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The Pacific

March 8, 2022
By Anonymous

The storms will come. There will be flames and everything shall vanish!

“Hurry, wake up!” John Blate’s friend Lux Andino said excitedly above his bed. John slowly sat up groggily.

“If you don’t leave I’ll sacrifice you to Zeus.” John threatened his friend.

“The king has called for you!” he said excitedly.  “He has a quest for you. He says he had a dream prophesying the destruction of CresentRise!”

“Calm down, tell him I’ll be there in a minute.” John replied tiredly.

“But he’ll have my head if I don’t take you to him now!”

“I’m coming, but if you ever wake me again-” he was interrupted by the door flying open. One of the King’s messengers stood there.

“The King requires your presence, sir,” the messenger said.

“I’ve been told,” he said glaring at the messenger and Lux.

As John rode his horse to the King’s castle he wondered what the quest would be, is it to slay a giant beast such as the great Hercules had?  As he rode up to the castle the guards rolled down the drawbridge, he led his horse to a stable. “I’ll take good care of your steed sir,” the stable keeper promised.

“I’m sure you will,” John replied as he tossed the stable keeper a few gold coins and tried to block out the smell of horse manure. As he entered the castle everyone quickly hushed and stared at him. I didn't know so many people would be here, he thought. “I’m here,” he called to the King.

“That puny Lux should’ve gotten you here faster!  Nonetheless, I had a dream last night, Zeus spoke to me, he prophesied that CresentRise will soon be destroyed. Storms will come for 40 days and 40 nights. You must put together a group and find a new location to live. You must explore the Pacific Desert.” 

Chapter 3

John rode his horse along the trails, who do I bring, he thought as he rode by Lux’s house. He could be helpful, reading the maps. “How would you like to join me on the quest to the Pacific?” he asked Lux.

“What's in it for me?”

“Fame and fortune.”

“I'm in,” Lux answered with a grin creeping onto his face. As they rode to the blacksmith Lux asked, “Who else are we gonna take with us?”

“I was thinking we would take Isaac Vasileiou,  he’s said to be a great warrior.”

“Then off we go.” John replied.

As they went to Isaac’s door they heard grunting in the back, “What’s that?” Lux inquired, when they knocked on the door they heard a loud voice say.

“Who’s there?”

“The ones going on the quest, and we need some muscle,” John replied. They heard crashing til the door opened. Standing there was a giant of a man, “he has to be 7 feet tall,” John mumbled under his breath.  His arms were covered in muscles, he was wearing a shining

chainmail chestplate and on his waist was a gleaming iron saber. The gleaming sword frightened John a little bit, “It has been a long time since I’ve been on a quest,” Isaac said with a grin.

“Isaac, go to the blacksmith, get us some blades and axes. Lux and I will go to the merchant and get supplies. At daybreak go to the fountain and we will set off,” John ordered. Isaac was soon off to the blacksmith as was John and Lux to the merchant. They bought blankets, extra tunics, and some food. “Do you have a map of the land?” John questioned.

“For a price,” the merchant said slyly, “100 drachma.”

“We’ll take it,” John replied, pained to part with his money. 

John and Lux waited at the fountain till daybreak talking about the plan. Soon Isaac appeared bearing three sheathes with gleaming handles sticking out over one shoulder. On his other shoulder he had two axes.

“Shall we go?” he questioned John. 

“Soon, but I forgot we need mules,” John replied, angry at his own ignorance. 

“I have two at my house,” Lux offered.

“Hurry and get them, then we will set off,” he commanded. Isaac hurried and was soon back with two black mules.

“The one with white on her face is Balius, the completely black one is Xanthos.” He said proudly.

“Well let's hurry and load them. Then we shall leave.” John ordered.

As John and Lux traveled on the mules, Isaac pulled up the back. A loud boom thundered through the skies and lightning struck near the, “Cursed Zeus, never gives anyone a break! I wish him eternal suffering! It wasn't our choice to be out here!” John yelled in anger.

“Calm down, or Zeus will give you eternal suffering,” Lux warned him.

Up in Mount Olympus the gods were watching them, “How dare he insult me, I’ve given him such a blessed life! If anyone shall suffer it’s him!” Zeus yelled in anger as he flung his cup of nectar off his table.

“Calm down brother, they are on a quest with you sending storms on them. It’s not their fault they are scared,”  Poseidon tried to persuade his brother.

“Leave brother! This is my affair for he has insulted more than he shall ever!”

Back in the woods then men pulled the donkeys along dodging the lightning, “I see a shack, we can take shelter there!” John yelled over the howling wind and rain. As they ran, lightning struck one of the mules and he whined loudly, then fell.

“Balius! No!” Lux screamed in anguish. He dove for the fallen mule. 

“We must hurry!” John yelled at him. Isaac grabbed Lux and pulled him towards the hut.

“We can’t leave him!” Lux kept screaming, but Issac kept his grip. When they got to the shack they tied the mule to a post and slammed the door open. Lux was still bawling for Balius. 

“We lost the supplies, they were on Balius.” John noted, “I don’t think the owner of this shack will mind if we stay for the night,” John said.

“Is that all you can think about! Losing supplies!” Lux screamed at John. 

“We can’t mourn the mule now. We must survive this storm,” Isaac told them, “Look here, there is already a filled cauldron,” Isaac crabbed three cups of the cobweb covered shelves and filled them, “Cheers,” he said and they all drank the water. Lux the most remorsefully. 

“What the-” was all John got out before they blacked out.

“W-where are we?” Lux nervously whispered. They were lying on a barren desert without anything.

“What happened?” John questioned aloud. He stood up and started looking around, “Last I remember we went into the shack, drank some water, then it goes black.”

“I don’t know what happened, but I know we need food and water,” Issac decided. 

“Oh great Poseidon, bless us with clean blue water, let us have supplies and hope,” Lux prayed aloud. Then he found a sharp rock and cut his hand as a sacrifice to the god. Blood dripped into the sand as Lux grimaced.

“What are you-” John was cut off by rain drizzling down and refreshing them. 

“Next time don’t curse Zeus,” Lux said with a glare towards John, “Now we're lost and have nothing. It’s your fault.” 

Back in Olympus the gods were fighting, “Don’t punish the people for one mistake!” Poseidon yelled at Zeus as he stabbed him with his trident.

“He has never truly honored us and now what he loves will suffer without a chance! Then he shall learn!”

The gods kept fighting, Poseidon and Zeus, Hera and Hades, Athena and Ares. Poseidon yelled to Athena, “Go and give them the wisdom to go back, punish John and kill one of the other travelers, that shall make Zeus’s point! Not killing a town!” Athena flung Ares away and flew at lightning speed to John.

Lux saw her fly d0wn, “O’ goddess Athena guide us back,” Lux pleaded 

“You shall head back but John Blate must be punished. Im sorry Lux Andino,” and with that she erupted into a ball of light destroying Lux as John and Isaac watched in fear. “I shall guide you back to the town, the prophecy shall end and your town will stay safe. But you must never insult or put yourself above a god ever again.”

John Blate and Isaac Vasileiou sat at Lux’s funeral, John thought about how they got home. Athena had told them to build a raft, after it rained for one month the desert was covered in miles of water while they sat on their raft. The Boreas created a North wind and they drifted back to their lands. People saw them coming while they explored the now water filled desert. The King had taken them in and gave them fresh clothes, a warm  meal. After they were clothed he told them how Athena had come to him and said the prophecy was over. After they told him what happened he had quickly arranged a funeral for Lux. They were now listening to his family talk about how much they missed him. This is it John thought, it's over. I'm home.

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