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My Messed-Up Life (or something along those lines)

January 14, 2011
By Celiaaaa..., Baltimore, Maryland
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Celiaaaa..., Baltimore, Maryland
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Author's note: This is a story that's in the works, so try not to be too harsh? It's my first "book," so I do hope you like it!

Chapter One:
I Find One of my Kind

The dim lights in the classroom made me tired the moment that I got into the room. It was so dark in there, it confused me. Usually the classrooms of the school were bright and fluorescent, with flicking lights and loud buzzing noises. I looked around, confused. This room was like a paradise compared to the usual classrooms. All around the room, instead of annoying lights there were soft, dark glowing lamps and candles flickering light through the class. The sunlight filtered sweetly through the thin orangey-pink curtains, making the room look kind of like a Kirkland's store. The wooden desks and chairs were set up in groups of six, making it so that you had to sit with someone. "Aaah," a calming voice cooed when I entered the room. "My first student of the year, a beautiful auburn girl, my lucky day! Take a seat, would you, darling?" the voice said. I looked around, spotting the little Latin teacher. She had a kind face, which made me blush, as if she knew everything about me by just looking at me. She had her grayish-blond hair pulled back in one single, long plait down her back and a huge calming smile on her lips. What a pretty young girl, I think I'll like her, I heard.

That's right, I just listened in on my Latin teacher's thoughts. I've always been that way, since I was five I could hear what people were thinking. Almost no one knew about my gift, or should I say my curse. My sister, Emma, who was the one of two of the only people who knew about my mind-reading issues, told me that I was incredibly gifted, and I should embrace it. But, if anything, it was a big curse. See, I was always hearing the wrong things, my mom would tell me my presents on Holidays like Christmas and Valentine's day, or my birthday, and my dad would give away surprises, not to mention the fact that I could hear all the mean things that people thought about me behind my back. The most embarrassing part was when I went on a date with one of the boys in my class in eighth grade and I overheard his thoughts, thinking that he was talking. We were both sitting there quietly, when suddenly I heard something about him really liking me a lot, and I was stupid enough to go "I really like you, too," and "I hope we can go out a lot, as well," when he was sitting there thinking those things.

I smiled at the little lady and headed to a group of desks at the back of the room, opening my binder and writing the date and my name at the top of a sheet of paper at the front:

Savannah Avalon

Grade 10


I wrote, satisfied with myself. It was early to be in class, so I reached in my bag and pulled out my iPod, flicking it on and pulling the feet up so that my knees were on the desk and my back was leaning comfortably on the back of the chair. After a few moments of listening to my iPod, a light buzzing noise filled my ears, telling me that the other kids in my class were arriving for their class. I pulled out the earbuds, grabbing my head when suddenly a wave of noise hit my head, making me sway in my chair. That's the problem with my condition, the thoughts of others hit me hard when I stop blocking it. Look, it's the freak, Savannah! What a little weirdo... look at her, all emo and Gothic like she's trying to make some sort of statement. What is up with that hoodie and graphic tee? And those ripped skinny jeans? Talk about wannabe-hipster! a voice cried in my mind. I whipped my head around to face my arch-nemesis, Julie Watson. She smiled at me with the faintest mocking smile, her freshly glossed lips spread over her perfect white teeth.

"Hi, Savannah, aren't you looking... fab today." She said, looking me up and down. I rolled my eyes and turned around, muttering "Fake!" under my breath. Julie and I had once been friends, until I found out that Samantha Richardson and Julie were planning to embarrass me in front of the whole fifth grade class by pushing me off the stage during our talent-showcase. We were supposed to all sing "Dancing Queen" by ABBA together, but suddenly there were too many girls when Julie and Amira added Samantha. It was a dance made for three-parts, not four. Before my two best friends could break my arm by throwing me off the edge, I dropped out, faking an illness. From that day, Julie hated me, and Amira just followed her lead, like a follower. I hated them so much for replacing me with Samantha, it was so juvenile.

