that was from her hands onto the floor. Broken glass was everywhere. They let go of each other. Sunny stood with her mouth wide opened as Star walked passed her and downs the stairs. Sunny followed her and Amanda and Hunter cleaned up the mess. They were maids that worked in the castle. Nic walked to his bedroom and threw himself onto the bed. Nic was having a hard time falling asleep. He twisted and turned. Then he fell asleep. In his dream Nic stood facing the shadow again. The shadow of Zap looked at him with red eyes. Nic was not scares this time though because he had already faced this dream once. He thought that it meant that he needed to do something, but so far nothing was happening and he had no chance. Then he disappeared leaving fog everywhere. A voice called, “Help me!” Nic tried to follow the familiar voice. Nic ran through the fog. There was a scream. He stopped to catch his breath. He seen things coming and going out of the fog, but the fog was so foggy and muggy that Nic had no idea whom it even was. He didn’t even know where he was going. The fog started to clear up and there sat a small girl crying into her hands. She had long brown hair. Nic touched her shoulder and she turned around and she had hazel eyes as well.
“You came for me.” She cried. She did not look like the normal that she once had in her.
“Who are you?” Nic asked. Nic was scared. He had no idea what was happening.
“Best friends forever right?” she smiled and held out her pinkie. She wanted to pinkie swear with Nic.
Nic was silent. He had no idea what two do, but his two choices were to either run or stay. Then the girl frowned and was about to cry. She crossed her arms and stood up. She tended to stomp her foot a couple of times too. “You promised that you wouldn’t forget me.” She frowned.
Nic looked into her hazel eyes and smiled. He tried to comfort the stranger, but he had no idea that she even was his friend. He said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are. Will you forgive me? Or at least tell me your name so I can figure out who you are.”
She frowned and then hugged him. She let go of him and backed up a couple steps, “Nic, I can’t believe you forgot who I was. Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t see the girl you use to know.”
Nic did what she said. In her eyes was a memory of them running around and smiling. Nic started to cry, “Lucy?”
She smiled and then someone grabbed him from behind. He couldn’t see Lucy anymore, but when he punched the guy behind him and looked for her she was gone. Where she stood was the same bracelet that he found in the garden earlier that day. He read the back of the bracelet again. He smiled. He woke up and He was back in Silk again. He turned on the lamp and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Nic was now wide-awake. He opened the cabinet and got a glass out. As he poured a glass of water he turned and saw Sunny sitting at the counter. She scared him so much that he dropped the glass onto the floor. She grabbed a towel and apologized as she helped him clean it up.
She sat at the counter; “Do you remember Apollo?”
Nic nodded, “Yes. Why didn’t you stay there? I mean you had a perfect life and you were Princess.”
“Actually I was queen, and I found out that everyone was planning to kill me so I left. I knew that Silk would protect me.” Sunny answered.
“Well I would help you get your throne back.” Nic volunteered.
“Actually I need your help with something else.” Sunny frowned.
“What is that?” Nic asked.
“I want to earn my right as a Silkien instead of an elemental.” Sunny replied.
An Elemental from Apollo was allowed to try to gain trust to become alive again. Nic nodded in agreement. Nic asked, “What is your real name?”
“It’s summer, why do you ask?” Sunny said
“Because you never told me the first time.” Nic replied.
“Say my name and see what happens.” Sunny smiled running to hide behind the curtain.
Nic yelled her name and a man appeared. He was tall and muscular. He wore a shirt that said, ‘Willie’ and he looked around for Sunny. Nic touched him on the shoulder and Willie punched him and Nic flew into the wall. Star walked into the room and saw Willie. She punched him in his back. He turned around and put his hand on her neck and lifted her off the ground. He was choking her. She was losing her breath. Nic got up and poked him in his back. He turned around and Nic punched him causing him to fall to the ground. Star fell on top of him. She looked at Sunny and nodded like she was saying something through her mind. Star walked out of the room and Nic followed her into the throne room. Star stopped and she went to her knees on the ground and started to cry. A beam of light was shining on her from the window on the ceiling. Nic walked to the light and rubbed her shoulder. She turned around and Nic picked her up off the floor and gave her a hug. Her head was in his chest. Sunny saw them from the kitchen, and she hid behind the wall. Someone grabbed her. He put his hand over Sunny’s mouth and they both disappeared.
“Why are you crying on a night like this?” Nic asked, “I want to tell you something.”
She stopped crying. She looked up at him and he gave her a warm smile. She waited in silence. There wasn’t a sound. “Star, I love…” Nic paused looking at her.
She was as still as a rock.
Nic looked at her with a confused face, “Star?”
Nic flew into the air and was thrown into the wall. Axel appeared in the middle of the room. He took a quick look at Star and then backs at Nic
“What do you want with me?” Nic coughed as blood rushed from his head.
Axel laughed, “Revenge is all I want. I want to watch you suffer.”
Nic was paralyzed on the floor. He was too weak to move. Axel walked over to him and pulled him off the floor. His hand was on his neck. Then Axel dropped him. Nic fell to the ground. He was in pain as Axel walked away. Nic wobbled to get up. And then as he got up he ran after Axel, but Axel disappeared and so did Star. Nic hit the ground and he was knocked out. There was a puddle of blood around him. ‘Star’ he thought. He thought, ‘I am sorry Star, I let you down.’ He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. In his dream he heard a siren that was far in the distance, but it seemed very close to him. He saw Axel on a cliff and Star was hanging from it. Nic was confused on what was happening. A light shined in the face of Axel. He was not smiling an evil grin, but he was frowning either. Axel didn’t move and he didn’t say anything. He stared at Nic though. He just stood there in a way that frightened Nic. Axel pointed to the other side of the cliff. Nic turned to see his worse fear of them all. He was going to have to choose. On the other side of the cliff was Sunny and Willie. Willie held her shirt that was wrapped in his hand, over the cliff. Sunny was soaked from the blood. It dripped off of her and into a huge hole that seemed like eternity before it hit the bottom of the cliff. Nic only had one chance to save one. He switched to look at Star and then Sunny again. He made his lip bleed from biting on it too hard He was confused and the rock started to break from underneath him. Nic looked at it and was even more confused. He thought it was his footstep, but it wasn’t. Nic was sweating. Sweat was dripping from hid body and on to the floor. It sounded like raindrops hitting a window. Then he started to fall straight into the hole that formed. It was a trap all along. The whole broke from under him. Then as he fell he hit a pool of water. He tried to swim, but he couldn’t. Something was making him sink. It was like a gravitational pull. He went under water. He still held his breath as his back hit the bottom. He lay there looking at the sunshine that hit the water. He started to close his eyes. He looked next to him to and saw sunny. Her body was bleeding form left and right. Her dress was going with the flow upwards toward the top. The whole water around her was turning red. He tried to reach for her hand, but her couldn’t reach it either. Nic looked to his left and saw Star. She was bleeding too. Nic tried to reach for her but his hands were stuck. His body was getting tired and he lost all of his breath. Nic struggled and bubbles blew from his nose and slowly wobbled toward the top of the water. Nic couldn’t move at all. He was glued to the floor. The water was all red. He failed to get free and for that reason he sat lay there and closed his eyes. He had done nothing and he was crying of pain that went through his head. He had no way to get out and it was a trap to begin with in the first place. He woke up. Dr. Samarium was standing on top of him. He shined a bright light into Nic’s eyes. Nic’s eyes went back and forth watching the light. Samarium went over to his small bag and pulled out a stethoscope. He listened to Nic’s heartbeat. The doctor didn’t know that Nic was awake, so the doctor hardly said anything. Nic felt like he was soaked and that he was nailed to the ground so he could hardly move a muscle. Nic heard a whistle that was loud enough to the point he could hear it, but it was soft enough to where he couldn’t. A bird flew into the room. Nic’s eyesight went blurry and then he fell back to sleep. He was to the point where he could hear what was happening, but he could hardly do anything. He felt his body moving in all direction because someone was rushing him somewhere and someone touched his stomach too. It gave him Goosebumps, but he had no reaction like normal humans do.
“He has lost a lot of blood.” Someone said
Nic woke up in the hospital. The walls were white and there were two beds with a curtain to separate them. Nic groaned as the doctor came into the room. He looked at Nic with astonishment. He analyzed him and then gave a quick smile. “Oh you’re awake.” He said. Nic groaned once more. The doctor smiled, “Oh well that’s good I guess. There is someone that is sharing your room with you. Try to get along with her. The doctor walked over to the curtain and pushed it to the wall. Then he left the room. In the bed was a young girl. She was quiet as she slept. She was from the dog looking clan and she had taken a good beating from a fight. Her eyes were closed and there was a blood pack on one of those long sticks that the usually put beside the bed to keep blood running into the person that lost a lot of blood before they were in the hospital. She was hooked up to many of the machines that Nic could not even name them all. Nic looked at the machines. The girl’s lip was swollen a lot and there was white tissue paper in her nose to make sure that it doesn’t bleed everywhere on the white bed sheets. She also had a black eye that was turning back to purple, which was a sign that it was healing. It was good that her bruises were healing, but she looked like she had a tough life and had many complications, in which that Nic would never know. Her fur was orange and somewhat yellow and she was striped like a tiger. Her fur reminded Nic of the color corn gold and the color of the sun. She woke up. She began to yawn and stretch her arms restlessly She sat up in her bed and looked at Nic with a smile. She was pregnant. Nic noticed at once and he thought to himself, ‘Wow, she is so young and she is already having a child.’ She frowned because she knew what he was thinking. She was young and she did not even finish high school yet. “Who are you?” she asked. She wondered about Nic in a strange way that Nic did not even seem to notice. “I’m Nic.” Nic replied. He coughed as he looked at her stomach again. He began to choke on his saliva because he could not find in his breath to say anything to the girl that might offend her. She put her hand on her stomach, “I’m Rebecca. It’s very nice to meet you.” “Hello,” Nic moaned. “What are you here for?” she asked. She was full of questions. “I am sorry I just have not known that many people lately. They all come and go and they never come back, so I can get pretty clingy sometimes.” “I got in a fight.” Nic muttered. She began to laugh, “Same here except I tried to stop one and I got into the middle of it.” “Are you okay?” Nic asked. “Yeah, for now.” She replied. “That’s good,” Nic said taking another look at her stomach. She caught his glance, “Yes I am, if that is what you’re wondering.” Nic frowned, “I…” “It’s fine. I’m eight months actually, so I am due anytime now.” She interrupted. “Do you know its gender yet?” “Yeah actually I do. It is a boy.” She answered. She yawned for a second as Nic congratulated her. She thanked him. The doctor walked into the room and told them both to go to sleep. They laughed and did as they were told. He shut off the light and went out. Nic tossed and turned the whole night. The window opened and blew a cold breeze at them. Rebecca woke up and got up slowly and closed the window. She got an extra blanket that was heavy and itchy and lied back down on the bed. She fell asleep quickly. Nic woke up and saw the same person he saw in the garden earlier in the week. She leaned against the wall, “I see that you are hurt. I can’t help, but to feel like this is my fault somehow.” “It isn’t your fault.” Nic whispered. She came and sat on the side of Nic’s bed. She looked at him, “Nic, I’m so sorry.” “For what?” Nic asked. “For everything.” She laughed. “Like I said, it isn’t your fault.” Nic smiled. “But it is my fault.” She cried. “No it isn’t, Lou.” Nic said looking at her. She looked at him. She was full of happiness, “I knew that you were smart enough to figure out who I was.” Nic laughed, “How could I forget you?” She cried, “Oh Nic,” and she threw her arms around him, “You’re the greatest friend that a girl could have.” “You’re hurting me.” He muttered. “I’m sorry.” She said as she let go of him. “So are you going to let me see what you look like as a Silkien? I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Nic said. “I don’t care. I guess so.” She said as she put her hands on the top of her hood. She pulled it back. Nic thought that she was gorgeous. Her fur was the color of autumn (red) and she had a piercing in one ear. The other ear was ripped. She had big hazel eyes. Her cheeks were rosy red colors as well. Her eyelashes were very long. Nic was quiet. She looked at him with a smile, “What so you think? And tell me the truth.” Nic started to stutter. She smiled, “Thank you, I guess.” “How did you get to be who you are now?” Nic said. “After you came back from Apollo, I was gone right?” she wondered. Nic nodded, “I think so.” “Well all I remember is that you were gone and I had to go home. I was tired of waiting and I couldn’t wait no longer so I left. On my way to the rock I saw a dark cloaked man and I tried to follow him. He opened a portal and went through it and I followed him into it. I ended up in some worn out town and it looked really bad. The houses were all worn out and such. The man stood in front of me. Some liter that someone had thrown onto the ground blew in the wind. I remember it like it was yesterday. He told me that ‘I belonged with him and that I needed to stay there.’ He formed some type of blue form of power that it confused me and I had no idea what to do next. The purple flame flung at me so fast that I had no time to react to it. I tried to run, but I tripped. It was a fast reaction, you know? I hit my head on the concrete so hard that I must have passed out. I woke up and I was like this. The worst part was that I was wearing a black cloak and right then and they’re that I had become one of them and there was no way that I could change back. A man who was just likes me found me and he took care of me. He told me that his name was Axel. He is not that bad as they described him to be. He was nice to me and he taught me all that I know. I am grateful to Axel and everything that he has done for me.” Lucy explained. “Axel?” Nic stuttered, “Are you crazy?” Star gave him a disappointed look, “Well what could I have done? I had no idea where I was and nor did I know how to control myself in my clan.” Nic gave out a sigh. He hated when she used the word, ‘my clan,’ it made him feel like it was his entire fault and that he couldn’t do anything about it. Nic sighed, “Well I guess its okay because you perfectly fine now.” Lucy smiled at Nic. He looked hurt. She tried to change the subject, “Are you in a lot of pain?”

