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December 5, 2010
By RosaAmel, Lone Pine, California
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RosaAmel, Lone Pine, California
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Death is God's was of saying "you're fired" Suicide is my way of saying "I quit!"

After three years of a life in jail you'd take any chance you have to get out... Even if that 'deal' has a chance at getting you killed. After all at least you'd be out of the dreary cells. "Gage. Get out here." Said a deep hard voice. Standing up I went to the bars that seperated the inmate, also known as the hard cases, from the free people. "What do you want?" I said, my emerald green eyes as impassive as a lawyers face. My eyes searched the mans' eyes, I didn't know this man but something in his eyes shouted 'important'! His eyes searched mine for a moment "You're Charlie Gage?" He asked in utter disbeliefe. He was expecting a man no doubt. Almost everyone did. I was a woman in an all mans' jail. The only reason why I was in an all mans' jail was because I could not get along with chicks for s**t, and I could hold my own with men pretty well. "Yes." Was my answer. It was not polite but it was not rude. In jail you learn these types of answers were the best, they don't disrespect anyone but they don't make you look like a brown noser. You have no idea how bad they treat ass kissers in jail, like it's pretty bad. "What do you want?" I asked again. "Come with me." He said, as he opened up my cell. I looked at him like he was shi***ng crazy but walked outside. We set off at a brisk pace, and went to the interrogation room. "Sit." He said pointing to a chair. I nodded and say down. He looked around as if wondering how to start. "Would you like some coffee? Or a soda?" He asked finally. "Ummm... Coffee would be great...?" I said, confused. This never happened before. He set the coffee in front of me. "May I ask why I'm here?" I asked after taking a small sip. He looked uncomfortable. "Well, we want to make a deal with you, Gage." I raised my eyebrows "And what kind of deal is this?" He looked around and said quietly "Well if you help us catch Ryder Lockswood you can go free..." His eyes were ice cold, you could almost tell there was more to the story then he was telling me. "Who is he." He took a deep breath and looked straight at me and said deathly quiet "I told you, his name is Ryder Lockswood." "But who is he? Why do you need me to get him?" I asked, he knew damned well what I meant. He let out an audible sigh "Ryder is my brother. I need him because he killed 50 plus people, more then half of them trained cops." He said. "We need you because your reputation here is the best." He finished. "All expenses are paid?" I asked him. "yes." I stood up and gave him my most chilling smile. "Deal." I held my hand out and we shook on it. It was the day after I made the deal with Mr. Lockswood that I got out. I was given twenty dollars to buys my food for my first day out of that hell hole. But before I left the guard at the gate, and one of my friends, handed me a small hand written note. "Gage, If you need to contact me for any reason call me at (967)-248-****. -Ronald Lockswood. P.S. You're partner will meet you outside." I Scowled, I did not like the partner part. I usually worked alone for a reason... So I didn't try killing someone. I stepped outside the gate and instantly my eyes landed on a guy with light brown hair, hazel eyes, who was about 5'8". His muscles filled out his shirt perfectly. My breath caught when his eyes held mine. A small smile tugged at his lips, almost turning into a cocky grin. He knew he looked good, but he was smart enough not to show it. "I'm Jake Ranswald. You must be Charlie Gage." He said, holding out his hand. I took it and we shook but something weird happened when his skin touched mine. It sort of sent shocks up my arm, and made my legs feel like jello. He let go immediatly almost as if he felt it too. I coughed. He looked at me with those warm hazel eyes, evaluating every aspect of my being. "Let's go." He said harshly. Was he mad at me or something? He walked to the drivers side of a black civic and got it. I looked at the car and slowly got in. As soon as I was fully in the car he took off. His hands were white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. Not a good sign. That means he's stressed about something and I have to deal with it. "You know I was expecting a man. Not a girl." He growled. Oh great, just because I was 17 years old and a chick he thinks I'll be a distraction. I turned to him, my emerald green eyes looking for a weakness. "And I thought my partner would be a professional, not a dick." I retorted, my teeth clenched. He gave me a praising look. "Big words for such a little girl." He said back. "Don't make me kill you. I just got out of jail." I said quietly. He didn't even flinched just muttered "Love to see you try." I raised my hand and slapped him upside the head. "Shut up." I said, tired already of hearing his voice. I looked out the window and noticed that there were no tree's, no buildings, no nothing. "Where are we going?" I asked looking at him. His mouth was set in a grim line. "We're going to my home to talk about the plan..." H said after a couple minutes in akward silence. I saw him glance for a moment at me in the corner of his eye. "What did you do to get into jail at your age?" He asked. I felt my muscles tighten and slowly I relaxed. "I hacked into the CIA mainframe and sent fifty agents to there deaths. Then I killed twenty SWAT personel." I said "And then I killed my family..." I felt his hazel eyes watching me. He didn't say a word, he just watched... His eyes undressing me. At that moment I felt like bearing my deep dark soul to him. "How did you get stuck with me?" I wondered out loud. I saw him look at me again. "Ryder kidnapped and killed my sister. She was the only family I had left." He said quietly. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that he wanted blood. "I'm um... Sorry for your loss." I said resting my hand lightly on his shoulder. He shrugged me off. "IF you so much as get even slightly out of line don't think I won't kill you. I will." He said, his voice as hard as stone.

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kaylaaaa said...
on Feb. 18 2014 at 1:42 pm
you may have written this a long time ago,but i just wanted to say you should not have stopped because this is good!!!