I sighed and tried to calm myself. So Julie Watson had AP Latin, too? My thoughts were jarred by a sudden burst of noise next to me, which made me jump out of my skin. I turned and looked at the boy who had abruptly fallen into the seat next to me and raised an eyebrow. I'd never seen him before, and I would have remembered a face like that. He looked back at me, his eyes a clear blue, which seemed to smile even though his face was blank. In fact, his whole face seemed to be locked in a smile, but, he wasn't even smiling, it was like he was hiding a smile. Even from the seat next to him I could tell that his light pinkish lips were soft, they looked like it. He smiled finally, sticking out his right hand to me, even though I was sitting on his left. I stared at it for a moment, then shook it.

"Hi," he said, his voice was soft and sweet. It was also tough and manly at the same time, it was making my thoughts go crazy. "I'm Adrian, Adrian Noir." he introduced himself as. I tried to find my voice, but a weird gasping noise was all that came out. "What was that?" he laughed, cocking his head to the side so that his straight, Zac Efron-esque haircut falling against his eyes. "I-I meant Savannah!" I cried, my eyes widening. "I'm Savannah Avalon." I'm usually not like this, okay, but this guy was making me go nuts. He was nice and built, his grip was strong, too. "Are you new here at Waldorf?" I asked curiously. That's the name of our boarding school, The Waldorf Academy. Waldorf is a nice place, it's great for students, it's peaceful and tranquil, and the Village is so cute.

Adrian nodded, "Yeah, my mom sent my sister, Regina, and me here for the term," he said, opening his own binder. "It's a cool place, I met a lot of people here who like me, so far. And I'm already signed up for the Actor's Club that you guys have here. I hope I can get in, eh? Are you into acting?"

I blushed and shook my head, "Negative, I'm on the Waldorf soccer team. I play Middle-Forward." I said, shifting in my chair. The way he was looking at me made me nervous. He was staring at me as if he was trying to see something that he couldn't see through a fog, but he had an amused look on his face. Also, there was a sudden problem I was having with Adrian... I couldn't hear him, I couldn't hear his thoughts. All around the room the thoughts of my classmates were hitting me full-on, while Adrian's voice was not filling my head. To my dismay, my tongue betrayed me, "Why are you not thinking bad things about me? Why are you not criticizing my everything?" I blurted suddenly.

"You-? What? Why would I think bad about you? We just met!" Adrian laughed, something flashing in his eyes, something that freaked me out. Realization? I looked away quickly, focusing on the person across from me. What is she looking at? The little troll! Adrian is my territory now, I mean he is in my acting troupe! I saw that the girl as Emilie Duvall, Waldorf's own spoiled princess, the daughter of the senator, Franklin Duvall. Emilie sneered at me and turned to Adrian with a smile bright enough to light up the whole of Broadway. "Omigosh! Adrian? Is that you? What a cowinkie-dink!" she squealed, putting a hand on his and laughing. I stiffed a giggle at her lame word and looked to the blackboard, finding the Homeework section and starting to copy it. "What are you laughing at, Avalon? Too giddy cos a guy talked to you?" Emilie laughed, holding up her dainty palm for a highfive that she never got in return. Adrian just sat there looking at her with a confused look.

Can you belive her, Savannah?

Yeah, she's so spoiled!

You're way better than her.

Oh, thank you... wait... YOU'RE TELEPATHIC?! I whirled around in my seat to face Adrian, my eyes huge with the thought of him being telepathic, but he just winked at me and went back to copying the homework. I stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out if what just happened was real... did Adrian really just talk in my mind? Or was I just going loopy? Adrian looked up. "What is it, Savannah?" he asked, a look of genuine curiousity etched on his face. "Well... is it true? Did you just-? You know...?" I asked slowly, watching him closely. He laughed, "I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question. Mmm..." he said slowly, going back to his papers. I turned back to the board, copying down the homework and inhaling slowly. One thing I did know is that there was something special about Adrian, telepathic or not.