Lucy stood up and put her hand on his chest. She focused on the pain, the only thing that was real to her. She tried to kill it all a way, but Nic wouldn’t forget what he has done. She made her power light up like a lamp. Lucy disappeared. Nic was alone and he was asleep.

The next morning was bright. Nic was wide-awake. He looked at Rebecca. She was still sleep. The doctor came in. it was Dr. Samarium again. He jumped onto the bed. He examined Nic carefully. He smiled then scratched his head. Nic was silent.
“How did you heal so fast? Perhaps you know a witch that seems to be common now days. They would come and heal the wounded.” He said, “Well, how did you do it?”
The flashback of Lucy popped up into Nic’s head. He frowned at Dr. Samarium to hide the fact that he did know a witch, “I’m not sure.”
Dr. Samarium winked at Nic. He caught his expression as soon as possible. Nic frowned and shook his head. Samarium lost the happiness in his face; “Well then I hope that we will be able to release you today. You have recovered well for someone who doesn’t know a witch. I hope you have a great day and I will sign the papers so I can release you.”
“Thank you,” Nic smiled.
“Tell your guardian angel that I said hi,” Samarium laughed.
Dr. Samarium walked out of the room. Nic sat up in bed. His face was fixed, and so were his scares. There wasn’t one on his body. Rebecca woke up and saw Nic sitting in his bed. She whispered, “Are you okay over there?”
Nic looked at her, “Yeah, I think so.”
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Nothing, but I might be released today.” Nic sighed with a release.
“Well that is great, so then why are you sad?” Rebecca asked with a worried look.
“Because my family is gone. I have no idea where they are and nor if they are even alive. I missed up a lot of things and I might have killed them in my process.” Nic explained.
“I’m so sorry.” Nic nodded looking at the floor. He put his head in his hands; “It’s fine. It’s just that I will never quit thinking about them and it will be so long before I can see them again.” Rebecca smiled, “Now you know how I feel. I have no family, the disowned me along time ago. They were so vicious. And now I’m not allowed to come back.” “I bet that, that isn’t true. They probably love you very much.” Nic said. “It is because of my baby. They think it disgraces my family. They only think of it as a mutt.” Rebecca sighed. “What?” Nic asked. “They think a Silkien is the father of my baby,” she added, “I don’t know why, but it’s probably because he was my best friend when I went to high school.” “Oh I see.” Nic muttered. “I’m sorry I was just telling the truth.” She said. “I know.” “I ended up like this one day and now I have no idea what to do. I have a disease and I won’t be able to live any longer, so I’m going to put him into a foster home.” Rebecca cried. Nic got up and went and sat on the side of her bed, “As king of Silk and the Silkiens I will do anything in my power to help others, so I will try to take care of him for you.” She smiled and gave Nic a hug. Nic had no idea what he was getting himself into. That afternoon Nic got released and was sent home. Nic smiled and left the hospital in a hurry. When he finally got back to the castle he was tired. He walked into the door. He frowned when he saw the broken wall where he was thrown. There was blood everywhere on the floor, from where he fell. The castle was silent, and the day was quiet. Nic got a washcloth and started to clean up the blood. The blood was hard to get of the white floor. Not one noise was heard. Not even from the crickets that played a sweet tune at night were heard. They usually sang a sweet tune that calmed everyone. Nic looked around, he was alone and he knew that it was his entire fault. He always yelled, ‘Hello,’ to see if anyone would answer him, but as usual no one answered. Only that sound of the sweet wind would answer Nic’s plead. Nic got the floor clean, and the floor was shining once more. Nic smiled and then got up. He looked up at the window. The clouds started to pour. Every drop of rain hit the window. Nic picked up the particles that had fell from the wall. A pan fell in the kitchen. At first Nic was scared, and he didn’t know what to do next. “Nic?” a voice called from the kitchen. The tone of the voice seemed dead. Nic ran into the kitchen to see what it was. A ghost was glowing in the dark. Nic switched on the lights in horror. It was hard to see who it was before Nic turned around and ran up the stairs. He ran right into his room and locked the door. Nic had his back on the door and he tried to catch his breath. He looked for a place to hide. He looked at his bed and then he quietly climbed under the bed and stayed there in peace. Nic heard the voice call; “I’m not going to hurt you. Where are you? I mean you no harm, I promise.” Nic was about to cry, but he stayed quiet so the ghost wouldn’t find him. Nic was scared. A green ghost walked through where the locked door was. Nic was scared because he was so surprised that the person could do that in the first place. Nic could only see his feet. He watched as the ghost walked around the bed. Not once did the ghost look under the bed. The ghost had a lightning bolt like tail that went down to the floor. The ghost’s jeans were ripped and he was barefoot. Nic was scared that the ghost was going to find. The ghost was defiantly a Silkien or it was a Silkien before it died. The ghost finally left the room. He walked through the wall and into the next room. Nic waited a few seconds before he climbed from under the bed. He stood up and dusted of his pants from all the dirt. Then he sat on the bed wondering who it was. It was swirling around in his head like a tornado. He sat in the room for a while in silence, before he went out of the room and back down the dark hallway. He stood at the top of the stairs hiding behind the wall. Two voices came from the ghosts that were standing in the middle of the room.
“Did you find her?” one squealed.

“No, but Nic disappeared when I saw him. I hope I didn’t scare him that bad. He looked terrified. “Nic? No it is impossible, he is too fearless.” The other one squealed. “You should have seen his face like I did.” One said. “I am sorry to hear that, but don’t feel that bad, I mean it was an accident.” “It’s fine. Yeah, I guess your right on that one.” One sighed. Nic had his back against the wall as he listened to the voices carefully. One of the voices went dead and Nic couldn’t hear them anymore. Nic knew that one of them was still in the castle. He thought, “I need to be brave, like what Zap once told me, and now he is gone and I need to do this for myself.” Nic lost all of his fear. He yelled, “Who are you?” The voice shriveled, “Nic? It’s only me. Don’t you remember your own pal?” Nic gulped, “Tell me who you are or get out. I do not know you and you have no business to be in the castle. Now get out!” “Show yourself and you will see.” The voice demanded. Nic stood at the top of the stairs with fear. He showed himself to the man. A figure with sparks on his ears and a lightning bolt like tail stood in the middle of the room. The figure watched Nic at the top of the stairs. Nic began to cry because the figure was the one and only one that Nic missed and loved with all of his heart. He looked at the figure as if it was a trick, but for once he didn’t care what he thought. He ran down the stairs and hugged the figure. The figure had been a ghost ever since he died. He lived and scared others all over the world. Nic began to cry as he hugged the figure. Zap was alive and now matter what Nic loved him like he was his father.

