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The Old Possum School

March 13, 2011
By NightTimeClouds BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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NightTimeClouds BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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Author's note: Heyy I had to write a scary story for a class assignment- but not to scary, not as i would have liked it to be.- We had a contest and i actually won. I couldnt believe it. So this is the story i entered and read aloud to my class. Hope u like it!

Part 1
Location- 5923 West Willow Drive
Willow Way city
Date- June 7th, 2220
Time- 12:05p.m
Day- Monday

Veronica was eating lunch when she heard the siren. Over the years she had learned to get use to them. She still had a good hour until she would met Andrea and go to the Center of Willow Way City. It’s been exactly 2 years and 9 months since Veronica had moved to Willow Way City. At first she had been devastated being forced to move out of her parents house but she learned responsibility and could visit her parents as much as she liked which every opportunity she got to she took. Overall though she was glad she choose Willow Way City to move to. Her parents liked her decision to move here. This city was clean and orderly. People obeyed the law and if they didn’t the police got them immediately. Life in Willow Way city was a good one mostly.

Part 2
Location- 5924 West Willow Dive
Willow Way City
Date- June 7th, 2220
Time- 1:05p.m.
Day- Monday

Veronica ringed the doorbell to the medium sized apartment. Andrea opened the door.

“Hi Veronica! Are you ready to go into the city? I’ve already called for a taxi” Andrea says as Veronica walked inside.

“Good” said Veronica “Then we’ll have even more time!”

“Yeah” said Andrea “I still can’t believe they passed that curfew law.”

“Oh the taxi’s here” said Andrea as her and Veronica walk outside and get into the tiny vehicle.

Andrea and Veronica stick in their ID cards into the slots in the console of the car.

“Hello ANDREA and VERONICA. Where may I take you today?” Asked the small computer in the car.

“Center Willow Square please” Says Andrea

The little vehicle starts moving throughout the maze like roads of the city. Veronica and Andrea look out their windows. Although they have both been living here for over 2 years the sights of the city still amaze them. They saw tall huge buildings with advertisements covering the whole structure. People on bikes, walking by themselves or with their dogs, skating, jogging, and riding in taxis. No one had their own vehicle anymore. It turned into a hassle so now when you want to go somewhere you have to call a taxi. Andrea and Veronica went passed a bunch of stores, markets, and other commercial industries.
Veronica and Andrea hear the ding which means that they have arrived at their destination. They pull out their ID cards and begin to walk towards the center of the square. In the center of the square is a huge fountain that often has many children playing in it. Around the fountain are several benches so that parents can sit down and watch their child. Veronica and Andrea sit down on a bench and talk about how they couldn’t believe the school year was over. They both were going to Willow Way University at the end of the summer and they were so excited about going to college. They weren’t sure what they wanted to be yet but they figured that this summer it would come to them. Then Veronica and Andrea hear a loud noise.

“Beeeeeeep beeeeep beep beep beeeeeeeeep!”

Veronica, Andrea, and everyone else in the area look up at the huge screen TV.

“Hello this is Angela Ryan with an emergency update report. Apparently today at 7:15a.m screams were heard from the Old Possum School. The witness that heard these screams called the police since being in that school or even 50 feet within it is illegal. Inside they found a teenage girl who appeared to be 18. The girl was reported unconscious but she escaped. The police are now looking for her as we speak. More information will be broadcasted to you as soon as we get it.”

Andrea and Veronica couldn’t believe that someone actually went inside the Old Possum School! Back at high school students would always come up with rumors about what happened there but some students swore that these rumors were true. The story apparently goes like this-
A long time ago before Willow Way City there was a city named Springfield. Springfield was located exactly where Willow Way City is. And the Old Possum School at the time was still in use but just as a Junior high school. Apparently one teacher there was a devil worshipper and one day he lost it. He took everyone there captive. Students, teachers, staff they all were killed. He didn’t kill them quickly and painlessly either. He devised many “mind games” to kill them. He would force students to kill each other, and they all listened to him because they were afraid of dying. But one girl didn’t listen. She didn’t fight, didn’t play his mind games. No one really knows what happened to her. Some say she eventually broke down and killed everyone. Others say she escaped. Some even say that he cut off all of her limbs and locked her in a locker for a very painful death. But those are just stories.

“Hey Veronica, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Andrea

“What?” says Veronica?

“We should go and explore the school!” Andrea said

“What!” Veronica whispers so that they wouldn’t be heard. “But that’s illegal!”

“Come on it’ll be fun and------
Andrea started to say when Big Bertha interrupted.

“Soooo you two were going to go and break the law without me?” Big Bertha said

“Oh no” Veronica thought, “It’s Big Bertha the high school bully. Big Bertha even said to call her Big Bertha but then she changed it last day of school. But of course everyone was already use to calling her Big Bertha.”