"Savannah, thank god you're here! I tried to find you on the soccer field, but then I had to run back to see Griffin, to see if he knew where you were, and he told me to find Liesa. Liesa said that you had ran off after swimming-practice to check out a few books in the library, so I went there. And Mrs Selznick said you'd gone to see the English teacher for the Eleventh and he said you told him that you were going down to the Auditorium and they said you were down here, in Weir Commons. I've run around campus looking for you, and now we don't have much time to talk! It's important. Time to talk, now, aysap." Lillian cried as she ran into our dorm, slamming the door by kicking it closed. Lillian Hastings is my best friend, my second roommate and my Gifted One-in-arms. See, Lillian can do this really cool thing, she can move things with her mind. What's the word? She's telekinetic, or at least I think she is. She's never too keen on talking about her Gift. Lily and I have known each other since the eighth grade, when we got put into the same dormitory-set together, along with another Gifted One named Reagan Johannson.

Lily threw her messenger bag across the room, not caring when it hit the wall and slid down to her bed, racing towards me. But, I didn't hear her, because I was doing me homework with my iPod earbuds in. I had "The Little Things" by Danny Elfman playing full-blast in my ears. I scribbled the answer to "How did Poseidon (god of the sea) win his consort, Amphrotite?" and went to write the next answer ("What made Perseus go to kill Medusa? Who helped him with this task?") when suddenly all I heard was, "But I never knew about the li-SAVANNAH!" in my ears. "WHAAAH!! LILY, WHAT THE HELL?!" I snapped, grabbing my chest, which was heaving in shock.

Lily looked sheepish, "Sorry, I wanted to ask you something!" she said with a shrug, getting off my bed. She blushed and looked down, twirling her thumbs and biting her lip. I stared at her curiously, waiting for her to say what she wanted to say so badly. "Eeooumooingubryoutsifwee?" she mumbled, scratching the back of her neck uncomfortably. I laughed and pulled out my second bud, pushing the sheets of notebook paper off my lap and onto the wrinkled duvet cover. I cocked my head to the side and playfully let my eyebrows come together in confusion. "What was that Lil?" I asked, flipping the duvet off of me so that I could get out of bed. I started to make my bed again, pulling the corners up to the pillows so that it looked nice and neat. Lily coughed awkwardly and started to slowly speak, putting emphasis on every word. "Will. You. Come. To. The. Singing. Club. Try-outs. With. Me?" she said more slowly, not looking up at me. I automatically held up my hands, "Whoa! No, only those artsy-fartsy people go to those tryouts and stuff! Sooo not my style! I hang with the Soccer-players and the swimmers, you know this!!!" I said impatiently. Lillian stomped her foot, glaring at me. "Ray already is in the Singing Club-"

"It's just a Glee Club with a different name." I argued.

"So? You can sing, you can sing really well! And why is a Glee club so messed up for you?! Your soccer buddies gonna pick on you?!" she retorted angrily.

"Well, maybe they would! I'm not taking chances."

"Fine, Adrian told me he would be there to cheer me on, since he's already in the club! He's nice, unlike you." she huffed, stomping over to her bed and roughly grabbing her bag off the bed. I sat here in shock. Adrian was helping Lily get into the Singing-Club? He was already in the Singing-Club? I thought he said he was in the Actor's club, I mean, I went around the whole school, checking out books on acting and talking to the English teacher who ran the club about auditions, only to find out that the auditions were over for the day and that I had to get up at eight AM and find them then. My thoughts were jarred by Lily slamming the door, making me jump. I sat there, biting my lip... I could sing... and I liked music, a lot. I jumped up, grabbing my hoodie and Converses, running out the door in my socks. "Wait! Lillian! Waaait!" I cried, flying down the carpeted hallway towards my friend. "Lilllllyyy!!!!" I screamed, turning the corner and smashing into her.

"OW!" we both cried, flinging backwards and falling onto the carpet. Lily groaned and rolled over, cursing like a sailor in her head. "Owww, Savvy, what the heck?" she moaned, grabbing her nose. I rolled onto my back and grabbed the back of my head, which had hit the wall. A head-splitting pain filled my head, making my vision blur for a moment. "Lil... you okay?" I groaned, sitting up and going to get up. She rubbed the red bridge of her nose and nodded yes, looking all around at the papers that had flung out of her bag. "Oh, bugger. I'm so sorry!" I insisted, going to pick up all of the papers. "I can get it," Lily said, touching my shoulder. With a blink and a wave of her open palm, the papers started to move into a neat pile, un-wrinkling and sitting neatly in front of her. Without a second thought, she leaned down and picked the pile up, stuffing it in her bag with a small smile. "Shall we go?"