“It’s you, it’s finally you. I can’t believe my eyes.” Nic cried. “It is me and I have died and been reborn as a ghost. To die is a wonderful adventure, but there was always something that I needed to do before I left, but I never had the chance because I only appear at night and not in the morning.” Zap smiled. “I feel so safe now.” Nic whispered. “Nic,” murmured Zap putting his hand on his shoulder. They were silent. Zap smiled at Nic and nodded his head at him. Nic wiped his tears. Zap said, “Good for you. I am so proud of you. You need to be brave for your people. “ “I know. I am trying my hardest.” Nic said. “Where is my daughter? I haven’t seen her in a while.” Zap asked “Did she know about you being alive too?” Nic asked. “Of course, I mean she is my daughter and everything.” Zap laughed. “Why didn’t you tell me? I have been wondering about you being alive all of my life.” Nic cried. Zap frowned, “I’m sorry. Enough chit chat, where is Star?” “Axel took her, I’m so sorry. I tried to save, but he was too powerful for me and I couldn’t do anything else.” Nic said looking at the floor. “What? Do you know what this means?” Zap said. He had a lot of rage in his voice. “I will try to save her.” Nic said “Yes, you will save her, but be careful.” Zap said as he calmed himself down. “I will.” Nic said. “Okay where is Sunny?” Zap said looking in all directions. Nic looked at the floor and sighed, “She’s gone to and I don’t know where she is either.” Zap looked at him with a confused face, “What about Jaz?” “No I haven’t seen her or Reno around either.” Nic answered. “Hunter? Amanda? Rose? Zach?” Zap asked full of questions. “Zach went off somewhere with Rose and I haven’t seen Hunter nor Amanda either.” Nic said. Zap shook his head, “What have you done?” “I haven’t done anything. All I did was watching everyone, but Axel is too powerful for me to beat.” Nic muttered. Zap sighed and walked over to the throne. He sat down and rubbed his hands on the arms if the chair. He was furious. He looked at the broken wall. He walked over. He said, “Have you seen Lucy in a while. I know she left along time ago, but I figured that she would come back to Silk or that you would go and find her.” Nic put his hand behind his head, “She came here and she is a Silkien now too.” “Well that’s good.” Zap nodded his head. Nic bit his lip; “Actually it isn’t that good because she has become part of the K Klan and we both know that that isn’t good.” Zap stared at him, “Oh, well yeah that’s not good at all.” Nic nodded, “I don’t know what to do anymore about it. She used to be my best friend and now I don’t know what is going to happen to her. “She was such a fun and loving girl.” Zap added, “That is how I felt about Star when she joined that clan.” “That is exactly my point.” Nic sighed. He wondered what he was going to do. “Don’t make the same mistake I did. Save all of them, and be careful.” Zap warned. “I will.” Nic promised. The sun began to rise. As one tiny light hit Zap’s ghost he vanished into thin air. Nic had to come up with a plan and he needed to do it quickly. He had no idea where Sunny, Star, or even Lucy was. There was only one thing that he knew for sure and that was wherever they were at; he knew that they were all together. The person who had them was Axel. Nic packed up his stuff and headed for the train station. He waited at the train station for an hour before the train finally came. A black train came down the tracks. Steam was coming out of it and its wheels squeaked as the train stopped. No one got off, but Nic got on. Ever since the war no one ever needs to go anywhere, so the station was always quiet. There were red seats along the train that face each other. There wad a television set at the front wall of the train that showed where they were on the tracks. It even showed where Thriknell had its tracks, even though that they were still closed. Every other seat was empty. Nic sat in the one in the middle. There was an old woman that was staring at him. Nic felt uncomfortable and strange. The woman had a glass eye. She stood in slow motion and then she walked over to Nic and sat down in front of him. She grabbed his hand and held it between hers. She closed her eyes. Nic felt a strange rush of coldness that came over him and then he was silent. He did not want to make any sudden movements. “I see the future.” She spoke in a hush. “What do you see?” Nic said trying to be polite. She looked like she was crazy to Nic, but he tried to be polite and do what she says. “I see these girls, young and beautiful Silkiens. They look like they are in terrible danger. You have a dangerous task to succeed because the girls depend on you to do so. You will fail and learn something that you never knew before. You have found a traitor. You will be in grave danger. A dark cloaked man is coming for you.” She muttered as she opened her eyes. She looked at his with amazement; “You need to hide. Do it now.” she pointed to the red seats. Nic did as he was told and he hid under the seats. He was confused. The train stopped. Nic looked at the screen and they were in the middle of Thriknell’s closed tracks and Apollo. Nic stayed quiet as a couple men in dark cloaks came onto the train through the door and one actually took down the whole door. They were all from the K Klan. Each one hid their face. As they walked by Nic noticed a cloak that was ripped and that it was stripped. The fur of the leg was red. Nic thought about it and it hit him, it was Lucy. Nic was silent as each one walked by. “He isn’t here.” One said. “Let’s go,” another one said. The leader was definitely Axel. He turned and faces them, “Well if he’s not there than let’s split up. Lucy spoke, “What? Why? What if he comes back?” The leader thought about it for a while, “Very smart Lucy. You must stay here and make sure that if Nic comes back, you will capture him.” “I will stay here with Lucy.” One voice said. The leader nodded. They finally opened a portal and went through it. Lucy sat in the seat all the way to the front. The other one sat all the way in the back of the train. The train. Nic crawled under the seats to get to her. She smiled, “I know that you’re here.” Nic was surprised, “How did you know that I was here?” “From when I healed you. I can always feel your presence now. I put a lot into you so that you could be alive today.” Nic looked confused, “I see, that is amazing.” Lucy stood up and walked down the isle. She whispered to Nic, “Wait for my signal and then you need to escape.” Nic nodded, “Okay, but you need to hurry.” Lucy started to clutch her hand, “Rocky,” she screamed. The man stood up and walked over to Lucy, “Are you okay?” She looked up at him and he caught her glimpse. Her hand had a flame in it and she shoved it into the man’s stomach. He squealed in pain as he was hurting. He screamed and fell straight to the ground. He was paralyzed and he was not able to move a muscle. Lucy bent down by him and whispered sorry in his ear. His eyes were the only things that could move. He looked at Lucy. She almost began to cry, but she saved herself just in time. She stood up and turned to face where Nic was hiding. He was stunned. She ran over to him. The train passed Silk again. She opened a portal with her powers. She grabbed Nic’s hand and helped him out from under the seat. Nic got out and he looked at her and gave a crooked smile. Lucy led him through the portal. They ended up in the worn out town of Thriknell. Nic didn’t even think before he ran off through the town. Lucy grabbed his arm before he got to mush ahead of her. He turned around and saw the look on her face. He gave Lucy a hug and she began to cry. He whispered into her ear, “I won’t let you get into anymore trouble than you are already in. I don’t want to hurt you anymore and I want you to be safe, no matter what happens in the next couple of days. You are always welcome in Silk, but right now I have to go save my friends.” Nic started up the path again, but this time Lucy stayed behind. She watched as he disappeared into the town. She bit her lip and prayed that Nic would be okay. There were careless whispers all around town that started to grab the inside of Nic’s soul. They screamed at in a livid motion. Nic loathed the ghosts that haunted him. Ignorance went through Nic. Nic felt like every body was watching him so he looked at the houses and all he saw was people shutting their windows and locking their doors. Some of the children watched tearlessly out the windows. Some of the mothers grabbed them so Nic could not see them. Nic felt as alone as he marched to the castle in Silk. The building was five times bigger than every other building there. Nic was fearless, but most of all he was scared and he was worried. He opened the door. At first everything was dark and without a sound Nic walked into the castle. Nic hear a scream and decided to follow it. He ran down many hallways and got lost multiple times. Nic ran to the sound of the scream. It got louder. Nic found the door. It was completely dark, but Nic didn’t care one bit. He walked into the room. He stepped onto a metal floor. Nic’s boots clinked on the metal. A sudden bright light shined into Nic’s face. He blocked the light with his hands. Another light came on. They dimmed out the lights a little bit so Nic could see. A man was on a balcony that was on the wall. He stood as stiff as a board. The man took of his hood and it was Axel. “What do you want with me?” Nic asked in anger. “Revenge is all I want.” Axel stiffened. “For what?” Nic asked. Axel pointed to the balconies in each corners of the rooms. There were many little seats that they sat in. Nic looked at all of them. The he looked down at that balcony that was the lowest to the floor. Axel started to laugh as he seen fear in Nic’s eyes. Axel was mad, “For taking a colony and putting back into the dumps.” Nic gave a confused face to Nic. Axel frowned. He put his hands on the balcony’s edge and leaned over the edge, “You took everything from us. We have no leader. We have no more knowledge and hardly experienced in witchcraft anymore.” “I did nothing to you or your stupid colony,” yelled Nic. “We had a lot of hard decisions to make and guess what?” Axel yelled sarcastically. “What?” Nic sighed. Axel laughed. He pointed to the wall. Hanging from the balcony was Star. Nic hesitated, “Star.” “You look surprised. But wait who is that there? And behind you,” Axel said smiling a big grin. “Go ahead don’t be afraid we will bite.”
In each corner was someone that Nic knew very well and Nic was going to do anything in his power to save Sunny, Star and Lucy. Nic started to walk towards Star. The whole floor under Star broke and under Star was water with a couple mean sharks in them, and they were hungry. One of the sharks tried to bite Star’s leg, but it missed. They circled around her. Nic backed up and turned to Lucy. Once more the floor broke and the pieces of the floor fell into an endless hole. Nic looked in it and saw nothing, but darkness. Nic bit his lip as he got up and went to go by Sunny. The floor broke. Underneath Sunny was a clear liquid that was acid and if Sunny touched the acid it would peel her skin like at Lucy. Her head hanged low, and her arms swayed back and forth every time the wind hit her. Nic hesitated and looked at Axel. He had a devoting smile, “You have an hour to chose, for every two minutes you waist, each of them will go farther and end up dying. And soon if you don’t choose any of them then they will all die.” Axel looked above him to all the people that were watching Nic like hulks. “My dear brothers, leave here now and we will come back in a half an hour to see who he has chosen. Then we will see what he felt and why he got there. Nic sighed as everyone, but Axel left the room. Axel waited for Nic to say something to him. Nic cried,”Why would you do this to me?” Axel laughed sarcastically, “Do what?” “How could you kill Lucy? You own teammate. And what about Star? You loved her, right?” Nic asked in a death tone. “They were both traitors of the K Klan and now all because of you they must suffer. They are all here because of you, and you’re the only one that can save them. Do you think that I want them to die? Well, I don’t.” Axel turned and left the room. Nic looked at all of the three girls. Nic heard a click and all the ropes were loosened. He walked to the path by Lucy. He could touch her waist, but not her head because she was too high. He looked at her carefully. “I am so sorry to drag you into this mess too.” He whispered as he touched the fur on her arm. She was still as a rock. Nic tried to unhook the rope from the collar of her shirt. She fell down the whole a ways before Nic grabbed her just in time. Then he quickly pulled her to safety and laid her quietly down onto the floor. He walked to the middle of the room and watched as Sunny and Star were released. Nic heard the click of the ropes as the sensed the loosening of the Lucy’s rope that held her. Nic was afraid that he was going to lose both of his friends, but he tried his hardest to save them both. Nic sprinted as fast as he could toward Star’s direction. Her body dropped quickly into the water. Nic sprang after her, getting her out of the jaws of the shark. Blood sprang everywhere. Nic and Star hit the surface of the water. Star woke up and was breathing. She almost screamed in pain. Nic pushed her up onto the metal floor. Nic used his arms to pull him up and out of the water. He ran to the other side of the room and looked at the acid. Sunny was nowhere to be seen. He whispered something at the acid and then stood up and ran as fast as he could back to Star. He ripped the bottom of his shirt and used it as a bandage from when the shark bit Star. Axel was laughing as he came back into the room. Nic watched Lucy out of the corner of his eye to make sure that no one would touch her. She was still asleep. “You did good saving two of your friends, but where is the other one?” Axel laughed. Nic frowned, “Let us leave now or suffer the consequences.” “But you still have two more challenges though.” Axel giggled. Nic snarled, “That was not the agreement. The agreement was that I needed to chose and I did and it meant losing someone that I really care about.” “To bad for you, I guess.” Axel laughed. He made a ball or purple flame come out of his hand. Then as he threw the ball onto the floor in front of Nic, two portals opened. Then Axel disappeared into one of them. Nic wondered on which one could have Axel in it. Then the portals began to shake and each one of them doubled until there were now six portals standing. Then a portal under Star and Lucy formed and it sucked the girls into them. They too were hiding somewhere in the portal. Nic picked the third portal first.