“Bi-Big Bertha” Andrea tried to get out.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” screamed Big Bertha as she punched Andrea in the stomach.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWW” screamed Andrea

“Wait!” said Veronica, Bi- I mean Bertha you don’t have to be so mean you can-

“OWWW!” screamed Veronica as Big Berthas fist smashed into Veronicas face.

“You-You broke my nose!!!” screamed Veronica as blood came gushing out of her crooked nose.

“Oh, would you like me to fix it for you?” asked Big Bertha with a sinister grin on her face.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Who said that?” asked Big Bertha

“I did, my name is Cynthia and I take it that you’re Big Bertha.” Said Cynthia

“I said, DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Big Bertha said as she tried to punch Cynthia but Cynthia grabbed her hand and grabbed a hold of both of Big Berthas arms and broke them both instantly.

Veronica and Andrea just starred at the shriveled body of Big Bertha. She began to mumble something but no one could tell what she was saying.
Veronica started to turn around and began to say, “Hey thanks for helping us, we would’ve been in serious trouble if you-

But Veronica realized that she was talking to know one. Cynthia was gone…

Part 3
Location-5923 West Willow Drive
Willow Way City
Date- June 7th, 2220
Time- 7:09 p.m.
Day- Monday

“Owwwww my nose still hurts” said Veronica as she messed with the bandages on her face still fresh from the hospital.

“Yeah well I think she completely destroyed some of my organs” said Andrea.

“I can’t believe though that that girl broke both of Big Berthas arms” said Andrea.
“Yeah speaking of her, what was her name? Cynthia wasn’t it? Funny, that’s the same name of the girl they found in the Old Possum School.” Said Veronica

“Veronica you don’t think?” said Andrea

“It’s, its just coincidence that’s it.” said Veronica.

“Well I for one want to find out”, began Andrea, “So let’s do it.”

“You mean let’s go to the Old Possum School?” asked Veronica

“Yeah are you in?” asked Andrea

Veronica wanted to say no, to say how she was terrified, but once again Veronica’s curiosity got the better of her.

“I’m in.” she said

Part 4
Location- Willow Way Woods
Outskirts of Willow Way City
Date- June 8th, 2220
Time- 4:07 a.m.
Day- Tuesday

Veronica and Andrea met up by the woods. They had stayed up late last night planning when they would go, where to meet, how to not draw attention, and if they are caught what to say.

“Alright so according to this the Old Possum School is straight through the woods. In exactly 22 minutes we should be there.” said Andrea as she put away her map.

“Okay well let’s go” said Veronica.

So for the next 22 minutes Veronica and Andrea walked through the woods. Then they finally arrived.

“Wow it’s huge” Veronica said!

“Yeah and run down,” said Andrea, “Let’s go inside.”
Andrea and Veronica opened the old glass doors faded through the years. Dust covered everything. All of the doors were closed.

“Oh my gosh, I can hardly breathe the airs so musty!” said Andrea as she covered her mouth with the neck of her shirt.

“I agree.” said Veronica doing the same thing as Andrea.

Veronica and Andrea walk up the stairs into a classroom.

“All of the windows are boarded up.” said Veronica.

“Yeah and all of the doorknobs are broken off of the doors.” said Andrea

“Andrea I have a bad feeling about this.” said Veronica.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, it’s eerie in here.” said Andrea
Andrea and Veronica walk around the classroom.

“Hey, Andrea. Come look at this.” said Veronica pointing inside a closet.

Veronica was pointing at the bloodstained handprints.

“That’s blood, isn’t it.” said Veronica

“Yeah. And I think we should go into another room.” said Andrea

Veronica walks up and down the large cement hallways. The walls had appeared to at one time been painted a bluish color but faded with time to create the grayish depressing color Veronica now sees on the wall. The ceiling tiles were rotting, and falling apart with mold growing all over them. The building was clearly abandoned but Veronica stopped and looked inside a classroom. She immediately felt dizzy. The room started spinning then stood still. Veronica opened her eyes which had been closed since the whole place was spinning. She then saw quite an astonishing sight. She saw teenagers, children carrying huge mounds of books from classroom to classroom. Then she saw a teacher walk by her. He had a sinister smile on his face. Then Veronica knew that this was the man who would do it. He was the devil worshipper. She then felt the room spinning again. Then it stopped. Veronica once again opened her eyes. What she saw made her burst into tears. In the gym the man had set up some kind of arena. The carnage left over looked like the remains of some horrible, bloody war. Then Veronica turned when she heard the scream of what sounded like a 14 year old girl. The girl screamed

“Don’t do this Kristen. We are best friends remember?!?!?!”