The Waldorf Academy Auditorium is a huge room, with a ginormous stage that has the best of the best lighting, brand-new curtains and props, and amazing actors to preform on it. Lily and I entered the noise-filled room, looking around for a seat in the chaos. There are exactly five hundred and twenty velvet covered seats in the auditorium, which sprawl out into three different sections, making two aisles down the center and two by the walls, which teachers use to make sure we're paying attention to the boring assemblies. On the stage, my other roommate, Reagan Johannson, was talking about the process. "'Kay? Then, after you give us your song, we will evaluate your posture and your voice. After you're done, you'll get a slip, if it's blue, you may leave, if it's green, you've been called back up. We're looking for six more people, so at least twelve of you will be called back and six of those will get in. Okay?" Reagan smiled at all of the girls and the few boys in the crowd. Lily pushed me into a seat as Ray looked down at the clipboard in her hands. "So... First on our list is... Aimee Castor." she said, stepping off the stage and letting Aimee walk passed her.

"I-I'm singing 'M-My Heart Will G-G-Go On' by Celine Deon," she stuttered, looking down at the paper in her hands. Aimee was a chubby girl with a rather nervous problem: she couldn't look up at the judges. She was staring down the whole time. I turned my head, looking around me at the auditorium. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving around and turned, blushing when I realized what the moving thing was. It was Adrian, two rows ahead. Waving like mad. At me. I flushed, smiling and waving slightly at him. "Hey," I mouthed, smiling. Then it was on again, his voice in my head talking to me. It was clear and sweet. <i> Hey, stranger, it said as Adrian smiled and winked.

I wanted to scream and giggle at the same time, so I kept my cool and I replied a simple reply. I wish you'd stop doing that, the mind thing. How do you do it? I asked, cocking my head to the side and pulling my knees up to my chin.

Well, Adrian replied, turning in his seat so that he could keep his gaze on my face as we talked. I think about what I want you to hear, and you hear it. Like, Reagan tells me she can do Electrokenesis and kinetic absorption, I can do Telepathy. My mom can do Technopathy, that's using your mind to control technology. My sister, Regina, can do power mimicry or absorption, which means she can take a power from someone. She's taken mine and my mom's so much that she's absorbed it, she's adapted to the power. And my dad can do a sort of biological manipulation and accelerated healing. My whole family is Gifted, I just got to be telepathic. Good enough answer? he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I just stared at him for a moment, then replied, Your family is so special. I'm impressed, but mind-reading is not my only power, so don't think you're so big and bad, Adrian. I can preform Empathy, which goes well along mind-reading and memory manipulation. I'm your typical, everyday Emma Frost! I snorted. I didn't know why I told him this stuff, and why I was acting so calm about finding another Gifted One. And the thing that got me the most was that I'd just told him about my Empathy... no one knows that I'm Empathetic, not even Lillian. The Emma Frost joke was something that Lily had made up when she started reading the Uncanny X-men comics, something that she did a lot. Lily loves reading comicbooks because it makes her feel better when she read about the comics, which people thought were fake, but they didn't know that people like Stan Lee have superpows in real-life. We're the Gifted Ones, we just stay hidden.

You're Empathetic? You read people's emotions? Wow, that's a pretty cool power... so not only are you hearing the thoughts in a person's head, but you're also feeling their emotions. It's like you've become a part of the person! And I thought Reggie and her power augmentation, negation and mimicries were cool... So, what am I thinking and feeling? I'll put my wall down for you.

You're felling confused, but calm... wait, did you say your wall... Ooooh! Your wall! So that's why I can't read you mind?! You have a mental-bock up that doesn't let anyone with extrasensory perception into your mind. I thought my ESP was getting weak, you just won't let me in...