He ended up in some type of graveyard with thousands of graves. It was in black and white, so there was no color. Fog filled the ground and it looked like as if no one had mowed in a while. The grass was tall as Nic’s feet made enough noise in the grass to wake up tons of animals. The place reminded Nic of a scary movie. Each grave had some writing on it and little flowers by them, but instead of live flowers, they were all dead. Roses where brown and Lilies were black, the colors were horrifying. The petals crunched as the hit the ground. There was a small grave that was planted in the ground beneath Nic. It read, “A leader and a True loved one.” The trees blew in the wind as Nic looked at it with a confused expression on his face. Nic went closer to read the lower part of the grave. The fog cleared up and in bold print it said, “Starfire.” Nic saw it at once and looked for a shovel. Nic found one hiding behind a willow tree. As soon as Nic grabbed the shovel the willow tree looked like it was reaching out towards Nic, trying to grab him and the shovel. He used it to dig with all of his might towards the bottom of the grave. As soon as Nic hit something Nic used his hands and got the entire dirt out of the way so he could see Star. There was a casket that was in silence. Nic was afraid to open it because he knew the movies to be like this and they open a casket and there would be a dead body in it. Nic hated to see dead bodies, but he had no choice, but to open it. He bit his lip and you could hear his heart beating faster than ever before. As he opened it the casket made a squeak of fear that scared Nic. Inside was Star. She had tape over her mouth so she could not scream for help. It was to make sure that Nic could not cheat. She looked like she was crying because she did not know if she was going to make it out of there alive or not. She didn’t know where she was and had no idea what she was in because the casket was dark and scary to her. Nic pulled the tape off of her mouth. He then picked up Star and put her outside of the hole that he had dug. Nic used his arms to get out and once he was out he untied Star. The sun began to rise on the horizon. The fog disappeared. Every flower was full of colors. Star looked at Nic, “Thank you for saving me.” Nic blushed, “Your welcome.” “Isn’t it a lovely sight to see?” Star looked at the horizon, “I’m guessing that Sunny is dead, right?” “Actually no, she is an elemental remember? So she is at home waiting for our return.” Nic said. Star looked surprised. “How do you know?” “When I went to the acid she was alive and she said not to worry about her cause she was going to go and escape and go home.” Nic explained as he turned towards the sunrise. Star got up and walked to Nic. She set her head on his shoulder and threw her arms around him. He looked at her, “Come on we still need to save Lucy.” Star nodded. Nic and Star went back to the portal. They ended up back in the castle. They looked back at the portals. They picked the first one. They were now in a jungle and trees covered the whole place, but the trees weren’t alive, they were dead. Nic walked slower. Lucy yelled, “Help.” Nic heard it at once. They ran through the woods and the swamp. They ended up at a pole that was taller than the trees. Nic noticed that there was a body bag at the top of the pole. Nic heard the Lucy’s voice at the top. Nic knew that he had to save Lucy. Nic looked at the pole to see if there was a ladder that led to the top. There was no ladder and no way to get up there. Nic looked at the tree. “What are you doing?” Star asked. “I am trying to find a way to get up there.” Nic replied. “It is too high. It could be dangerous.” Star cried, “You could get hurt.” Nic have a smile and shook his head, “Don’t worry about me. I can do whatever I can, but I need to save Lucy, she is my best friend.” Star frowned, “No matter what, I will worry about you.” “Don’t,” Nic walked away to look at the tree. He reached for the branch that was the closest to him. And by one foot at a time, he started to climb up the tree. Star warned him to be careful more than twice and like always Nic was going to be careful. He had one thing in his mind and one thing only. Nic climbed to the top. He was so high that Star had to concentrate very hard just to see him. Star tried to keep calm because she did not want anything to happen to Nic and Nic was way high up in the air, so that was making things worse for Star to concentrate on. One branch led out towards the pole. It looked thin, but Nic had no choice, but to climb it. A body bag was tied to the pole. He climbed very slowly so that he would not give Star, which was watching him like a hawk on the ground, a heart attack. The last thing he wanted to do was put her in shock and her to get too worried for Nic. The branch cracked and Nic fell off. Nic hurried and caught the branch with one hand. Star was beginning to cry. Nic pulled himself up onto the branch. He touched the body bag with his hand. He unzipped it. It wasn’t Lucy; it was a tape recorder of her screaming, ‘Help’ and inside was a scarecrow. Nic sighed and looked down at Star. “What’s wrong?” Star asked. “It was a trap. This ain’t Lucy.” Nic sighed. “Are you sure?” Star wondered as she put her hands on her hips. Nic laughed, “Yes.” “Well come on down then and please be careful.” Star whined, “Don’t worry we will find her.” Nic still had hope in his heart, but he was still worried and frightened. He bit his lip as he crawled back of the branch. The branch snapped at Nic started to fall. Star noticed it at once and used her powers to form a shield around him. It brought him carefully to the ground. Nic closed his eyes the entire time that Star brought him safely to the ground. Nic was now on the ground and he was crying, thinking that he was dead. Star laughed at him. She kneeled by him and touched his forehead. Nic opened his eyes and saw Star laughing with a big grin. Nic gave her a smile back. Star helped Nic up and they walked back to the portal. They were back in the castle. The portals started to disappear and they all absorbed into one portal. Nic looked at it and breathed in and out. He was fearless once more. The portal stuck out like a sore thumb. No one was in the castle. Nic turned and face Star. He was fierce, “You need to stay here, Star. I can’t let you get hurt again. You almost died. You need to get out of here as soon as you can.” “So you’re going to leave me here with the K Klan. What if they find me and capture me again?” Star cried. “I am sorry, but yes that is what I am going to do, but I am sure that you are smart enough to get out of here on your own.” Nic said. “Fine, but you owe me big time.” Star whined. Nic laughed at her. He turned towards the portal and Star ran out of the room. The door was silent when it closed. Nic’s heart went faster and faster by every minute. Nic ran through the portal. He ended up in another throne room that was different from the one that Nic was in earlier. It was a normal house and furniture was everywhere. It was decorated very gothic. Purple drapes hung over the windows and they were ripped. Nic was scared as he started to walk more into the room. “I know that you are here.” Axel spoke in an instant. “I know you know that I am here and you know what I have come for.” Nic said with a laughing tone. “Do you know the real history of Silk?” Axel asked. “Yes I do,” Nic wondered. “The full version,” Axel echoed. “Yep,” Nic sighed. “That is where you are wrong.” Axel laughed. His voice echoed through the entire room. “How am I wrong? I know more than you do,” Nic stood up tall and listened to Axel. Nic was looking in all directions to find out where Axel was so that Axel wouldn’t put a surprise attack on him. “About 500 years ago there was an elder named John Switchmen that found this whole world.” Axel coughed. “I already knew that,” Nic laughed. Axel flung down from a beam on the ceiling. He hit the floor and made a sound of an earthquake. It shook the room. Axel stood up and took off his hood, “Yes, but did you know that he was a human?” Nic looked towards the floor, “No I thought.” Axel interrupted him, “You thought wrong. All of us use to be humans. John Switchmen messed up things here and promised to keep us safe, but he didn’t. He messed up a deal and turned us all into pity animals. We need to be humans again so that we can live among the human world once more. Most of us have tried to find a spell of some sort to change us back into humans, but no one has succeeded.” “Who we are now is much fun than you can imagine. Humans are boring and we don’t go outside very much.” Nic persuaded. “No they aren’t. We have been cursed for years and none of us can live with who we are. We don’t know what it is like to live up there. He as animals were captured and tested for years, so the most powerful sorcerer saved us by taking the whole city underground and ever since then no one has found us and no one will. When your dad came here all of us worshipped him and prayed that we will be okay, but my clan doesn’t want to be okay, we want to be alive.” Axel brightened up the smile on his face. “It isn’t a curse, it is a gift. Everything happens for a reason.” Nic laughed as he shook his head. Axel thought about it for a minute. “A gift from hell, maybe.” Nic frowned, “It is a gift no matter where you get it from and how you got it in the first place.” Axel laughed, “Not as well as you know it to be.” “I know a lot more than you do and you may never know what I do today.” Nic sighed. Axel stared down Nic. He was angry and it was written all over his face. He calmed down, but saw Nic and steamed right back up again. He began to yell, “What possibly do you know?” “I know the secrets of this world and the next. I know the secrets that you will never know and no matter how hard you try, you will find yourself wondering forever,” Nic smiled. “I know more about people than you do. I am a people kind of person and I actually spend time with my friends to know the real truth,” Axel said with a deviating smile. Nic began to laugh, “More like the other way around.” Axel shook his head, “Did you know that your so called best friend was playing you like cards?” Nic was stunned, “Star?” Axel began to laugh, “No, It was Lucy of course.” “Lucy?” Nic began to cry. “You look surprised to know the truth. I guess that is what you get for leaving her like you did.” Axel said. “I didn’t leave her! I would never leave Lucy, she is my best friend,” Nic yelled. “Let’s just see about that. You can ask her for yourself,” Axel laughed. He turned to the wall. “Lucy!” he yelled like a howling dog. Lucy came out of nowhere. She came down from a beam above like Axel had done. She landed on her feet. She didn’t answer. Axel turned back at Nic and smiled. Then he walked over to Lucy, “Dear Lou, please tell our friend Nic about how you used him and how you were never his friend to begin with.” Lucy froze. A tear ran down her face. “I will do what you say master.” “I will leave you two alone.” Axel laughed as he walked out of the room. The door slammed behind him. Lucy looked at Nic, “Why have you come for me?” Nic comforted, “You’re my best friend. Isn’t that what best friends do for each other?” Lucy sat on the bench by the window. Nic followed her and sat on the other side of the branch. Lucy looked at him once more, “I am sorry for putting you through all of this. You have only seen me for a month and you already trust me and you act like we are best friends again.” “Yes I know, but I have known you for years. You’re my best friend and you always will be,” Nic spoke in a soft voice. “You shouldn’t like me at all after all of this is over,” Lucy paused. There was silence as she began to cry. “I have betrayed you; I have betrayed all of you.” “Not yet you haven’t. You will never betray me; I don’t care what Axel says. I don’t believe him anymore.” Nic said, “Name something that you have done.” Lucy frowned, “I tricked you!” “No you didn’t. Why would you say such a thing?” Nic asked as he watched her movements. He was sure that Axel was about to come back anytime. “But that is where you are wrong.” She paused as Nic leaned closer to her. He grabbed her hand and held it between his hands. He went on, “Lucy you didn’t trick me. You’re just confused about everything else that you forgot about your friends, your true friends.” Lucy tugged her hand form his, “When I healed you when you were in the hospital I also put a tracker on you. When I knew when you were hiding under the seats of the train I told Axel and I made you go to Thriknell, and I knew it was a trap. I never hurt Rocky in the first place either. At the bottom of that huge hole was a pool of water and a cave just in case you didn’t pick me when all of us were going to die. It was just to make sure and Sunny had to pay the price for all of this. She is dead! I was told to come with Axel to the castle so I could control your memories and your dreams. I am a witch that was evil to you and you sit here telling me that I am your best friend.” She began to cry. Nic was stunned. There was another pause between them. A long pause. “Why would you do that?” “Because I hate you!” That was it. It broke Nic like a twig. She had said the words that Nic feared the most out of her and he was frozen. Lucy bit her lip and her eyes were no longer the sweet hazel that Nic had once saw in her, but now they were the color black. Nic remembered the children hood that they had spent together in the adoption center. He looked down, “Lucy, that is a lie. I can see it in your eyes.” Lucy shook her head, “Believe it while you still can and you’re not even looking straight at me. I am a fraud and you know it. I can see it in your eyes. I can see everything that you fear in your eyes.” “I can’t and I will never,” Nic started to dig into his pocket to find something. Lucy looked out the window watching the moon in the sky. He pulled out a picture with a rubber band around it. It had something in the middle of it too. Nic smiled at Lucy as she watched him carefully as he pulled off the rubber band. An acorn fell from it and landed on the bench. Nic put the rubber band around his wrist. He looked at the picture and began to cry. He handed her the picture. She began to cry too. It was of them when they were humans and they were at the adoption center under their favorite tree. She remembered how they swore that Nic would keep the acorn that fell on his head forever and he sure did. Nic was a true friend to Lucy, but Lucy tried to protect him and didn’t say a word. She looked at the picture. Then she picked up the acorn. It was ruff and hard like she remembered it to be. Lucy remembered how Nic saw her on the rock and their first time at Silk, but Lucy tried to hide her face. She looked up at Nic and He smiled at her, “Look, we both made a promise that I would keep it forever.” “I don’t remember this,” Lucy whispered. “How can you not remember? We were at the orphanage and I got a camera for my birthday and we took a picture by our favorite tree that we ate lunch at everyday. Remember yet? Don’t you remember how you’re the one who laughed at me because the scorn fell on my head?” “I remember.” Lucy paused. There was silence. She frowned at the picture. “But we aren’t kids anymore.” “True, but we are still best friends and we will be till the end.” Nic smiled and then frowned. “But,” Lucy paused. Axel slammed open the door and walked into the room. “Sorry to interrupt the sadness and feeling in this room.” Nic got up and walked over to Axel. He pointed right at him, “Let her come with me. Let her make her own decision.” “I am so sorry. I would let her go, but I can’t let her go. She signed over her life to this clan and she has to stay here.” Axel began to laugh. “Now leave!” Nic turned to Lucy. She shook her head and looked back towards the window. Then Nic walked back to the portal. He went through and he was back into the castle. Nic went back home. He hoped onto the train tracks and walked toward Nararra. When he got there he got on the train. He thought that he had failed, but he didn’t. Nic was back in Silk. He sat on the bench covered with flowers. Nic looked at the castle and saw Sunny and Star through the window. They seemed happy. Nic began to laugh. Then he got up and walked up the path to the castle. He walked in the castle and everything was dark. Nic walked upstairs to the room that Star and Sunny were in. Nic saw the light down the hallway. He opened the door and saw Star sitting in a rocking chair. Amanda and Hunter stood in the corner of the room while Jaz and Reno leaned against the wall. They all smiled at him. Star smiled and looked at here lap. She held something wrapped in a blanket.

Nic walked closer to her and saw a baby boy. The baby started to open his eyes. They were a dark blue color and his fur was a light brown chocolate color with some of his hair black as coal. He smiled at Nic and Nic felt like he was going to cry. His smile was warm. Star handed him a note. It was half of a heart. Nic opened it and it read:
Dear Nic,
Thank you for wanting to take care of my child. I have not seen him yet, but when I have him I will die, well so says the doctor. I won’t have any more time left. I want you to name him and name his a unique name, please. I want you to love him like a good father would do and tell him about me when he finishes his life at school or the last year. I wish him luck to the both of you and to whoever the mother will be to my child. I guess he is your now. You must protect him with everything you have P.S. You will be a great dad

From, Rebecca He smiled and looked at Star. Star gave him a comforting look. She smiled, “What’s that about?” He replied, “It is from Rebecca.” “Who is that?” Star asked. “It is a girl that I knew in the hospital and I promised her that I would take care of her baby because she was so young and she had no family,” Nic answered.
Star looked at everybody behind them; “I need to talk to Nic alone. So please leave.”
Everyone started to shove out the door. Star and Nic were now alone. She smiled, “What are you going to name him?”

Nic said, “Zap.”
Star looked at him weird, “No not that name. Jaz wants to name him Chico and Hunter wants to name him Vex.”
“I don’t like those names.” Nic said, “How about Roxas.”
Star laughed, “Oh I love that name. You should name him that.”
Nic smiled and looked at Roxas. He looked just like his mother.
Star looked at him, “So what happened with Lucy?” Nic frowned, “She was a fraud.” “I am so sorry,” Star frowned. “Everything she told us was a lie.” Nic frowned. They looked at each other. There was a long pause of silence. None of them talked for awhile. Star smiled and snapped her fingers. “Come with me. I have to show you something.” Nic did as he was told and put the baby back in the crib. He followed Star to a door and Star opened it. It was a flock of stairs that went upstairs. They walked into a room that was a study. Star opened the screen door and walked out onto the balcony. Nic looked at all the stuff sitting on the desk. Nic picked up a picture frame that was of Star when she was five. Nic saw a big picture on the wall of Zap. It was his study. Nic walked onto the balcony with Star. The sun began to rise. Star smiled, “It is so beautiful.” Nic caught her glimpse and looked at the sunrise, “It sure is. Do you remember what I told you in the throne room?” Star looked at him, “No actually I don’t.” “Are you sure?” Nic began to lean closer to her, “Star, I love you.” She froze in amazement. There was a pause between them. She smiled and so did Nic. It was the end and the beginning of a new adventure.

Seven years later has passed in our time, but for Silk it was 70 years that had passed. Nic was all grown up and he was stronger than ever before. Star was a great ruler for Silk. Sunny was hardly seen since she went to gain power to be a Silkien. Hunter and Amanda got enough money to go out and explore the world. Soon they returned to their families in Narrara. They were so proud of them. Jaz went to join the battles and Reno became a well-known thief in reality, but was loved by everyone for some reason. Reno was not actually a thief. Someone made a rumor about him because when anything is lost it always happens to fall into Reno’s hands. Nic was drafted to the wars and he watched Jaz while he is there. Roxas was now in his last year of school and in a couple months he was going to go out on an adventure. Roxas was sleeping. In his dream he remembered how his friends and he met and why they ended up being friends. His sister was named Morgan and she looked mostly like Star. She was strong and she had a kind heart. It was during the summer and Roxas and Morgan went outside to play. They were going to build a tree house. Their mother had already agreed to it. Of course they lived in a biggest tree in Silk that was a castle, but they wanted to build one of their own in a smaller tree and it was only because that they wanted to do something on their own for once. They ended up finding the perfect two trees in Silk. There were tall and stood up strong. They were young trees and none of the air wish clan made their nests in it already. “Do you children need some magical assistance?” a voice said coming from behind them. The kids looked behind them. It was Lucy. She looked the same as she did 7 years ago. The children had no idea that she was because Nic never talked nor saw her. “Who are you?” Roxas asked stepping in front of Morgan to protect her. Roxas didn’t trust her one bit. “I’m Lucy and these are my children Taylor and Jake.” A young Silkien came out from behind her along with two others. The youngest was about 4, and the other one was 6 years old. He was a boy named Jake and the other child was a girl who was also 6 was named Taylor. There were twins. Morgan and Roxas watched as Lucy made two tree houses and one was the girl’s tree house and the other was for the boys. After all the children got aquatinted they headed for the tree houses. They ended up being the best of friends. Taylor and Jake showed Morgan and Roxas their powers of black magic and how they used it. Roxas started to trust them, but what Morgan and Roxas didn’t know was that Taylor and Jake were the inheritance of the K Klan and they were dangerous to be around. The children were all in the same grade except Morgan because she was a year younger. They all played card games and made fun of each other. The day was perfect.