“There’s no way I’m going to die here!” screamed Kristen as she took the bloody knife in her hand and stabbed the girl in the stomach with it.

Then the room stated spinning and when Veronica opened her eyes Andrea was right in front of her.

“Hey Veronica are you ok?” asked Andrea

“Yeah I’m fine let’s just go okay” said Veronica

Andrea and Veronica continued walking down the hall. Then Andrea walked into a classroom. Veronica followed.

“Hey Andrea, what are you doing?” Veronica asked.

Veronica watches as Andrea walks over to a doll placed in the center of the floor.
The doll had an evil, sinister smile across its face. It had a pure white hair, and pale skin, with white eyes that seemed to be cutting into you each time you looked into the.
Andrea bends over and reaches out her hand.

“ANDREA DON’T TOUCH IT! IT’S EVIL!” Veronica screamed.

But it was too late the dolls mouth swings open and its jaw swings up and down. The smile remains and the doll grabs Andreas arm. Then it bites Andrea.

“NO ANDREA! SNAP OUT OF IT!” Veronica screamed

Andreas arm starts to turn pale. Then soon her other arm and her legs. Then her head falls down into her lap

“Andrea? Andrea? Are, are you ok?” asked Veronica

Andreas head slowly rises, her pure white hair blocked her face.

“An -Andrea.” Veronica said, taking a step back

Then Andreas head throws back revealing the same grin, the same evil grin. Then her jaw starts moving up and down. Then she dashes for Veronica. Veronica moves but the doll grabs a hold of Veronica’s arm while Andrea restrains her. The doll bites Veronica’s hand.

Part 5
Location- Room 24, 2nd floor
The Old Possum School
Date – June 8th, 2220
Time- Unknown
Day- Tuesday

No matter how much Veronica struggled she couldn’t break free. Then Veronicas arm started to turn pale. And then with a quick slash Veronicas arm is cut off.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” was all that Veronica could manage to say.

Cynthia then grab Veronica’s arm freeing her from Andreas grasp and ran out of the room.

Veronica somehow managed to run even though her arm was bleeding immensely. The pain was unbearable.

“I’m sorry.” Said Cynthia as she led Veronica down the seemingly never ending hallway.” If I hadn’t cut it off then you would have become-“

“Like Andrea.” Veronica said taking a gasp before and after each word.

“Ok I know it’s hard for you to talk now so I’ll answer the obvious questions. 1. Yes like Andrea.
2. the things that are chasing us are demons that feed off of the sorrow and pain from the past events that occurred in this school. When they desired more they preyed on the curious people who couldn’t resist the mystery of it all. They never expected a doll, a seemingly harmless object for children. Then the doll would grab them, and bite them thus making them. When the doll bites you it gives you a curse which over a short period of time spreads and eventually you are the dolls puppet. You can tell it’s spreading because the skin turns pale which is a sign that your soul is starting to leave your body. That’s why I cut off your arm before it spread. So right now we need to take this chance to escape. The doll will be busy with what’s left of our little encounter. This school will appear much larger than what it really is that’s the demons changing the dimension space so if we locate the source of most of the sadness and sorrow which is the gym. We need to go there and destroy it. That way the sorrow will leave and so will the doll. The demons are tied to it and must follow it.”

Veronica was grateful that Cynthia answered her questions and more.

Part 6
Location- 1st floor hallway
The Old Possum School
Date- June 8th, 2220
Time- unknown
Day- Tuesday

“This way!” Cynthia said as she made a sharp turn around the hallway.
They were almost to the gym. Then Cynthia and Veronica stop. In font of them the doll and Andrea rise out of a purple circle on the ground. The doll sat on the ground then its sinister grin turned around disorienting its face.

“Close your eyes!” Cynthia screamed

But Veronica didn’t listen. Two hands shoot up out of the ground and grab the top and bottom parts of Veronica’s mouth. Cynthia could still hear Veronicas screams even though she was clogging her ears as best as she could. Then Cynthia opened her eyes and saw Veronicas body in two pieces. Cynthia got up and ran. She dashed down the hall and into the gym. She then took out a small bomb and a match which she lit.
The doll ran towards her but Cynthia lit the bomb.

Part 7
Location- Center Willow Square
Willow Way City
Date- June 9th
Time- 9:07 a.m.
Day- Wednesday

“Hello this is Angela Ryan with an emergency update.” Said the large TV in Center Willow Square, “Last night witnesses reported smoke above the Old Possum School. When police arrived they found a pile of rubble but in the middle of it was an old doll. Willow Way City museum requested this item for an exhibit to the school. This request was granted and the doll will soon by on display. As for the two teenage girls who were overheard by an eyewitness to be going to the school on the night of question there have been no bodies reported. We will give you more information when we get it.”


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