Exactly. I could see what you were doing, you were making twitches with your finger... wincing... I knew something was different about you. So, I put up my block. When Reggie and I came to Waldorf, Headmistress Winters told us about the other Gifted Ones at Waldorf... two out of seventeen... Do you know any Gifted students? I haven't met any of them. I felt bad for Adrian, he looked really sad about this part, like he'd been having trouble finding the proper friends... instead he had Emilie Duvall.

I know three of them. Me, Lily Hastings and Reagan and Griffin Johannson. We've been friends since the Eighth. I said simply, putting my feet up on the back of the chair in front of me so that my teal and gray Converses were high in the air. And adding another Gifted to our group wouldn't be a problem for us. In fact, I think that everyone would really- "Savannah, what are you doing?" Lily's voice rang out in my ears, disrupting my connection to Adrian. I turned to face her with wide eyes and asked what she was talking about. She gave me the most freaked out look ever and then explained her question, "Well, eight people have gone up and you've been staring at Adrian Noir for the whole thing. And he's been staring back at you. You both look really weird, what the heck are you two doing?" Lily asked, looking
from Adrian, who was still looking at me and trying to get in my mind, to me. I looked down and sighed, trying to think of a reply. "Erm, staring contest... we were just-"

"Could Lillian Hastings make her way to the stage?" Reagan called, looking around the room, trying to find Lily. I smiled at her, giving her more of a smirk than a smile. She rolled her eyes and headed towards the stage, gulping as she slowly walked towards Ray on the stage. I knew she was nervous, I could feel it pulsing off of her, her body was all tangled in a mess of fear and nervousness. Moment of truth, she thought, leaning towards the microphone.

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This book has 8 comments.

on Sep. 20 2011 at 8:14 pm
Regs_the_Shorty GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
13 articles 0 photos 129 comments

Favorite Quote:
There are people who finish what they start and.....

LOVE IT!!!! My name is Regan but obviously its spelled differently :/ but I'm in my schools glee club too!!!!!!

on Feb. 11 2011 at 7:05 pm
D.B.Kinkers BRONZE,
1 article 0 photos 16 comments
Post more! It's awesome!

FunFace GOLD said...
on Jan. 22 2011 at 3:33 pm
FunFace GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
11 articles 0 photos 63 comments

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"Z is for zed which is for fred which is for harry potter which is for couldron, DUH" -My friend and I

can you post the rest please and thank you

on Jan. 22 2011 at 2:57 pm
CrazyWriter GOLD, Lorton Station, Virginia
16 articles 2 photos 102 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Once you have given up on the most important thing in your life, you begin to die, because then, you gradually lose your true self"~Hana Kimi
"Someone who can lie to themself. . . is lonely, and in pain"~Hana Kimi

I aboslutely love this! Its SOO FUNNY!! i feel like Savannah . in the 1st chap. when they were talking and she was likeWait your telepathic! i  was laughing so hard i almost cried! only 2 bad things i see1) the title-- i love the story but i just dont think the title matches the story,maybe i should wait till later but right now idont see the title and the story matching2) i thought it moved a little too fast, i mean i probably wouldnt open up about my family so quickly even if i loved the guy Thats all the negativity i got still PLEASE continue and please keep it funny/cute



C-Rav said...
on Jan. 20 2011 at 6:15 pm

Really nice job! When I read this I was thinking, "Wow! I could definitely see this as a real book!"

Keep up the good work! Definitely 5 stars! :)

Celiaaaa... said...
on Jan. 19 2011 at 7:21 pm
Celiaaaa..., Baltimore, Maryland
0 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life's a random pool of awesomeness, if you want to join, you have to jump off on the high-dive" - Me

When I was writing it I realized this, so I thought it would be better if I made it so that Savannah wasn't the only Gifted One. It's going to be explained more in the second chapter! :)

on Jan. 19 2011 at 7:14 pm
maddymcc17 BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
4 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Wow, this is really good, I love it, at first I thought it was going to be a remake of Twilight, but i was really surprised to find out Adrian was telepathic too!! Keep writing :)

on Jan. 19 2011 at 3:48 pm
stellabella21 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1 article 1 photo 22 comments
This is so great! I hope you write more! :) it's really good for your first book!