Roxas woke up. Roxas was in his room. His mom woke him up and told him to get dressed for school. Unlike the humans they have to walk to school everyday, and it hardly snowed so they didn’t have to worry about that. Roxas walked to school. Taylor caught up with him. “Hey Roxas,” She called. Roxas stopped and looked at her. “Hey Taylor, how are you this fine day?” “I’m good. Are you ready for the quiz today?” Taylor smiled at him. “Yeah I studied super hard.” Roxas replied. “I heard that this test was going to be a hard one this year.” They walked together to school. Taylor went with her friends and Roxas watched as she ran off. Taylor was smiling at him. In second hour Roxas sat by Taylor and Chloe. Chloe was the same age as them. She was from the clan air wish in Apollo. Chloe passed him a note and Roxas looked at her with a confused face. Chloe gave him a look. Her feathers were pink and her eyes were purple. At school she was the one known as the snotty and perky one. Roxas saw her smile at him and turned around back in her seat. Taylor noticed the note and looked up at Roxas. Roxas didn’t notice. Roxas looked back at the note and opened it. It read: Chloe: Hey can you wait for graduation? Roxas: no I can’t

Chloe: Me neither
Roxas: Yep
Chloe: I got a question for you
Roxas: What is it?
Chloe: Do you promise not to tell? Roxas: I guess so Chloe: Do you like Taylor? Roxas: Of course I do Chloe: Like more than a friend? Roxas: I don’t know why? Chloe: Just wondering. The teacher took the note that they were passing to each other. She looked at them and walked away. Roxas looked at Taylor. She smiled at him. She drew in her notebook. She tried to save herself from falling in love with Roxas because she knew that it would ruin her K Klan reputation. Roxas looked down and twiddled his thumbs. The bell rang and everyone shoved out the door. The rest of the day went normal and no one had started any drama so all the girls and guys were happy. After school they walked home together. “So what did Chloe ask you?” She wondered. “I am just curious.”

“She was being stupid.” Roxas tried to hide the look on his face. He bit his lip.
Taylor smiled. “What did she say?”
Roxas frowned, “Do you promise not to get mad at her and don’t tell her I told you because she told me not to tell anyone.”
Taylor cocked her head. “Sure I guess.”
“She asked me if I liked you,” He said.
Taylor looked at him and fake punched him in his arm, “Well of course you do. You’re my best friend that is a guy.”
Roxas laughed. He sighed and shook his head too. “Well actually it was more of a question that asked me if I liked you as more than a friend.”
Taylor froze. Her expression was gone and she decided to keep the conversation going. “Well what did you say?”
Roxas looked her. “Why do you want to know?”
“Because obviously the note was about me.” She said laughing.
“I told her that I didn’t know.” Roxas muttered.
Taylor frowned, “Oh.”
Roxas looked at her as she frowned and didn’t make contact. He grabbed her by her shoulders and stopped her. He shook her shoulders and she made contact with his, “Well just think of it this way. I never said no and I never said yes.”
Taylor smiled. She started to blush. She tried to change the subject. “Are you coming after school today to work on your project with my brother?” she said. Roxas smiled at her, “Yeah I need to go get my stuff at home and then I will be right there.”
Taylor smiled, “I guess I will see you then.” Roxas looked at her as she was starting to walk away. Roxas grabbed her arm. He looked straight into her eyes. He leaned closer and she did the same. Their lips touched for the first time. A rush of coldness came between them. Taylor closed her eyes. Roxas backed up letting her go and releasing her lips. Taylor was frozen. Roxas walked away waving to her as she stood there still frozen. Roxas ran home to go get his stuff. He sat there with a heartbeat that was faster than ever. He smiled and wouldn’t quit blushing. He remembered her and he started to stumble. He regained his balance and grabbed his entire project and ran to Jake’s house. He knocked on the door. Jake answered. The house looked like a Halloween massacre. Everything was either black or white with a lot of orange. They went into Jake’s room and began to work. After a couple hours Roxas was getting tired and so was Jake so they took a break. “Where is the bathroom?” Roxas asked. Jake laughed, “It is right down the hallway. First door on the right.” Roxas got up and ran to the bathroom. He walked out and saw the door across the hall lit with the color pink. The door was opened. Roxas opened the door the rest of the day and saw pictures hung up all over the wall. Roxas walked to the wall and saw pictures of his family. Nic and Star was on the wall and they had red X’s marked through their heads. Nic looked at the rest of the pictures. They were all of his family. Jaz, Reno, Nic, Star, Sunny, and even Zap were on the wall. Nic turned around towards the door. He saw Jake standing in the doorway. “My mom was obsessed with this family. Neither Taylor nor I know who it is. She always told us to be weary of these people, but she can’t even track them down,” Jake spoke. Roxas widened his eyes as he looked at Jake. Roxas didn’t think about what was happening. He ran right past Jake and out the door. Roxas’s head was full of questions. As he ran out the door he ran right into Taylor causing her papers to fly everywhere. Taylor smiled, “Wow, this is awkward.” Roxas frowned, “I am sorry Taylor, but I have to go. Come see me over the weekend if you want.” Roxas got up and ran down the sidewalk. He ran right into the castle. He froze and looked at his mom. Star was laughing and right next to her was Nic. He had come back from the war and this time he was here to stay. Roxas ran and hugged him tightly. Nic began to cry. “You have gotten so big my boy.” Roxas cried, “Thanks dad.” “How old are you know. It seems like forever since I seen you. Morgan already gave me a hug and now she is up in her room.” Nic said. “I am in my senior year and I can’t wait until we graduate.” Roxas smiled. Star nodded her head at Nic. Nic nodded at Roxas, “I guess it is time for the talk.” “The talk,” Roxas asked. Nic got up and signaled for Roxas to come with him. Nic led him to Nic’s bedroom. Roxas sat in the chair by the bed. Nic sat on the coffee table in front of him. “I need to tell you a lot of things that you are ready to hear.” Roxas smiled at him. Nic spoke, “Your mother was younger than you when she had you. Your mother is not who you think it is.” Roxas was confused. “What do you mean?” Nic looked at the ground. “I promised her that I would take care of you. Your mother’s name is Rebecca and I met her in the hospital. Your real dad doesn’t know that you exist and I was so good friends with your real mother that I accepted to take care of you.” Roxas began to cry. “Didn’t my mom want me? We can still find her, can’t we?” Nic shook his head. “Your real mother is dead. She got in a fight and had cancer and she chose your life over her life.” Roxas stopped crying. “Is there anything else that you need to tell me?” Nic nodded his head. “There was this girl that I was friends with that is now in the K Klan and I want you to be weary of her. Her name is Lucy.” Roxas froze. “Lucy?” Nic nodded. “Have you seen her?” Roxas was silent. “Yes father I have and I love her daughter Taylor. She is everything to me and I seen you and mother all over Lucy’s bedroom wall. Your heads were crossed out and everything. It was so scary that I ran out of the house as fast as I could.” Nic sighed. “Well I am not going to tell you to break up with Taylor if she means that much to you, but their father is dangerous. You need to be careful because any moment could be the last breath you could take around them.” Roxas nodded. “Yes father. And since you are here are you coming to my graduation?” Nic laughed, “Are you kidding me? I would not miss it for the world.”

A couple months passed and Taylor was even told about Roxas’s family. They knew that they had to do something between the fighting in their families. When school ended they had to pick a project where they had to succeed to become a real adult. Nic told Roxas that he should go and explore somewhere that was a mystery. Roxas called Taylor and they decided that they were going to go to the biggest maze in their world and it was in Nararra. They were going too met up at the maze. When Roxas got to the maze he saw a sign that read, ‘Missing people disappear here. You can take the risk and go, but don’t blame us for your actions. Taylor was already in the maze so Roxas walked into the maze too. The maze was challenging and long. It was a cornfield with walls on the sides so they couldn’t cheat. They had to stay on the path. Roxas didn’t care if the maze was challenging. All he cared about was to find Taylor. He tried to find his way out, but he got lost more than once and the maze made him think that he was walking in circles. The sun was blazing hot and the heat was getting to Roxas. He heard many screams that scared him to death. A flock of small crows flew out of the cornfield. Unlike the air wish clan, the birds were 2 times smaller and they only spoke the past, present, and future. Sometimes crows would even speak wisdom. Roxas was stuck. There was a path that led right and left. Roxas decided to pick the path that led left and as he walked down the path he heard footsteps behind him. He got scared and started to run down the path. The path led him to a dead end. The footsteps were getting closer. Roxas’s heart was weary and it was burning in his chest. A girl jumped out with a knife. She scared Roxas. She gave Roxas a weird look and then she smiled. “Taylor?” Roxas asked. She smiled, “Roxas!” Taylor was happy to see Roxas. She put her knife in her pocket and ran and gave Roxas a hug. “You need to get out of here or they will be after you too.” She began to cry. Roxas looked at her. “What are you talking about?” Taylor was out of breath, but she somehow found her breath to speak. “There are some bad people in here that are after me and they will be after us now. We can only survive if we get to the finish.” Roxas kissed Taylor on her forehead. Roxas said, “We will get out of here together and no matter what I will stand by you and protect you as best as I can.” Taylor blushed. Roxas grabbed her hand and started to run through the maze once more. It took them awhile before they realized that they had no idea where they were going and how they were going to get out of there. They were now lost. “Where are we going?” Taylor asked. She was tired from the entire running. She was panting as she tried to catch her breath, “I have no idea.” Roxas laughed, as he looked down the paths that led opposite ways. “But we have to get out of here soon.” Taylor sighed as they heard a noise behind them. They turned around to see a bull like creature coming out of the corn. He was taller and more muscular than Roxas and Taylor. They stared with fear. Taylor was frightened. They started to back up and Taylor backed up and her back hit a feather pillow. She turned around and screamed when she seen a bird-like creature from the air wish clan standing there. He was silent as he winked at the bull. The bird had scares all over his face and his skin under his eyes has cut up. His beak had a chunk missing out of it. Beaks were usually hard so it surprised Taylor on how hard someone hit them. “Where do you think you are going?” the bull laughed and took a step forward toward Roxas. Roxas didn’t move. “It is none of your business and for your information we are going to go to the end of this maze and no one is going to stop us.” The bull spit at Roxas, but it missed and landed on the ground. Roxas gave him a fierce look. The bull laughed at him. “You better treat us with respect and I mean it. It is our business to know anything about everything, and this is our cornfield.” He walked closer to Roxas and Taylor. Taylor tried to hide behind Roxas. When the bull came really close to Roxas, he didn’t move a muscle. The bull held his hammer in his left hand as he breathed on Roxas causing his fur to blow behind him. Roxas was trying to be strong like his father always was to him and everyone in the kingdom. Roxas looked up at the Bull. “You don’t need to pity us. You spit on us like we are not even here, but let me tell you something. We are not invisible and I know that you can see us so treat us with respect.” Roxas angered the bull. The bird shook his head at the bull. Then the bird squawked, “We treat you with respect? Never in a million years will we ever treat you small Silk people with respect. I guess that is what you all get after these years of ungrateful to us.” “We have done nothing to you!” They flung at Taylor and Roxas, but Taylor and Roxas ran into the cornfield. As soon as they stepped off the path they lost track of where they were. The bull and bird ran after them. Taylor was scared; however Roxas on the other hand was fearless. Taylor tried to catch her breath, but she couldn’t. She tried not to make a noise, but it was too hard because Taylor and Roxas’s feet kept crushing on the cornfield stalks. They could hear them and follow their footprints that they had left in the mud. The bird shot straight in the air and flew over the cornfield. It was trying to find Taylor and Roxas and when it saw them it would give a whine of plead out towards the bull so the bull could find them easier it was watching Taylor and Roxas like a hawk. It was high in the air and it must have had good eyesight because Taylor and Roxas looked so small from up in the air. They still ran through the cornfield and they ended up at a wall. The bull caught up with them and the bird was circling around them above their heads like a vulture. The bird swooped down and picked up Taylor by the shoulders of her shirt Roxas grabbed her foot. Roxas tried to pull Taylor down. Roxas started to slip off, but he held on with all of his might and never let go. The bird was having a hard time trying to lift the both up because he was not that strong and could support the both of them. The bird’s claws ripped her shirt and Roxas fell straight to the ground. Roxas looked up at the bird and yelled at it. Taylor screamed as she struggled her way to get out of the bird’s tight grip. Roxas was surrounded and he had no way to go. He could not run and he could not hide. His chest was breathless and the bull could hear his heartbeat from a mile away. He couldn’t save Taylor because she was too high up in the air and Roxas was lost in the cornfield maze. He did not even know where the path was; Roxas tried to make a run for it. The bull grabbed him by the shirt and threw him on to the ground. Roxas got up and watched the bull carefully and quickly. Roxas was planning his escape. The bull grabbed his hammer and swung it at Roxas. The first time it missed. Roxas ran and the Bull chucked his hammer at him. Roxas did not know that the bull was doing so because he could have gotten away easier if that was the case, but he didn’t. He ran in a straight line through the cornfield. It got him in his head. Roxas was knocked out. Blood started to rush from his head and into the soil. The last thing that Nic remembered was that the bull picked him up and carried him through the cornfield. Roxas stained the bull’s shirt with his blood, but the bull did not seem to mind one bit. The bull carried him and didn’t even carry him carefully. Roxas flung in all directions as he tossed every little bit of blood onto spots in the grass. When Roxas woke up he was behind bars and he had no way to get out. It reminded him of a jail cell. The bars were metal and there was no way that they could get out of there. He looked around for Taylor. She was in the corner. Roxas ran over to her and kneeled don beside her. Taylor was sleeping. She had her hand on her stomach. “Taylor? Wake up.” Roxas shook her body until she woke up. “Where are we at? I kind of got knocked out and I have no idea what happened after that. I am so sorry, Taylor. I have failed to protect you and I know that I promised that I would.” Taylor looked up at him. “I am in so much pain. It hurts,” she echoed. Roxas looked at her stomach and saw that it was cut up and she was bleeding. Her shirt had claw marks in the shoulders and on the fur was cuts and scraps from the bird’s sharp claws. Roxas took part of his shirt and ripped it to match the wound. He tied the shirt on her side. He grabbed Taylor’s hand and helped her up. Taylor was stumbling to gain back her balance from the pain. Roxas led her to the bed and helped her sit on it. Roxas ran to the bars and started to scream. “Let us out!” A man with a dark cape came to the bars. “Shut up you filthy pig.” Taylor was lying on the bed. Roxas looked at Taylor and then back at the man. “Where are we?” “Like you don’t know, where do you think we are?” The man stared at Roxas with patience. “You broke the laws and now you must stay in here forever or as long as you live in this ugly world of ours.” “I have done nothing wrong.” Roxas shook the bars. The man started to walk away with a cocky attitude. “Come back here!” The man didn’t listen to Roxas. He kept walking. Roxas went back to Taylor. The bandages were soaked with blood. Roxas took the bandages off and saw a cut that was long and deep. Taylor bit her lip as Roxas examined it. He needed to get Taylor to the hospital, but how was he going to do such an immediate task? A couple hours passed and nothing happened. Roxas still stood at the bars. He gave up. “My friend is bleeding to death. She needs to be taken care of or she will die.” A man walked up to the bars and saw Taylor. “To bad sonny, what do you want me to do about it?” “I want you to take care of her,” Roxas said. The man laughed, “Me? Never in my life will I take care of people like you fool.” He started to walk away. Roxas began to yell at the people who walked by. One man stopped and looked at them. Another man walked by and saw Taylor. “Who is that?” Taylor looked at him. “Get me out of here by order of the truthful princess of Thriknell. Bring this lovely servant with us.” She lied. She didn’t want to tell the clan that Roxas was her boyfriend. Roxas frowned as he heard the word servant, but then Taylor gave him a reinsuring look that made Roxas giggle. Roxas watched the men carefully. The man widened his eyes and so did the others that were behind him sitting against the wall. They all ran to the bars trying to open them as fast as they could. They didn’t open the bars quickly enough and Taylor began to scream in horror at them in pain. They all bit their lips hoping that they would not get in trouble from the princess. They finally opened the bars. A man walked in to the room and saw Taylor. He bit his lip too. The man picked up Taylor and carried her out and another took Roxas’s arm and led him down the hallway. They took Taylor to a room where it had many shelves, but the things that were on the shelves were mostly body parts. They sat Taylor on the table and had their most famous with come and treat her. The woman came in and looked at Taylor, “Honey? What are you doing here?” Taylor smiled and looked up at her. “I passed my test and when I was in that maze I told you about there were monsters that came and took me.” Lucy looked at Roxas as if she knew him. “And who is this?” Taylor looked up at Roxas. “This is the guy I have been telling you about.” Taylor winked at her mom. Lucy smiled and started to heal Taylor. “So tell me about yourself boy. Just don’t stand their, talk with us.” Roxas thought about the room with all the pictures. “I don’t know where to start.” Lucy laughed, “How about what is your family like and what’s your name?” Roxas smiled and looked at Taylor as she bit her lip from the pain. Roxas looked back up at Lucy. “I am Roxas and my family lives in Silk.” “Silk, huh? Where do you live at in Silk?” Lucy asked as she finished healing Taylor. Taylor got up and went over to Roxas. She gave him a hug and then looked back at her mom. There was more silence between them. “I live in the castle with my father and mother.” Roxas looked at the floor. Lucy didn’t smile. She frowned and walked over to him and examined him closely. “So your father must be Nic, right? And your mother must be Star?” Roxas nodded. “How did you know?” Lucy was angry that Taylor liked Roxas. Lucy was steaming hot. Taylor looked down as she grabbed Roxas’s hand. “Hey mother why I don’t speak to you in private.” Lucy sighed. “How could you? You’re my own daughter. I thought I taught you better than them.” “You did it is just that,” Taylor paused Lucy looked at Roxas. “You need to get out of here and stop seeing my daughter. There might be harsh punishment.” Taylor began to cry. “If he goes, I go. Mother it is time for a change. We don’t need to fight Silk. We need to love them like our own kind.” “You are not my daughter.” Lucy pulled her hand back and smacked Taylor across the face causing her to fall to the ground in tears. Taylor started to crawl backwards. Lucy’s finger cut the skin under Taylor’s eye. Roxas helped Taylor up and looked at Lucy. “She is your own daughter! How could you? I thought you loved her better than this.” Roxas yelled. Taylor looked down. Roxas stepped in front of her. He stared at Lucy with anger. He looked around the room. Lucy frowned. “I don’t care about her anymore. I hope you two die.” Taylor began to cry. Roxas grabbed Taylor’s hand and led her to the window. “So you don’t care if we jump out of this window?” Lucy shrugged, “No I don’t care one bit.” Taylor looked at Roxas as he smiled at her. Roxas opened the window and hugged Taylor. He pulled backwards and fell out of the window. Taylor was with him. Lucy ran to the window screaming, “Taylor!” They fell into a big pile of hay. Taylor got up and looked at Roxas. “What now?” Roxas smiled, “Well if you are a witch too? Will you make us a portal so we can go back to Silk? I will let you stay with us.” Taylor smiled as she formed a portal. Taylor grabbed Roxas’s hand and crawled through the portal. They were now at Silk, once again and they were in the front of the castle that Roxas lived in. The tree looked to be about dead. Roxas smiled and hugged Taylor and tight as he could. She smiled. Roxas gave her a kiss and then grabbed her hand and led her to the castle. Nic and Morgan were reading a book while Sunny was watching them. “And then they lived happily ever after,” Nic ended. Morgan yawned. “Thank you daddy, for reading me the story. I liked it” Nic smiled at her. “You’re welcome. Now get some sleep, we have a lot to do tomorrow.” Morgan looked at him as he was at the door. “Do you think that my big brother will be okay? I miss him a lot and I pray for him to be okay, but he never comes to see me.” “I am pretty sure that your big brother Roxas is strong enough to handle anything.” Nic laughed at the question and thought about Roxas. He frowned. He kissed Morgan on her forehead and walked out of the room with Star. They were holding hands as they walked downstairs and into the throne room. It began to pour down rain. Raindrops hit the window on the ceiling. Star watched them and wondered about her son Roxas and her dad Zap and how they were gone. Nic and Star sat in the throne room and talked for awhile about how their day went today and Star mostly talked about how the villagers have been complaining a lot about the ogres stealing their food and ruining the gardens that the villagers have done themselves. It took the villagers weeks and sometimes months to make the gardens and how they wanted it to be done. “Do you think Roxas made it?” Star asked worriedly. “I hope he doesn’t get hurt out there.” “He will be fine,” Nic suggested. “You cannot prove that.” Sat laughed as they walked into the living room. Star sat in the rocking chair and pulled out a book. “I am just worried for my baby.” Nic sat on the couch watching the fire burn in the fireplace. “You are too protective and you need to calm down a while before you go out there and find the poor boy.” They heard a noise coming from the main room. Star looked at Nic and without even thinking she threw her book onto the coffee table and ran through the door and into the throne room. She saw Roxas and he was soaking wet. Star started to cry and she ran to him giving him hugs and kisses. Roxas laughed as his dad came in. Nic saw Taylor that was behind Roxas. Roxas looked behind him at Taylor and grabbed her hand. “Dad, this is Taylor.” Nic looked at her and walked away without a single word. Star looked at her and said, “Sorry he is not use to having a girl that is your age around the house. He wants our little boy to stay young forever.” She was lying. She saw the black eyes that Roxas could not see and Star also could see how much Taylor looked like Lucy. Star sighed, “Well come on it. Can I get you something to drink? You look freezing I’m going to grab some blankets. Go ahead and sit in the living room in front of the fire.” Star ran upstairs as fast as she could. She went to the old closet with thousands of blankets in it. They kept it there for guests when they get cold. There was many spider webs, but Star just dusted them all off. Downstairs was quiet. Roxas grabbed Taylor’s hand and led her into the living room. They sat on the couch waiting for Star. They talked for a while about how their day went and what they wanted to do. They thought about the cornfield and how they survived. Finally, the moment came when Star came in with a heavy blanket. Star threw the blanket on top of them and left once more. Roxas smiled at Taylor as he put his arm around her. “Don’t worry, you will be safe here. The truth is, my dad did not say anything because you look like your mother and they use to be the best of friends until they split up and went their separate ways. Did you know that they were friends in the human world? And they were changed into Silkiens.” Taylor smiled and leaned her head on Roxas’s shoulder. She looked at the fire and it echoed into her eyes. Taylor’s eyes turned yellow to match the flames. “I didn’t know that. So that was your family on my mom’s wall. It seems that we are the only reason that they are not fighting today, it seems.” “Maybe,” Roxas leaned his head on top of Taylor’s head. There was silence. Star came in with a hot cup of cocoa. She gave it to them. Taylor and Roxas thanked her and took a sip of it. It was too ht that it burned both of their tongues. Roxas laughed as Star bit her lip. Star was worried too much about Roxas and she was an over protective mother. “So tell me did you succeed in your conquest to become an adult,” Star said trying to bring up a conversation. Star watched the way that Taylor moved. Star didn’t trust her. Taylor was innocent, so Roxas thought, but there was something in her that mad Star twitch. “I want every detail, what so ever.” Taylor looked up at her and drank the hot cocoa. Roxas smiled at Star. He said, “I met Taylor in the cornfield and we tried to get out, but the K Klan found us. They took us to their hideout and kept us in a cage.” Star was shocked. “Then how did you escape?” “Oh that was easy. What we did was that we got out because Taylor was hurt and she was bleeding to death and a witch saved her. The witch was Lucy, Taylor’s mom. We ran and she hurt Taylor by slapping her and making a huge cut on her face by how long her fingernails were. She said, ‘That she didn’t care if we died’ so I jumped out the window with Taylor. We fell in a haystack and Taylor made a portal to get us back home.” “That is amazing Taylor. Good for you, I am so proud of you both,” Star smiled. Star got up and went to the door. “You guys can sleep in here tonight if you like or you can sleep upstairs in a bedroom somewhere.” “Thank you for having me, and letting me stay,” Taylor commented. Star smiled at her. “Have a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams children.” Taylor nodded at her and Roxas did the same. Star left the fire burning for them as she left. The castle was quiet for a while. The night became cold too. There was a pause between them. A long pause. Taylor looked up at Roxas as he hummed a tune that was very familiar to her. Taylor loved the tune that he was singing. Taylor hummed the tune with him too. Roxas’s head was full of questions and thoughts that would never be or wasn’t answered. Roxas hated how Star and Nic called him a child. Every time he would say something they would call him honey or sweetheart of just the plain word kid. Kid echoed through Roxas’s head. He thought about too much and it ended up giving Roxas a headache that made his head hollow. The sound of it made him mad. He always thought how he was an adult now and how he should spend the rest of his life. To Star and Nic, he was always a child and they never wanted him to grow up, but somehow their wishes never came true. The night got even colder and they were cozy by the fire. Taylor and Roxas slept on the couch. Taylor was resting her head on Roxas’s chest and Roxas was resting his head on the arm of the chair. They were keeping each other warm by their fur. The window opened and blew cold air so hard into the room that the fire went out and chills ran up Roxas’s legs. Taylor woke up and saw her mother standing over her. Taylor was scared and she had no idea what to say to her. “What are you doing here?” Taylor said wide awaken by the noise. Lucy laughed at Taylor. “Did you think that you could trick me? I am your mother and you must obey me. Now come on and let’s get out of here.” Taylor frowned, “I am not going anywhere. For once in my life I know where I belong and how I want to use it. Anyway you said you didn’t care if I was dead or not, so consider me dead and move on.” Lucy sighed. “I am your mother and you have to obey my command!” Taylor smiled, “I am an adult now and I can do whatever I want. You do not belong here so I order you to get out.” “You order me? You ungrateful little child,” Lucy said. She formed black magic and used it against Taylor. On the side of Taylor’s arm was a black scare. It grew and grew until her whole arm was black. Taylor looked up at Lucy as she laughed. Lucy was laughing an evil laughter that everyone could hear from a million miles away. Taylor started to lose her breath and everything was getting colder in her body. Taylor coughed for air, but couldn’t seem to find it. She struggled as Lucy watched her own daughter Taylor suffered from the black magic. Lucy didn’t have a care in the world for anything. Roxas woke up and saw Taylor struggling for air. At first Roxas thought it was a nightmare that she was having, but he was wrong. Roxas hurried and went to go get Star and Nic. They ran downstairs and turned on the light. Star did white magic to try and heal Taylor. She stopped. “Someone has cursed her with the magic they bestowed on them,” Star said. Roxas held her arm and saw the blackness that was forming. He told Star and she examined it. “It is a form that only the K Klan use and it is too powerful. There is no way to save her, I’m sorry honey.” Roxas started to cry as the blackness spread to the rest of her body. Taylor’s whole body turned black and she jumped up into the air. She was not normal. She had a black cape on and a hood covered her head. She breathed in heavily. Star looked at her. “It was the symbolism of the K Klan. That is how they get in.” Roxas began to cry harder. “Taylor? Please don’t do this.” Taylor looked at them without a word. She hummed the same tune that Roxas did. “I have been born into this clan and I cannot be taken out.” “You can do so much more than be in there. You can live with us and stay her, I mean my mom was in the K Klan and she was out of it.” Roxas began to uproar all of his emotions. “Please stay.” Taylor looked at them and began to cry, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” She disappeared within a blink of an eye. Roxas began to scream as he woke up Morgan and she came into the room. Star and Nic held him back. Star saw Morgan and let go of Roxas. Star walked over to Morgan and led her back upstairs to the bedroom. Nic looked at Roxas, “Son! Come yourself. We will get her back. I promise this to you.” Roxas went into complete silence. There was a long pause between them before any of them spoke a single word to each other. Nic got up from off the floor and sat in the chair. Roxas was lying on the couch. He sat there thinking about Taylor. He almost cried once more, but he decided that he couldn’t cry anymore and that he had to save her, no matter what because he loved her and there was nothing that was going to stop him from seeing her. Roxas looked at Nic and he smiled and nodded his head. Nic knew exactly what Roxas was thinking about and Nic want worried at all about what would happen. Nic ran upstairs and got a bow out of Zap’s study. He handed it to Roxas and Roxas took it with pride as he carried it with him to his room. Roxas began to pack everything in his bag. He packed a couple of plans that he has saved up from his dad telling him stories about his life and all the stuff that he has done in the earlier years too. Roxas headed down the hall and Star saw him. She didn’t say a word, but she watched as Roxas headed straight for the door. Roxas had no idea what he was getting himself into. He headed for Thriknell. He climbed up into the train and as the train passed the closed tracks Roxas jumped off the train and walked the rest of the way towards Thriknell. He walked into town and stopped. “Oh my goodness has you gotten tall. I haven’t seen you in years.” A woman said. Roxas turned and faced the woman. She has a white dress on she was a Silkien with baby blue eyes and white fur. “Who are you?” Roxas asked trying to remember. “Have we met before?” The woman looked at him with anger. “Don’t you remember me? I am your aunt Sunny.” Roxas looked at her. Indeed it was Sunny and she was coming home. She had got her right to be alive and not to be an elemental anymore. She could walk and breathe like a normal animal could. She smiled as she ran to him and gave him a hug. She started to cry. Roxas remembered Sunny from when he was little. She had gone away when Roxas was only 8. Roxas hugged her tight. Sunny pulled away from him and asked him everything. She wanted to know every little detail that she had not known of him. Roxas smiled and told her everything of course. Roxas told Sunny that Taylor was still alive and how her mother must have done something to her. Sunny believed him, but she didn’t want to help him because she believed that this was his adventure and he needed to do it on his own. Sunny was going back to Silk in honor of her achievement. Roxas left and headed for the biggest building in town. It took awhile before Roxas found it, but when he saw it he knew that Taylor was going to be in there. He walked in the building. The hallways were dark. Roxas walked by a room and stopped to look in it. Taylor was at the front of the room. She was silent as everyone that was in her clan was around her. She was walking down the isle as everyone prayed for her. They were praying for a good leader. After she would reach the end or the isle she would swear an oath to the clan and there was no way that she would be able to get out. Taylor reached the end of the isle. Lucy stood with her. They raised her hands and started the oath. Roxas ran into the room. “Stop, Taylor doesn’t do this.” Taylor looked at him and back at Lucy. Lucy reached out her hand and held it towards Roxas. There was a black ball that formed in her hand. Sweat ran down Taylor’s face. Lucy flung the ball at Roxas. Roxas closed his eyes. He opened them to see Taylor lying on the floor in pain again. Roxas bent down beside Taylor. Lucy looked in amazement at Taylor. “Taylor? Are you okay? I didn’t mean too.” She looked at Roxas. “What have you done to my baby?” Roxas laughed at her. “You didn’t even care if she died.” “I didn’t mean too, I love my daughter.” Lucy cried running over to Taylor. Taylor was shaking. Lucy looked at her and began to cry as she took Taylor’s hand and tried to heal her. Roxas watched her as she finished. Taylor was silent as she looked at her mom. “Don’t hurt him.” Lucy looked at her, “I have to. He is not like us and he is a prince of Silk. You know why I need to kill him.” Taylor began to cry. Roxas didn’t even want to think. He flung his whole body at Lucy. She fell to the ground with Roxas on top of her. Taylor sat up and watched them fight. Roxas held Lucy’s arm so she couldn’t hit him with any black magic. Lucy screamed and punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground and then she started to form her black magic ball again. Roxas was scared and then he punched her back. “Stop!” Taylor screamed at them both. They looked at her and frowned. Lucy looked at Roxas and then got up. She pulled her hood back and walked towards Taylor. Taylor shook her head at her without saying a word. Taylor crawled over towards Roxas and put her hand on his cheek. Roxas smiled at her. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you like they did, I am so sorry.” Taylor said. “I will be fine.” Roxas gave Lucy a dirty look and then sat up. Taylor watched in silence at him. Taylor turned towards her mother and frowned at her. Taylor was furious and did not know how to punish her mother, Lucy, for hurting Roxas. Taylor didn’t know which side to pick. Either side could give Taylor happiness, but Taylor was not happy no matter which one she would chose. Lucy rolled her eyes and Taylor caught her expression in a blink of an eye. “How could you mother?” “I don’t know what you mean.” Lucy was being sarcastic. “I didn’t say anything to you or him. He is the one who attacked me first.” Lucy was making Taylor feel guilty. Roxas laughed, “No that is not right. You are the one who attacked me when I came through that door.” Taylor frowned. “Mother, he does have a point with that one. You did attack him when he came through the door.” “It was a reflex.” Lucy laughed. Taylor shook her head. “Mother, this was no accident. You only say that because I jumped in front of your black magic to protect him. You even said that you had to kill him because he was not like us.” Lucy threw her hand into the air. She flung them in every direction. “But honey, this is our enemy and he deserves to die because he could have made me kill you. Do you know how guilty I would have felt? The Silkiens have been around for years and we were not able to kill any of them. We have had so many traders in our lifetime that they all need to die. Your dad would even agree with me.” “My dad is full of chaos. He does not understand anything. He stays up in his room all of the hours and doesn’t come down to even talk to me, so can you even dare say that he would agree.” Taylor was mad she looked at Roxas as he held his hand out to her. Taylor grabbed his hand and Roxas helped her up. They both stared at each other. There was a pause. It was a very long pause. Lucy twiddled her fingers. “If you want to live, fight your mother and then if you win you can be with them and if you lose than you must stay here forever and eternity.” Lucy spoke. Taylor knew that she had to fight for her freedom, but she also knew that her mother was the second strongest in the clan. Taylor threw the first sign of magic. It missed Lucy and it hit the wall. As each and every minute went by they were throwing more magic at each other. Lucy’s magic was more powerful, but Taylor had learned a trick or two. Lucy threw a sparkling ball at Taylor and it hit her causing Taylor to fly back and hit the wall. Roxas ran over to her. Lucy was laughing. Jake came into the room and saw his mother fighting his sister. Jake also ran to Taylor to see if she was okay. Taylor looked up at the both of them. Taylor smiled. “I have lost.” Jake looked over his shoulder at his laughing mom and looked back at Taylor. He was starting to heal her wounds. Jake’s power was not advanced enough, but at least he could do something so Taylor wouldn’t lose. Taylor felt a little bit better. Roxas smiled and kissed her on her forehead. “You can do this.” Taylor was confident and she got up and began to fight Lucy again. Jake looked at Roxas. “You need to help her.” Roxas looked back at Jake. Roxas was confused. What could he do? Roxas smiled. “I don’t have magic like all of your family. I don’t take after my father. I am adopted.” Jake laughed. “All you need to do is believe in yourself and you can complete any hardship that you may or even will face.” Roxas was still confused. “What do I need to do?” Jake put his hand on Roxas’s forehead and closed his eyes. Roxas turned white as he did the same thing that Jake was doing. When Roxas opened his eyes he saw Jake and he was looking pale. “What happened?”

“You have my power now and you need to fight with all of your might to save my beloved sister. You need to protect her.” Jake lied against the wall and closed his eyes praying that Taylor and Roxas would be okay and that they would succeed.
Roxas got up and watched the girls as they fought. Lucy flung Taylor towards Roxas and he caught her. Taylor looked up at him and somehow she knew what was about to happen. Roxas set her down and flung his first sign of magic at Lucy. It hit her and she flung straight into the wall causing parts of the wall to fall down on top of her. Lucy got up and started to fling every piece of power that she had at Roxas. Roxas was fearless and he too was now using his power to protect Taylor. Taylor got up off the ground as she watched in horror and started to fight Lucy too. It was two against one and the odds were not looking so good. Every side of the room was hitting Lucy. Taylor used her power to help the goodness of the people. Lucy hit her with a ball of fire causing her to get knocked out. Jake got up and tried to help Taylor, but he had no more magic left and now he was just a normal person. Roxas looked at her and hit Lucy with his power. Lucy blocked it and hit him with a ball of fire too. It made him fly across the room and into a couple of chairs against the wall. Roxas got up and saw Lucy and she was about to make her last move and kill him. Taylor looked at Roxas and was about to scream, but she had nothing left inside of her. Roxas closed his eyes and began to meditate.
“Any last words,” Lucy said. Lucy was laughing at him, as he didn’t even pay any attention to her.
Roxas held his eyes closed tightly and didn’t speak. Lucy started to form her magic. Roxas opened his eyes and Lucy stopped. Roxas was turning white. His fur was white and His eyes were a light blue color. Roxas didn’t say anything, but he sure did laugh. “Do you think that you could ever defeat me?”
Lucy looked at him in shock and she started to form her magic again. She said, “Yes actually I can and now you will die.”
Lucy closed her eyes and shot out tons and millions of little black magic molecules at Roxas. Lucy opened her eyes and saw Roxas smiling. He did not even have a scratch on him. Taylor saw Roxas and began to wonder as she looked at Jake. Jake smiled, “He is the first grandson of Zap. He has been chosen.”
Taylor looked at him and smiled. She cheered on Roxas. Roxas took a quick look at Taylor and then back at Lucy. Lucy looked at Taylor too and Roxas hit her causing her to skid across the floor. She stopped and looked up at him. Roxas stood up slowly. He was glowing like a star. Every inch of his body was covered by white and no blackness could touch him. Lucy threw her black magic at him, but nothing hit him. He walked over to Taylor and then picked her up. He protected Taylor as Lucy kept throwing her magic at the both of them. Taylor closed her eyes, “Mother we have won and now you have to let us go and live our lives as us.”
Lucy was refusing to let them both go. She called the guards and they blocked the door. Roxas laughed at Lucy. He threw Taylor up into the air and hit the guys with white magic. They all failed to protect and they also failed at the queen’s orders. Lucy started to cry as they walked out.
Roxas stopped and faced Lucy. “This is over. You have no other choice, but to let us go. We may see each other in another life, but there is nothing that you can do now. You are allowed to see your daughter, but she can do whatever she would like to do.”
Lucy looked at Taylor with a worried look on her face. “Taylor,” she spoke, “Please stay. Don’t leave me.”
Taylor looked up at him. She threw her arms around him. She then looked back at her mother. “I love him mother and I choose to stay with him. I hope you can forgive me.” Lucy was on the floor and she was crying her eyes out. Roxas walked out of the castle and back to Silk. They walked into the door and saw Nic sitting at the throne. He was asleep. Roxas walked into the living room and turned on the light. He walked over to the couch and laid Taylor on it. She was pale. She was turning gray. She held her hand on her stomach. Nic was already awake by Roxas turning on the light in the living room. Star was already up and she looked out of the doorway of the kitchen. Star walked slowly to the doorway. All they could see was a glowing figure. Nic looked through the door and saw Roxas leaning over the couch by Taylor. Taylor coughed. “I think it is my time to go.” Roxas began to cry, “Don’t say that. You can still live, just wait and see. You just need to stay awake and don’t fall asleep.” “I can’t be healed. Once one of us turns gray there is no stopping what is going to happen next. You suffered so much in the past and no you just need to sleep and rest. You gave your life for me and now I will give mine for yours. She will not hunt you anymore if I am dead.” Taylor explained. Roxas filled his eyes with tears as he looked towards Star. She began to cry to. Star also knew that there was no use into try to save Taylor because there was nothing that they could ever do. Roxas looked back at Taylor “I can see the light.” She announced, “I am going to be okay.” Roxas cried, “No don’t go. Not now, please stay.” Taylor put her hand on his and closed her eyes. Roxas cried even harder. The night got cold and raindrops fell from the sky. Nic cried as he and Star left him alone. Taylor quit breathing. Roxas could be heard a thousand miles away. He looked at her hand and she was still. Taylor’s heart has stopped. Roxas had no idea what he was going to do. He took her dead hand and held it against his face. Her hand was as cold as ice. He looked at her hand and it was glowing, but then all of a sudden it stopped and went back to paleness again. The night got silent as Roxas cried. Zap’s shadow came into existence. “What is wrong, me boy?” Roxas turned and saw Zap standing in the middle of the room. Roxas widened his eyes. “Who are you?” Zap began to laugh at the silly question. “I am your grandfather. Well your adopted one anyway and I am here to help you.” “How can you help me?” Roxas wined as he stared at the shadow. “I have lost everything that I have loved in a life time and there is no way that I can gain any of them back.” Zap put his green visible hand on Roxas’s shoulder. “Since you are the first one of my grandchildren, there is a gift that I have bestowed on you from the gods that we may all not know until this day. The gift is the power to do anything you can imagine. That means that you can do whatever you may please in the world and however you want to do it.” “All I want is for Taylor, the love of my life to be okay,” Roxas cried. Zap smiled at him. “All you need to do is give her some of your power and she will be okay. I have walked this earth for many years and I seen these kinds of thing happen more than once. You can trust me.”

Roxas looked at his glowing fur. He looked back at Zap and he was gone. Roxas didn’t mind, but he seemed to be filled with fear that it might not work. He touched Taylor’s furry cheek. It lit up. Roxas began to cry as he closed his eyes and concentrated on giving her some of his power. Her whole body lit up in an orange color. Her body began to float about two inches off the couch. Her body sparkled. Roxas opened his eyes and his mouth dropped wide open. He almost cried, but he had no more tears left to cry. He closed his mouth and for once in his life he felt something come over him that made warmth cover his body. Taylor was still silent. Roxas had no idea what was going on. He was worried that Taylor wasn’t going to wake up. He stopped glowing and so did Taylor. She fell back onto the ground. Roxas but his lip so hard that it was about to bleed. His mom Star looked through the door at him. Roxas saw her face. Star frowned and then left again. Star was afraid that Roxas was never going to heal from this. Star gave Nic a hug and began to cry again. Luckily Morgan didn’t wake up from the noise, but then again she was already awake and she saw them outside the living room door. In Thriknell Jake was lying in his bed and Lucy was standing over him with Axel. They watched as he glowed. He woke up and sat up in his bed and looked at them. Axel gave his son Jake a hug and started to cry. Lucy walked over to the window and looked out of it. It was raining and Lucy could hardly see, but she still worried for her daughter. The people looked sad in Thriknell. People laid their buckets out to catch the rain. In Silk Taylor was still silent. Roxas looked over her. He bent down closer to her and kissed her right on her head. Roxas leaned back and sat against the lounge chair. He sat there and put his head on his knees and began to cry. Nothing was there except his cries. He heard a pounding kind of noise. Roxas stood up and opened the door. There was no one there. Roxas closed the door and started to walk to the window. He pulled the curtains back and started to walk to the window. He pulled the curtains back and opened the window. There was nothing there either. Roxas went and sat on the lounge chair. He looked at Taylor. The pounding was coming from her. At first Roxas thought it was a trick, but Roxas got up and went to the couch. He sat his head on her chest and listened to her heart that was beating. He had heard her heart. He was filled with Joy. He looked at Taylor’s face. She started to open her eyes. She smiled at him.
“I saw my brother, and he is alive,” Taylor whispered.
Roxas was happy to see her alive again. Taylor at up and hugged Roxas tightly. Roxas didn’t want to let go of her, but somehow he found the will to stop hugging her.
Taylor looked at him. “You not only saved me, but you saved my brother too.”
Roxas looked at her and said, “How did I do that?”
Taylor started to laugh at him. “We are twins and you gave a third to me and a third to my brother. Thank you for not only saving me, but for saving my brother too. That will be the last time I see him.”
Roxas laughed and rubbed his hand on Taylor’s cheek. He leaned in and kissed her. Taylor put her hands on his cheek.

A couple months passed and Silk became a loving town once more. Taylor and Roxas decided to rule Silk together. Jake took over in Thriknell. Thriknell finally opened their tracks, all thanks to Jake. Jake was different from the other leaders that ruled in the past. He was nicer and he had a vision of what would become of his town. Everyone looked up to him and saw something important in him. The time came when Jake found true love, and believes it of not it ended up to be Morgan. Morgan was one year younger than he was and they loved each other very much. Morgan brought more peace to the town. They re did the town and now people visit everywhere. Nararra became more sociable with Apollo and Thriknell. They chatted to each other a lot. Silk was still beautiful and the ogres hardly came around anymore to ruin the gardens. Lucy of course lived with Axel and their little one that was starting school. They hardly bothered anyone, but they still planned revenge against Nic and Star. They were very proud of their son and Taylor visited them every now and then, but she never stayed because Lucy didn’t like Roxas and Roxas always went with her. Roxas didn’t mind the complaining they did about him in front of his face. Roxas and Taylor were good rulers towards Silk too. They had a baby boy named Dustin. Dustin was like Roxas in every way imaginable. Zap’s shadow hardly ever visited the house anymore. They finally saw Sunny again. She came home and stayed at the castle, but she left once more because she wanted to do things as a regular Silkien. Nic missed his hometown, but hardly visited it. Silk lived in silence for the rest of the years and they hardly had anyone to talk to. Silk wanted so much out of the world, but they already had a lot. The people in Apollo started inventing different types of magic. Everyone lived in a happy fairytale. Nic looked at the history of his parents and found the prophecy. The eldest told him mostly everything that he needed to know. Jaz and Reno came back home too. Jaz had many metals from her battles that she served and Reno brought home his boyfriend Luke. At first everyone was disappointed in him. They did not allow Luke to stay in the castle, but Reno tried his best to prove that it was okay to like guys. He loved Luke and Luke loved him back.
They were meant for each other and they didn’t care what everyone else thought about them. Everyone frowned, but Jaz had the amazing powers of her speech and she talked him or her into letting him into their family. Reno and Luke stayed in a little house in Nararra and they even adopted a child that was a little tiny elephant named Pinky because it was pink and it looked like Mint. Jaz was divorced and had a daughter. They lived in Thriknell and Jaz met someone and they are dating. Hope, Jaz’s daughter, loved him and trusted him with all of her heart. They were going to get married, but they have not decided when to do it because they were always busy with something and they had a lot of work that needed to be done every day. Roxas went off and found his father, but his father turned out to be a drunk at a tavern and he had no idea that Roxas was even alive and nor did he even care for him. Star visited her mom’s grave and told her that she was sorry for everything. Star felt bad about how she was the cause that her mother was sent to the hospital and was forced to live in a mental institute. The reason that Lily died was that she never found her daughter.
Nic showed Roxas his mother’s grave and told him stories about her everyday. They were there at a Saturday. Nic brought flowers and out it on her grave. They visited there on Mother’s day so they could pray for her and her failures in life and how she gave Roxas to Nic to care for. Her grave was covered with flowers. Everyone came to her grave. Even the people that sent her to the hospital by their fighting that they did. Rebecca’s mom felt bad for leaving her and kicking her out of the clan. Her mom always thought about how much she told her daughter that she was useless and now she was dead and he mom felt guilty for it. Her dad on the other hand hated Rebecca and suffered serious alcohol problems and even though her mom tried to care for him and make him stop, he would never stop.
“She was a lovely young woman,” Nic said. He went back through the memories that they had with each other.
Roxas looked at him. “Yeah I guess so.” Roxas was grateful and even though he did not know her, he wanted to know her in the way that his father, Nic, knew her; Roxas thinks that she was a great young woman and Roxas never disgraced his mother for having him at a young age.
“She would be so proud of how much you succeeded in life.” Nic said picking up Dustin.
Dustin looked at the grave. He said, “Who is that? Is that my grandma?”
Roxas smiled, “It sure is.”
Dustin hoped out of Nic’s hands. Dustin walked up to the grave and kissed it. He began to hug the grave. Roxas laughed at him.
Nic looked at Roxas. “I am also proud of you, you know? You came so far and had many hardships during the last couple of years.”
Dustin looked at his mom who was holding Roxas’s hand. Dusting ran to her and hugged her leg. “When I grow up I want to be just like my dad.”
Taylor smiled at him, “You might want to be just like him, but you will be nothing like you dad. You will have to be better than him.”
Dustin grinned big and flashed his white smile at them. They smiled at him and told him that it was time that they went home. Dustin laughed and in circles around his parents. Roxas put his arm around Taylor. Taylor looked at him and smiled a big grin. Every day Taylor would call Roxas her knight in shinning armor and her true love because he saved her life and she would never let him forget it. Dustin sang a tune as they all walked back home. They saw a bird flying in the sky. Taylor pointed at it so Dusting could see it. “Look honey, it is a man from the air wish clan.”
“Hi mister,” waved Dustin. He hardly saw a man from the air wish clan, but every time he did he would wave at them.
“Good boy,” said Nic. A man that was from the air wishes clan landed in front of them. He was tall and he had orange feathers with stripes of lime green feathers as well.
Nic looked at him. “How may I help you?”
The bird smiled at him. “Hold on a second your royalty; I have a letter from the king to you. It was urgent, so I had to hurry to get here and give it to you.” The bird babbled on. It started to dig into his bag to find the letter. It took him so long before he finally got it out. The bird handed the note to Roxas and he looked at it in a weird way. He thought that there was going to be a war, but he was wrong. It smelled of the air wish clan, which was mostly organic. The paper was green and it was recycled.
It read:

Dear Roxas (King of Silk),
I have important news to tell you, but it is up to you to figure out on what we are going to do. Apollo and Thriknell already said yes. A scholar by the name of Yuma discovered something imaginable. She was in the lab one day and Yuma discovered how to change us back into humans. You can come with us or you can stay here. It is up to you, but thinks about your people and how much they would want this. Decide the right thing and I am not pressuring you to do anything that you don’t want to do. The people will be waiting for your answer and if you decide to come with us we will be here and we will leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
P.S. I need a response quickly.

From, The King of Apollo (Ryan)
The word, “Humans” stuck out like a sore thumb. Nic read the letter over his shoulder. Nic was also in shock by the note. “Humans?” The word stuck into Taylor’s head. “Are we really going to become humans? What is your answer to that?” Roxas looked at her. “It will be a great adventure, but I don’t know if I want to end this one.”

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